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Fire rips through apartment By Krystle Henderson/ MEDFORD, Ore. – An apartment complex was evacuated Sunday evening after a fire ripped through an apartment. The second alarm fire was sparked just after 7:00 p.m. on Stevens Street in Medford. Firefighters, who were nearby, quickly attacked the flames. Minutes later, five engines, a latter truck and 25 firefighters were on scene battling the fire. “If you can image a ball of fire behind us, going from the building out to the sidewalk, that’s the flames and then 15 feet above the roof, that’s a lot of fire to deal with,” Medfird Fire Chief Dave Bierwiler said. Firefighters say the apartment is a total loss but no one was hurt. “Anywhere from 20 to 40 people were running from the flames, screaming to get other people out as well,” Bierwiler said. “I saw people from the back over there pounding on doors saying get out there’s a fire next door, we need to evacuate quickly and they were running out,” neighbor Chrissy Chisem said. “I saw people going in there making sure there were no children or any other people inside the burning apartment.” Buy Your First Apartment Building Learn How To Locate, Analyze And Buy Your First Apartment Building Investment Paramedics were on scene to make sure everyone was okay. Firefighters aren’t sure what caused the fire but say they may have found where it started. Firefighters are still investigating. Fire rips through apartment

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Fire rips through apartment  
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