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I joined MITAS because I wanted real responsibility

Signe Riisom Pedersen Engineer

Month 16 I was a construction supervisor in the North Sea advising and helping foremen solve problems. Real work International opportunities Three work placements

The Graduate Programme for Engineers and Geoscientists



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Word from the Presidents


Cultural Exchange with Istanbul Yildiz


BEST Engineering Competition at CDIO Confence


Time Management Training for DTU students


BEST Summer Course Copenhagen 2011


DTU student at a BEST course in Messina


Guide: How to apply to a BEST course?


Our Team 2011-2012


BEST Presidents’ Meeting Copenhagen 2011


European BEST Engineering Competition 2012


BEST - not only work, but also fun


Life after BEST: Alumni stories


Word from the President of DTU The Copenhagen branch of BEST has now organised major international events and connected Danish students to a network of European engineers for more than 20 years. Founded in 1989, BEST, Board of European Students of Technology consists of 91 local groups in 30 countries where dedicated students are involved in organising case studies, competitions, excursions, exchange possibilities, and career opportunities in an ever-growing network of young and innovative students – an impressive achievement for a non-profit and non-political organization for students of science and technology. Students, who participate in the hundreds of BEST events around Europe, learn to communicate across boundaries and establish cross-cultural networks of lasting personal and professional significance while promoting scientific progress and building up their technological skills and competences. This international dimension is of vital importance for DTU. As one of Europe’s top technical universities, DTU believes that internationalisation is both a natural component of – and a precondition for – excellence in technical development. Through internationally acknowledged research, through student exchange with top universities worldwide, and through our participation in alliances with leading science centres and industry, DTU embodies the vision that crosscultural respect and understanding contributes to the use of technology for social benefit.

Anders Bjarklev President of DTU


Cultural Exchange Copenhagen Istanbul Yildiz: How we met with Vikings

In 2011, BEST Copenhagen had a cultural exchange with BEST Istanbul Yildiz. In February 2011, we hosted 17 students from Turkey and showed them the Nordic culture. In return, they were our hosts in Istanbul in July 2011. In these 2 pages you have stories from this Cultural Exchange written by the 2 main organisers. Every amazing story has its own unique characters, they build the story unexampled. Not all of them for sure, just some… And this one has really cool characters. Different hearts but full with hospitality, friendship, fun and excitement as common. Our story started when we landed to Copenhagen. Every place were unique inside of it and all people were different from the people who I knew. They were biking everywhere, no up hills, no down hills, more or less no traffic at all, blonde people everywhere, almost all of them tall, healthy food everywhere, people not in rush and everything calm, systematic... It was a totally different world for us. Here we learnt how to say ‘Smuk!’. :) This story is also full with travelling. When we entered from the door of Parliament, or when I saw the Little Mermaid, ate the best hot dog ever, or drank the best beer in the world we learnt how to say ‘Tak!’. :) We tried to learn more for sure, pushed really hard to pronounce metro, train or bus stations names, but our biggest fail was when one of us was trying to find the ‘Udgang’ station. :) It was not easy for sure, totally different letters, hard voices to make… We laughed, we laughed a lot that you can not imagine. There we learnt how to say ‘Skål!’ Because it was one of the most enjoyable and easy one. :) The story is long as like 1001 nights tales, we started to write it hand to hand. Made common memories and put them in our lifes. Those will be the unforgettable ones as we remember. Now just a little funny game in our minds still: RO RO RO, VIKING! (Pointing YOU! to keep on playing this game forever.) We all appreciate that you made us to have great time in your amazing city and teaching us who are real Vikings! :) -Kick me to Copenhagen, BACK.

Selin Özkök

Student of Yildiz Technical University and BEST member


Compete, Learn and Enjoy it! -

BEST Engineering Competition at CDIO Conference Imagine that for one day you can switch the roles with your professors, challenge them with unexpected task, see how they compete against each other, act like students and give you completely new perspective about engineering. This exactly the story about one of the most extraordinary events that LBG Copenhagen ever organised and probably one of the most unique competitions that has ever happened in BEST. That is BEST Engineering Competition during CDIO Conference which happened at DTU on 20th of June 2011!

First step: Conceiving — Designing — Implementing — Operating Everything started with CDIO. The CDIO INITIATIVE is an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers. The framework provides students with an education with engineering fundamentals set in the context of Conceiving — Designing — Implementing — Operating the real-world systems and products. CDIO Initiative collaborators have adopted CDIO as the framework of their university curricular planning. Universities involved in the initiative gather during annual meetings. One of those meetings - the 7th International CDIO Conference 2011 - took place at Technical University of Denmark between 20th and 24th of June. During this conference, engineering educators from all over the world came together over four days to look at how curriculum reform will lead the future of engineering education: from educational research to the needs of industry.

Second step: BEST Engineering Competitions have the value Our DTU Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs - Martin Vigild was really impressed by our very successful Copenhagen BEST Engineering Competition 2010 followed by Nordic BEST Engineering Competition that also took place in Copenhagen in April 2010. Moreover, he realised that our BEST Competitions and Team Design Category exactly fits to the idea and CDIO context. Therefore, he proposed that we as students and we as BEST should challenge the professors during the CDIO conference and show that we are already implementing what they are aiming for. What is more - we are really good at this! Conceiving — Designing — Implementing — Operating is a pure Team Design and there is a huge educational value behind it. In the end LBG Copenhagen in collaboration with LEGO and DTU prepared the LEGO MINDSTORMS Challenge for 70 professors from ALL OVER THE WORLD!


BEST Training Day: Time Management Training Some of us are naturals, when it comes to always being on time and working within deadlines, while others struggle with last minute rush-work and tend to always miss their bus :D For many students personal time management is an enigma, as the course work keep piling up each semester and social- and personal-life makes its claim on their already limited time. However, there is always help to get in a dynamic student environment. In BEST, each year, we offer practical and interactive training session that directly address the needs of students. This year we focused on personal Time Management and designed a training that helped students better understand where does their time disappear and gave them tools to take charge of how they use their time and how to make it more efficient. We put focus on setting personal goals, making priorities and efficient planning, as well as addressed how to avoid procrastination and how to deal with interruptions. It came as a surprise to many of our participants, how huge an amount of time they waste online on trivial things, chatting, and just browsing. And with this awareness came the realization that they can gain several hours each day by consequently using the tools we provided them during our training. Of course personal Time Management is not only about doing things according to the rigid plan. However, as a person becomes more aware of their timeconsumption, they can better manage time-related stress situations and avoid work-overload, consequently helping create a healthy balance in how they manage their student and personal life. Naturally, such training sessions cannot inflate your day to hold 35 hours instead of 24 to give you time to manage ALL your activities and tasks, but they help you fill the few precious waking hours with meaningful activities that serve your purposes. We can't make your day last longer, but we can help you make it count to the very last minute. (written by Julia Ivanova, the trainer)

12 The nicest memories come into my mind when I recall the trip to LEGOLAND, the funny city rally in Copenhagen and the amazing canoeing on Lyngby lake. We didn’t mind about the storms because sunny days and the good laughs filled our trips with joy and happiness. BEST Copenhagen is proud of this great summer course because we felt that sensation of the job well done days after finishing the event and now we can see that the BEST spirit was present every moment, even at the end, when the great times passed were translated into difficult farewells. I want to make a special mention to the splendid work of our co-organizers: Bordone and Luca from Rome, Anda from Iași and Rafaela from Bucharest. They voluntarily and unselfishly gave the BEST of themselves to create the most magic environment every day of the event. Personally, I want to express my sincere thanks to every participant, co-organizer and organizer that was part of this BEST Summer Course because organizing this event was a beautiful challenge that I will keep it forever in my mind and on my heart. I hope every student can have the opportunity to enjoy this magnificent experience at least once.

Maria R. Peris

Summer Course ‘11 main organizer


BEST Copenhagen changed my life completely

True story! Let me tell you how... Once upon a time I was facebooking after my classes and I saw a post from a friend of mine: APPLY FOR BEST SUMMER COURSE - new friendships and the BEST time of your life are guaranteed. I decided to give it a chance. Why not? I had never been to Denmark, the subject of the course is very interesting and it last 2 weeks of summer holidays - let's try. After 2 weeks I got confirmation that I was accepted. I was very happy, and a bit curious... How is it going to be? What is BEST? How are going to be other people there? Is it good thing for me? Everything had happened so fast- on 15th of August 2011 I met 21 luckily selected participants from all over the Europe, 4 lovely co-organizers from Romania and Italy and 17 AMAZING organizers of the summer course- LEt's GO! Don't MIND the STORMS from LBG Copenhagen. Everyone was so open, friendly and helpful, that immediately I felt like home. Before coming to Copenhagen I read that Denmark is officially the happiest place on Earth. After participating in the course I know why is it so! I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Copenhagen, mixing fun and education, where everyone enjoyed Danish culture, and met engineering students from all over Europe, that now ARE my international life-long friends. The course focused on designing and building robots, using LEGO速 MINDSTORMS NXT, and did consist of both theoretical and practical lessons. Besides, company visits in Sweden and trips completed our experience. We even went to LEGOLAND! That was so great! Classes were very interesting and useful! Even for students that were from different fields of studies. After our classes we always had evening activates, were we were integrating and having a lot of fun together. We were playing many games, went on a canoe trip, had guided tour in Copenhagen and Christiania, took part in traditional Danish Christmas dinner and had a lot of crazy parties! In addition to this, after the course I realized that I want to be part of BEST, so I joined my local BEST group in Gdansk, Poland. What's more- I was so fascinated about DTU, that I applied for my Masters studies there. So, if you have chance- APPLY! BEST courses can simply make everything happen! :)

Aleksandra Wyrzykowska

Participant in summer course Copenhagen 2011

Fairytale from the Viking country


Story of BEST time of my life in Copenhagen started far away in Moscow few months before event. I always hesitated about applying to a BEST event. It was my good friend experienced BESTie - who made me apply for Summer Course of 2011 season. As it turned out, I needed only to read more about courses to get inspired. So then I had a dream to get on SC’11 “Let’s GO! Don’t MIND the STORMs” because that was my childhood dream I forgot. Dream of playing Lego robots not just bricks :) I wrote only one motivation letter for a summer course, because Copenhagen was the only place I wanted to go without any doubts and compromises. So I got good feedback from the universe – I was accepted! :) The more I read about Denmark and Copenhagen on Wikipedia or travelers’ blogs the more passion I had. But the most of good memories I had not about that unique place but people I met there. Multicultural crew of participants and co-orgs, amazing organizers team and just friendly open minded strangers on the streets. No article will fit all our stories and adventures. Maybe that’s because we behaved as we had the last days of our lives. No time to sleep in other words :) We had interesting studies with dedicated professors, team work on MINDSTORM NXT that made an impact of my current research and future thesis. Furthermore, we enjoyed diverse social activities with sightseeing, all night long parties and even rafting on the river. I had never used my time so intensively before! Besides that experience I got really good friends there. I keep in touch with them; have visited some of them at the moment and going to welcome one this spring :) Remembering that time, I’m very grateful to well-knit crew of summer course 2011 organizers. Their hard work before and during the course influenced my life. I’m a baby member in BEST Moscow now. I was happy to start my BEST life with BEST Copenhagen. Your level is a high benchmark we have to reach! From Russia with love, Misha

Mikhail Tikhonov

Participant in summer course Copenhagen 2011


A summer in Messina

Some people walk around contend with their knowledge of the world. Other people seek out knowledge and go to school. Some people even choose to go to DTU to become part of the engineering elite. And then some people just go that step further, even spending their summer going to school. I was a mere first year student when I was introduced to the concept of BEST summer courses, but I took the chance and applied and I will just say - what a summer it was! Leaving the rainy Danish summer behind, I headed to sunny Sicily. I was convinced that this was going to be a couple of academically packed weeks providing me with a long awaited break from doing nothing. And the academic expectations were not disappointed; I was educated in both the theory of solar panels as well as the utilization of these in actual power plants, but it turned out that the academic part was not the primary outcome of the course. 40 strangers gathered under the Sicilian sun was the perfect setting for a social experience as well. From the city rally that showed us the intruiging history of Messina to the overwhelming views of the trek up Mount Etna, and from the moonlight bathing in the ocean to sightseeing in the midday sun you always had people around you. Eating, sleeping, studying and experiencing Sicily with these people soon changed the strangers to friends. Through the cultural inputs from the international evening and having to work across nationalities and academic backgrounds, we learned how to work past ethnic differences and became more than just friends. We became family! In but a mere two weeks I came to cherish these people more than I thought possible in such a short time. I don't think I will ever forget the people I met and the connections I made during this course!

Thomas Bruun Bertelsen

DTU student, and now a BEST member


BEST in Europe BEST, Board of European Students of Technology, is a constantly growing non-profit and non-political organisation. Since 1989 we provide communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe. 91 Local BEST Groups in 30 countries are creating a growing, well organised, powerful, young and innovative student network. BEST Vision: Empowered diversity BEST Mision: Developing students BEST Values: Flexibility, Friendship, Fun, Improvement, Learning

Read more about BEST on!


How to apply to a BEST course Do you want to travel to a great place in Europe, have tons of fun, learn something new, get new friends and develop yourself? Do you want all of these in the same time and almost for free? Then we have good news for you: one is good and the other one is even better. The first good news is that BEST is organizing short season courses throught the whole year, all over Europe. What is a BEST course? It is an event is organized by students like you, with support from their university and sponsor companies, and it lasts for around 8 to 16 days. It gathers 20-30 students from different technical universities in Europe who want to spend an amazing time together. They get to dive into the awesome experiences provided by the local students and see places no travel agency or a guidebook will be able to show. Besides that, they get a learning experience in a specific engineering topic (through a nice mix of lectures, workshops and company visits) and develop their skills, which will look great on their CV! The BEST part about these courses is that participants only pay for their plane tickets and a fee of maximum 45 €, which covers the academic part, three meals a day, accommodation, excursions in the city and its surroundings and great parties every night. The even better news is that you can participate in such a course this summer! All you have to do is follow the 5 steps below. If you’re interested in applying, but you don’t know where to start, feel free to write us a mail at or join a BEST Copenhagen meeting (find on when we have our next meeting). There you will meet people who took part in various BEST courses and are very excited about sharing their experiences with you. We can also give you some tips& tricks for your motivation letter to make sure that you will be the chosen one. The only five steps between you and your BEST course:

Register yourself at

Find your course: Max 3 courses per season

Write a great motivation letter that makes you unique!

Contact us to validate your account*

Cross your fingers and if you are lucky…

Pack your luggage and have the BEST time of your life! :)

* This step secures course organizers that people applying are actually students. You can contact us at

As it is mentioned in step 3, it is important to write a great motivation letter, since the decision of who are going to be the participants of each course is based mainly on the motivation letters that they send.


An important question arises: What is a motivation letter? A motivation letter is a short letter where you have the chance to show that you are unique, and you might make the course different only by your presence in the course. It is a short text that gives you the possibility of convincing the organizers that one of the 20-25 seats for the course has to be yours (and this is an important part because there can be more than 400 applicants for those seats). Once again, you might take into consideration that these events are organized by students for students which means that those who are going to read the letters and choose who are the lucky participants are students, no professors, no company senior managers, no HR people to find a worker for a job. We are just young students who expect you being creative and funny. You might include: • Age and gender • Hobbies and interests • Something special from your country or city • Why did you choose this course and not any other • Skills in the field of the course you are applying to • Why YOU, precisely YOU and not any other applicant We wish you plenty of good luck! See you somewhere in Europe! :) Don’t forget that BEST is offering courses all year long. Just check out to find the application periods.

[A crazy example you might get inspiration from] With a pencil in my hand I dream about the viking land, where the capital's L Bee Gee is about to discover why they want me!

I have also heard something about your beers, they pretend to be world's best. Since I'm a Belgian, I want to test, The exactness of this rumours, cheers!

You would probably like to know the person behind this poetry-flow? My name is Thomas, I live in Turnhout, A Belgian city where you must know about

In BEST I seek a great adventure, a cultural bath, an academic venture. I cànnot wait to see all those faces exchange ideas from so many places.

I love an electrical machine in front of me, The kind of engineering you can féel and sée. This is why this course seems cool, it's a challenge that makes me drewl!

With them I want to learn and see all about renewable technology. With them I want to travel some miles, On the lovely Danish isles.

But apart from an electric car I also love a cozy bar. On the background, some guitar... a lady on my know: 'PR' ;-)

So let me feel and breath your city I promise you, you won't be pity Because honestly, I can't wait, To see your lovely little Mermaid!

Alina Manolache and Silvia Saldaña


MaĂŤva Vallet

Fernanda Mondadori

Karen M.H. Andersen

Hristina Ivanova

Julia Ivanova

Ankit Khandelwal

Johan Grundtvig

Aleksander Gosk

Sorin Marinescu

Michele Cerullo

Michal Staszewski

Gabor Pesti

Mascot Pink Duckie

Hristo Valev

Matteo Villa

Teodor Koloyanov

Zornitsa Tsetanova

Eimantas Liudvinovicius

Rikke Westphalen

Marie Top Hartmann

BEST Presidents’ Meeting 2011 concept and values


From 8th to 14th of November 2011, BEST Copenhagen students hosted BEST Presidents’ Meeting 2011. During the seven days duration of this conference, almost 200 youth-leaders students of engineering, technology and sciences from 95 universities from 32 European countries -gathered in Denmark to discuss issues related to European voluntary youth-work and making decision regarding the future of this growing youth network. The following concept and goals are the fundament of all work that has being carried out in relation to BEST President’s Meeting 2011 by the team of organisers from DTU.

Back to Basics

We are students, not business men. Small budgets can make great events - moderation on budget posts without compromising the event’s purpose.

Nordic Values

Everything should run smoothly, neatly and on time. Personal freedom and responsibility is very important.

High Tech Solution

Include as many gadgets as possible for the event in order to optimize the work during the event. Efficiency is a key word.

Nordic culture

We want to introduce Nordic culture to the rest of Europe through social activities, food, organization etc.

Healthy and modern lifestyle

We want to present the modern, active and healthy lifestyles as lived by many students in the Nordic region, with focus on sports and healthy food during the event.


European BEST Engineering Competition Local Round Copenhagen 2012 One of the local rounds of European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) took place in Copenhagen on 27th and 28th February 2012 and was a very successful event. Students from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) competed in two categories: Team Design and Case Study, for a chance to go to Stockholm for the regional phase of EBEC and for the prizes offered by the sponsors: Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) and Maersk. From the 1st of February, EBEC Copenhagen was promoted on DTU campus and their students were made aware of the event by posters, leaflets, presentations at lectures and through social media. BEST Copenhagen received a lot of applications from teams motivated to participate, so it was a very hard task to choose only 16 teams to compete - 8 for each category.

Team Design On the 27th February, the Team Design competition took place in DTU Library. Benjamin Johansen, main organiser of EBEC Copenhagen, gave a welcome speech and the representatives from MDCC presented the opportunities offered by Microsoft to students and described the task and judging criteria. Then, the 8 teams competing started working on the challenge from MDCC, which was to design a natural user-interface calculator using Microsoft Kinect. After 4 hours of work, all teams presented their creative and original solutions. Innovation Team, consisting of 4 Danish students in their Bachelor studies, won. Each of the members of the winning team received a Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle and t-shirts from Microsoft, plus the transportation tickets to Stockholm, where they will compete in the next phase of the competition.


Case Study On the 28th February it was time for Case Study. Eight teams of 4 students each gathered in Glassalen and worked on solving a case proposed by Maersk. The case was about about optimizing oil output in an injector-producer system. After no less than 3 hours of brainstorming, discussing different possible solutions and trying to figure out the best one, the teams presented their ideas to the jury and answered all their questions. The jury panel from Maersk considered all 8 solutions provided by the students were very good and liked the different approaches to solve the problem, so they had a hard time choosing the winners. After a long deliberation, they decided that the winning team is The MEK Mafia, consisting of four Danish students in their 4th year of MSc in Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics. Each of them won a Samsung Galaxy S II and the transportation tickets to Stockholm for the next phase of the competition, which will take place from the 1st to the 5th of April. Both days ended with a delicious buffet dinner and champagne, where participants had the chance to network with organisers from BEST Copenhagen and with company representatives. BEST Copenhagen wants to thank everyone involved in this event and to wish plenty of good luck to the teams representing DTU in the next phase of the competition (EBEC Nordic). We are sure that they will make us proud in Stockholm, when competing against the best teams from Northern Europe. We are already dreaming about the next edition of EBEC Copenhagen. How about you?

Maria del Mar Cortada EBEC Copenhagen secretary



BEST - not only work, but also fun As we say in BEST: “Work hard, party harder”, the social nuance is also bright within our organization. Therefore, in addition to all other events that we organize annually, like a summer course, engineering competitions, trainings etc., there are events that aim to strengthen the team work by establishing the friendship among the members of the local BEST group. After every meeting there is a dinner and some drinks where we hang out together, talk about anything we feel like, have fun and laugh. But what I meant doesn’t end with this at all. Late November, before the exam period at DTU, we have our annual Christmas lunch. This year it was organized by Karen and it was lovely. Even though it was an extremely busy period for all of us delivering final projects, we managed to rock until early morning! At such an event it’s usually just us and our alumni, but another event is brought to the attention of all DTU students: our barbecue! There took place right at the beginning of the fall semester and we had the chance to have fun and also to meet new cool people potentially interested in BEST. Usually about 25 DTU students join us, but this time surprisingly, there were 60 people! But of course we like being challenged and we managed to handle the double amount of food we had to prepare and all other parts of the organizing procedure being doubled. And still all mentioned above is not even everything! From time to time we award ourselves for the hard and successful work we have done and spend a day together in order to resurrect the motivation among us. So just before Presidents’ Meeting 2011 we had an amazing sunny afternoon at an outside paintball arena, where we had extremely much fun… and some pain after that. For the same reason, we will go to bowling together, as we just finished with great success our engineering competition (EBEC Copenhagen 2012). Last but not least, I want to mention the Motivation Weekend in Aalborg that we took part in. Even though it was organized by another BEST group, still it has similar idea and purpose – to socialize with people and, as the name says itself, to motivate them. It was great opportunity for newly joined BEST Copenhagen members Bogdan, Maeva and Thomas to meet guys from other LBGs, to integrate and see BEST from a more informal perspective. In conclusion, as in every single thing the small details are very important, keeping the balance between fun and work makes the LBG live in harmony and confirms the beliefs about Danish efficiency – making great things with not that big group of people.

Marieta Ivanova HR Responsible

Why BEST is a smart move In the summer of 2011 I handed in my master thesis, which meant that I was about to leave the academic life I had lived for the past five years and enter the real world, where everything is more than lectures, preparing for the next exam or working to finish another in a seemingly endless stream of assignments. This going from study to work life can be a challenge in itself, but to be able to do so the first thing to do is of course to find a place to work. When you apply for a position, it is unlikely that you are the only qualified person that is trying to get this job. A newly graduated engineer real life work experience is usually in short supply, so how are you going to compete with say someone with several years of experience? One way is to do what I did. During my studies I didn’t just spend my time on the books, I also got involved in activities like BEST. In BEST working cross cultural and managing projects is core activities and something that is needed in almost any company out there. Furthermore I involved myself a lot in design and public relations, and in that way gained a lot of experience with this in particular. I was lucky enough to find a job only a few days after defending my thesis, and in fact today a part of what I do involves utilizing a lot of the communicative skills gained by working with PR in BEST. The main reason that I was hired was my educational profile, but my experience in BEST was definitely on the plus side, and might just have been what tipped the scales in my favor.

Jonas Poulsen

Alumnus of BEST Copenhagen


If (person.LikeChallenges && person.ProgrammingSkills >= Excellent) { MicrosoftDevelopmentCenterCopenhagen.Add(person); }


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Annual Report 2011-2012  

Annual Report, BEST Copenhagen, 2011-2012.

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