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Computer virus targets Groupon users SALEM, Ore. – A warning is circulating for people who subscribe to the popular Groupon deals online. Someone has set up a scam that looks just like a Groupon but infects users’ computers if they click on it. Spyhead Computer Monitor & Key Logger Spyhead Computer Monitor & Key Logger Software Spyhead Home Screen Shots... The scam is similar to the emails that users receive when a friend shares a deal with them. The fake emails even replicate Groupon’s colors, logo and email format. But attached to the message is a file called “gift” which contains a virus designed to infect Windows operating system. Currently, the fake emails use the poorly spelled subject line “Groupon dicount gifts,” but look for that to change as scammers wise up, experts warned. Here is what the fake Groupon looks like:


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Computer virus targets Groupon users  
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