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Spring/Summer 2018


Food Thought In this Issue... Client Support Thrift Shop Food Assistance Donor Relations Volunteering Youth & Family Adult Education

Upcoming Food Drives: Aug. 1 - Cereal Drive at Lobsterfest 10am - 5pm at Lynch Park Sept. 15 - Market Basket Food Drive 9am - 1pm at Danvers Market Basket

Sick and struggling to provide for her family The first few months of this year were very difficult for our client Diana.* She had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and her insurance doesn’t cover the cost of all of her treatments. She had been doing her best to make ends meet and care for her two teenage sons while making her medical payments. Until her car broke down. Diana, a single mom, is no longer working because the treatments are taking a toll. She does receive disability benefits for herself and her one son with Asperger’s Syndrome, but when the car broke down, she could not afford the combination of that additional cost and the medical bills along with her regular monthly bills. She eventually fell behind on the rent. She had used some of Beverly Bootstraps’ services in the past, including the Food Pantry, Adopt-a-Family and Back-to-School Bonanza, so when things got dire she knew she could come to us to discuss financial assistance. She was very upset that she wasn’t able to keep up or provide for her sons as she would like. When she explained how she had fallen partially behind in January’s rent and that she needed help with all of February’s rent as well, we reached out to a local funder. After hearing her situation, the funder wanted to help take the burden off her shoulders at this difficult time, and not only paid what Diana owed for January and February, but also covered the March rent too! Diana was so moved and so thankful for the help. Not only was she dug out of a hole, but she could now afford a birthday cake for her son’s 16th birthday! Diana is still in treatment but has managed to keep up with her rent since she received the help. We are thankful for your support that enables us to be here for our clients every day as well as when they need us the most. *name changed for privacy

CLIENT SUPPORT Working but still struggling... For many clients in our EITC program the average household income ranges between $15,310 and $49,298. It is a constant struggle to survive. Many get behind in paying bills and find it hard to always have enough food to feed their children. For low-income working families, every dollar helps, which is why our Earned Income Tax Credit program provides muchneeded financial relief. For Ann*, a working mother who is trying to support her family while also balancing a job where she is under-paid and over-worked, a larger than anticipated tax refund brought her to tears. She was excited to be able to pay off some bills, catch up on her rent and still have money to save.

With a volunteer team of 12, and two coordinators, we helped 285 local families receive over $544,310 in tax refunds. It is through the generous support of our volunteer team and the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley that we are able to offer this program to low-income working families throughout the North Shore. *name changed for privacy

EITC 285 $544,310 $212,365


returns prepared (23% increase from FY17)

refunded to clients

(39% increase from FY17)

of that amount as a direct result of the Earned Income Tax Credit

Board of Directors Thank you to our dedicated Board of Directors:

Notes for donating to the Thrift Shop When packing up your donations, consider whether the items are something you would give to a friend or family member. When we receive unsellable items, we must cope with the sky-rocketing cost of trash removal and ever-stricter recycling rules, which then cuts into our ability to help fund our programs. Therefore, all donations must be in good, clean, workable, ready-to-sell condition. When we reject a donation, it is not a reflection on you. We simply must consider the cost of dealing with those items we cannot sell. Thank you for your consideration! Most Needed Items for Thrift Shop Donations • Women’s fashions – freshly-laundered seasonal clothing and accessories including jewelry • Men’s and kids’ fashions – same as above • Home Decor – clean artwork and decorative goods that are ready to display on the floor • Home Essentials – clean functioning small appliances and other items useful for the home • Furniture – smoke-free and pet hair-free, good condition, workable doors and drawers, scratch-free fabric and wood


A Beverly Bootstraps Publication

Mark Paluzzi, President, Beverly Mark Munoz, Vice President, Beverly Peter Johnson, Treasurer, Beverly Sarah Willwerth-Dyer, Asst. Treasurer, S. Hamilton Gary Cowles, Clerk, Beverly Edward Cahill, Beverly Laurence Chase, Essex Melissa Dane, Beverly Joey Gustafson, Manchester Jeremy McElwain, Manchester Bernadette Orr, Wakefield Lori Panicali, Beverly Jeffrey Roberts, Wenham James Tallo, Beverly Joseph Trainor, Beverly

Leadership Team Sue Gabriel, Executive Director Heather Johnston, Director of Donor Relations Julia Andrews, Program Director Education Greg Ezell, Program Director - Basic Needs Lisa Willwerth, Thrift Shop Manager


FOOD ASSISTANCE Introducing Maridee’s Healthy Eating Program Maridee’s Healthy Eating will honor Maridee Feeherry and the amazing work she did in the field of nutrition throughout the North Shore region. This funding will improve and expand the nutrition education program at Beverly Bootstraps. Low-income and underserved populations do not always have the knowledge to choose or the resources to purchase fresh produce and/or prepare healthy meals, thereby putting themselves and their families at greater risk for major health issues. At Beverly Bootstraps we aim to not only alleviate our clients’ immediate hunger, but also provide them with nutritional food and guidance on the importance of nutrition

and the direct correlation to health, wellness, disease prevention and chronic disease management. Our expanded nutrition education program will teach clients, donors and Food Assistance staff members

what it means to eat and donate healthy food. This will include nutrition education and cooking demonstrations at our Mobile Market sites, information support to clients with special dietary needs, purchasing cooking supplies for our After-School programs to use during cooking classes, Food Safety training for Community Meals sites, and more.

Maridee’s Healthy Eating

Maridee’s Healthy Eating honors the amazing work of Maridee Feeherry in the field of nutrition and her passion to give back locally to those in need. Maridee’s Healthy Eating will improve and expand the nutrition education program at Beverly Bootstraps.

NEW top 10 items needed in the Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry relies heavily on community donations. Below are the 10 items most frequently requested by our clients: 1) Cereal 2) Healthy kids’ snacks 3) Peanut butter 4) Tuna fish 5) Soup 6) Spaghetti sauce (please no glass jars) 7) Shampoo 8) Toothpaste/toothbrushes 9) Feminine hygiene products 10) Diapers (sizes 3-6) Donations can be dropped off this summer at our 35 Park Street offices from 8:30am to 7pm Monday through Thursday or 8:30am to 1pm on Fridays.

Nutrition education is the only way to make lasting change to impact the poor nutrition that affects many of the low-income individuals and families we serve.

Seed, Sow & Share - an Eagle Scout’s project to help end hunger Eagle Scout Joseph Steriti recently presented his Eagle Scout project to Beverly Bootstraps. As the tagline on the brochure he created declares, Seed, Sow & Share’s mission is to encourage people to “grow a home garden and support your local food pantry.” In his public awareness campaign, he spread the word about hunger; some of its causes, local and national statistics, and one healthy solution to it - donating excess fruits and vegetables from home gardens to local food pantries. “We hope that new, novice and experienced gardeners will enjoy the rewards of gardening and the pride that comes from supporting their communities in such a meaningful way,” explains the brochure. If you would like to join his cause, Beverly Bootstraps is happy to accept donations of home-grown produce to be distributed to those in need through all of our Food Assistance programs. | 978-927-1561


DONOR RELATIONS Making a difference for generations to come There are many ways to plan now for giving later through an estate plan. A planned gift can provide continued, meaningful support for the charities (like Beverly Bootstraps!!!) that have been important throughout a person’s lifetime. The late Elizabeth Randazza, a long time Beverly resident and supporter, generously designated Beverly Bootstraps as a beneficiary of her life insurance policy. The gift from her estate earlier this year, will be used to continue to help those in need in her community.

1992 Founder’s Society For more information about 1992 Founder’s Society and Legacy Gift options, contact Heather Johnston, Director of Donor Relations, at hjohnston@ or 978-927-1561

If you would like to learn more about this thoughtful gift approach, we are eager to discuss planned giving options with you. Remember Beverly Bootstraps in your estate plans . . . it’s an act of kindness that reaches far into the future.

Boots & Blooms Gala a huge success! The gala was held on April 6 at Cruiseport Gloucester, where the over 250 guests at this spring flower-themed event commented how much fun it was, how delicious the food tasted, and how beautiful the room looked. We thank all who attended, sponsored and donated to help net an amazing $105,000 to support our programs and services! In addition to the cocktail hour, dinner, auction, and photo booth, there was a floral competition which helped set the mood in the room. The winners were... For the Garden Club Category, Jan Rink of the Peabody Garden Club. And in the Florist Category, Barter Brothers in Beverly.

Save the Date

Boots & Blooms Gala 2019! Friday, April 5 at Cruiseport Gloucester

To see the digital program book and all the photos from the evening, go to

Thank you to our generous sponsors and donors: Tivoli Gardens Sponsor: Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP Kew Gardens Sponsors: Anthony & Dodge, PC Coastal Orthopedic Associates Seaboard Products Boboli Gardens Sponsors: Ed Cahill, Financial Advisor with Eagle Strategies Immersive Worlds Leslie Ray Insurance MRS Property Management North Shore Bank Nottingham Small Lee Wealth Management Group


Program Book Ads: Exceptional Dental Trent Lloyd Design Brookwood School Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems In-Kind Donors: Bartlett Tree Experts Callahan Seven Photography Little Gray Cottage Design Co. Florists Table Donor: Mimi and Ledyard McFadden Landscapists Table Donors: Jerry and Laurence Chase Brook and Melissa Dane A Beverly Bootstraps Publication

Nancy Crate and Meg DuFour Charles and Caroline Esdaile Nan Gorton and Anthony Simboli Leon and Patricia Martens Kurt and Therese Melden Beth and Jon Payson Gardeners Hall of Fame: John and Lisa Colucci Gary and Kris Cowles Stephen and Cathleen Curran Galen and Patricia Ho Samuel and Susan Philbrick John and Elaine Quinn (Continued) ©2018

Floral Competitors/Garden Club: Sue Anderson, Manchester Garden Club Fran Lucas, Peabody Garden Club Marguerite Parkman, Danvers Garden Club Meredith Johnston, Danvers Junior Garden Club Valerie Smith Sue Robertson, Danvers Garden Club Beatrice Heinze, Friendly Garden Club of Beverly Joni Pesola, Danvers Garden Club Teresa Ramirez, Manchester Garden Club Nancy Walk, Danvers Garden Club Deborah Riva, Danvers Garden Club Jan Rink, Peabody Garden Club Floral Compeititors/Florists: Barter Brothers, Beverly Blush Flower Design, Hamilton Fresh Look Designs, Topsfield The Leonhards’, Beverly Sage Floral Studio, Gloucester The Singing Flower, Hamilton | 978-927-1561


VOLUNTEERING Volunteering changes lives Everyone has their own story of how they became acquainted with and/or impacted by Beverly Bootstraps. This is Jan Rink’s: Between May and October of 2009, I had a mastectomy due to a cancer diagnosis, was laid off from my job due to a slowing economy, was told by my husband that he wanted a divorce, and shortly thereafter lost my mother. Needless to say, I was in a dark place from too much loss in a short time span. My life had fallen apart - I was floundering and desolate. While in this dark state of mind, a friend made me aware of Bootstraps and the new Thrift Shop they had recently opened on Rantoul Street. She had visited and thought they needed help. When I went, I witnessed a jumble of furniture, household items, and clothing, in need of organization. I inquired about volunteering, figuring they could use me. A few weeks later, after completing the appropriate paperwork, I joined the Thrift Shop Crew.

It wasn’t long before I realized that being a part of this organization was working its magic on me as well as our many clients. I had purpose. I belonged. Through the generosity exuding from our donors, my fellow volunteers and staff, I became empowered to utilize my stagnant creativity in a retail setting. I was allowed to act on my ideas for bettering our store and expanding our exposure to the community. After receiving a generous donation of multiple boxes of new prom dresses, we hosted a “Prom Night” that gave high school students the opportunity to attend Prom in an affordable dress. The line that night was out the door. It was so special to see the girls leave proudly with their purchases. We also held a “Fashion Show Tea” at the Senior Center, inviting Assisted Living residents from neighboring communities. It was sold out and highly successful in expanding our reach on the North Shore. After implementing these events and others we saw our shop expand and improve, adding volunteers, donors, and shoppers.

My doldrums disappeared as I was embraced by this powerful community of individuals with the same sense of But as I worked around the shop, I benevolence and goals - reaching beyond immediately became aware of the clients ourselves to help those less fortunate. -Jan Rink, Volunteer we were serving - people wandering and Gala Guest Speaker Bootstraps gave me new friendships, a into the store with vouchers looking for renewed sense of confidence, happiness assistance of all kinds. From the family who had lost and self-worth. In looking beyond my own struggles all due to a devastating fire in their apartment to the at the feet of this organization I was lifted from the man asking for better shoes because he was living in darkness. his car, it was winter, and he was cold! Jackie, our To conclude, I’d like to share an affirmation as stated by store manager at the time, not only found him some author Christine Caine: shoes but outfitted him with new outerwear and gave “Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think him a blanket to keep him warm. The smile and you’ve been buried, but, you’ve actually been planted.” gratitude etched on that man’s face will stay with me Be patient … your time to bloom is coming. forever. Back in 2009 we had limited space and exposure to the community.

Looking for a way to get involved?

“I had purpose. I belonged.”

Homecoming Week Volunteer Opportunity:

See our current volunteer needs in the How to Help section of our website at

Volunteer at the Thrift Shop on Mon, July 30, Tues, July 31 and Thur, Aug 2, from 10am – 4pm. Sign up for 2-hour shifts to help get merchandise ready to go out on the sales floor. A great way to give back to your home town!

For Volunteering information, contact Leslie Colten, Volunteer Coordinator, at 978-927-1561 or


A Beverly Bootstraps Publication


YOUTH & FAMILY Donate to help kids succeed in school Join us as we get ready for this year’s Back-to-School Bonanza backpack program. Every year, with the help of our very generous donors, we are able to give out brand new backpacks to local children to ensure that they start the school year on an even playing field. If you, your company, or a group you are affiliated with, would like to donate to this program, please refer to the list of items needed below: •*Small/Medium Backpack (Suggested size – 16”H x 13”W x 6”D) •*Medium/Large Backpack (Suggested Size – 17”H x 13”W x 9.5”D) •Pens (10-pack) •Thin Marker Package (10-count) •Thick Marker Package (8-count) *Gender neutral colors preferred

•Colored Pencil Package (12-count) •Pocket Folders •Jumbo Crayon Package (8-Count) •Crayon Package (24-Count) •Pencil Sharpener •Child-friendly Safety Scissors •Spiral Notebook (College ruled) •Hard Pencil Case •Soft Pencil Pouch

•3-Ring Binder (1-inch) •Loose Leaf Paper (Wide ruled) •Loose Leaf Paper (College ruled) •Composition Book •Eraser (large, not pencil toppers) •Earbuds •Ruler •Index Cards (4”x 6”, 100-pack)

Donations can be dropped of at our 35 Park Street offices until August 1.

No time to shop? You can order right from our Amazon Wish List!

“I cried when I got the school bags. I could not believe what all was included.”

Not only will you be able to ship your donation right to us without ever leaving the comfort of your home, you can go through our Amazon Smile account and Amazon will donate a percent of your purchase price to Beverly Bootstraps! To order go to: wishlist/2LIBE7SYPI1CB/ref=nav_wishlist_ lists_4to me

- Wendy, single mom of two boys who received backpacks from the Back-to-School Bonanza program

ADULT EDUCATION Local students volunteering in ESOL program For the past year, we have had several Waring Social Studies students volunteering in our ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes to share each other’s cultures as well as practice English in conversation circles to discuss social policies and current events. As the program ended (and several volunteers graduated) the Waring volunteers wanted to let our students experience their community a bit more and took them to see the Waring campus in Beverly. They were picked up in a mini-bus and brought to the school, where they were welcomed with snacks and given a tour. Our students were very impressed with the physics, art and biology classes, not to mention the printing press and robotics materials. They held their final conversation circle and many said tearful goodbyes to these volunteers who shared so much.

“I like Waring School students very much. I like to talk with them. They always correct my conversation and teach me correct sentences and grammar. I hope their school continues this program. It helped us a lot.” | 978-927-1561


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OFFICE & SERVICES 35 Park Street, Beverly M -Th 8:30am – 7:00pm Summer Friday Hours: F 8:30am – 1:00pm PHONE: 978-927-1561 FAX: 978-927-1553 THRIFT SHOP 198 Rantoul Street, Beverly M -Th 9:30am – 7:00pm F 9:30am – 5:00pm Sat 9:30am – 4:00pm PHONE: 978-921-4710 FOOD PANTRY Summer Hours: Mon 10am-1pm, Tues 4pm-6:45pm, Wed 10am12:15pm, Thurs 10am-1pm, Fri 10am-12:15pm

get involved ATTEND AN EVENT • Aug. 1 - Thrift Shop Pop-Up Yard Sale at Lobsterfest • Aug. 1 - Cereal Drive at Lobsterfest • Sept. 15 - Food Drive at Market Basket, Danvers

HOST AN EVENT • a Food Drive

• a Clothing Drive

• a Fund Drive

• a Fundraising Event

For more info, see our website, visit our online event calendar and like us on Facebook.




Our most pressing needs are: • Evening groups at Thrift Shop • After-School Homework Club volunteers

Top 10 Items (see new list on page 3)

TO THRIFT SHOP (see current needs on page 2)


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We also offer: Short-term and on-going opportunities for groups, youth and adults See our website for more info:

Thank you for your continued support! When mailing donations or visiting, remember our address is 35 Park Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Spring/Summer 2018 Food for Thought Newsletter  
Spring/Summer 2018 Food for Thought Newsletter