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Daily Deals Come to Your Car

Image: Ford Motor Company Daily deal app Roximity has launched in the Apple App Store, and what sets it apart from other location-aware Groupon-style apps is its ability to integrate with your car – assuming it’s a Ford. The Roximity crew snagged first place at the Ford Sync App Developer Challenge at last year’s TechCruch Disrupt Hackathon, incorporating its real-time, GPS-based deals and specials service into Ford’s popular infotainment platform. Less than a year later, Roximity has launched, and it’s the first app to come with Ford AppLink integration right out of the box. Mogo Mobile Marketing Is White Hot! Warning You Are About To Miss Out On The Next Internet Revolution You Must Act...

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The service allows users to select specific interests in the app, and when you walk, bike or drive


past a retailer that’s offering a particularly good deal, it sends a push notification to the user’s iPhone. But integrating Roximity into Sync, the driver can use the built-in voice commands to search for anything from restaurants to salons to find the best deal around. “While driving, users can simply say, ‘lunch deals,’ and their favorite lunch options will be read out loud,” according to Danny Newman, co-founder and CEO of Roximity. Roximity is sure to be the first in a new line of location-aware apps that integrate with vehicles, allowing businesses to offer specials and even targeted advertising to drivers passing by. And with the ability to not only find nearby deals, but call the business and place an order over the phone using the hands-free voice controls, it’s yet another step into fully realizing the car as a mobile app space.

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Daily Deals Come to Your Car