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By Hanking John -

As with most things we do in life, timing is the key to how well the recipe turns out. Sometimes you'll find that some food selections will require a gentle touch with your cooking method.Little changes in the cooking method compensate for huge changes at the dinner table. Looking at healthy fats versus unhealthy fats and which were the best to choose for eating, cooking and enjoying in your healthy meal plans. The categories differentiate from how "saturated" the carbon bonds are with hydrogen atoms in the actual fatty acid molecule Well, that is a very basic way of looking at it and any organic chemist will tell you that there is much more to it than just that, but for our healthy eating purposes, it's important for us to know the qualities of each type of fat and how to use each one in our eating plan.

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Saturated fats have all carbon atom linkages filled (saturated) with hydrogen atoms making them highly stable, even when heated at high temperatures. This is what makes most saturated fats, like coconut oil

and butter so ideal for cooking...they do not smell or taste unpleasant under high temperatures like stale fat and are great for almost all cooking and baking purposes. Saturated fats also remain solid at room temperatures. Monounsaturated fats lack two hydrogen atoms making them less stable than saturated fats normally stay in their liquid form even at room temperatures, as in olive oil and oils from different types of nuts. They also tend to be relatively stable and can be used for certain cooking tasks. This being the case and as a matter of healthy cooking choice, I would NOT use these oils for cooking or heating purposes as they do still have some instability and some ability to smell or taste unpleasant under certain heating conditions. My much preferred choice would be extra virgin olive oil and nut oils raw and find them to be a great option for salad dressing and on raw or cooked vegetables.

Polyunsaturated fats lack four or more hydrogen atoms making them extremely unstable under heating conditions and will smell or taste unpleasant very easily if not used and stored the appropriate way.Polyunsaturated fats are the only essential fats that our body cannot produce on its own, making it quite "essential" that we get this kind of fat from the foods we eat.

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Cooking oil is arguably the most widely used food ingredient all around the world. The oil is used as basic medium of frying, baking and fin...