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Spring/Summer 2017


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Upcoming Food Drives: May 13 - United States Postal Service Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive At your mailbox June 3 - Market Basket Food Drive Endicott St, Danvers Sept 9 - Market Basket Food Drive Endicott St, Danvers

Beverly Bootstraps celebrates 25th anniversary One day, a needy man went into the First Baptist Church in Beverly looking for help. The secretary gave him a little money and he went on his way. However, word soon spread and many more people began showing up at the church. So the church started bringing in food to give to these people in need. And more and more people came. Realizing there was a great need in the community, word was spread to other local churches to see if their congregations could join in to help these folks. And thus was born the Food Pantry.


YEARS 1 992 -

20 1


In April of 1992, the Food Pantry started as a few shelves of food in the basement of the First Baptist Church. The local churches asked for food and volunteers in their church bulletins and were able to take turns stocking the shelves and operating the city’s first Food Pantry. As the need grew, so did the Food Pantry. Soon a coordinator was hired and a community outreach program was offered. It was obvious that the root causes of the issue of hunger needed to be addressed, not just the emergency needs of these people. Over the following years, many more programs were added, the Thrift Shop was opened, we moved to a bigger facility – twice, and we became the Beverly Bootstraps of today. While recognizing that people need food in hand to stem immediate hunger, our clients also need the opportunity to be embraced by the community, educated about the resources available and empowered to improve their own lives. Beverly Bootstraps is the non-profit agency that people in this community look to, to help low-income individuals and families. And we are so fortunate to continue to be community funded. Our very existence and success is essential to the character of this community, and we thank you for your 25 years of support.

Sue’s Corner Twenty-five years of Beverly Bootstraps helping people translates to a lot of good will in our community. It also speaks to programs that make a difference, structure that provides a strong base for the work and persistence by staff and volunteers. The faces of our clients, staff and volunteers may change over time, but the commitment to our mission does not. You will read about our programs in the following pages, but I see the effects of our work on a regular basis: A grateful mother thanks us as she leaves with bags of groceries for her hungry family. A student smiles and nods as we direct him to the English language class. A young man tells us how important his tax refund is so that he can repair his car to continue to get to work and back home. A grandmother tells us how vital it is that we have been able to help with the heat in her home again this year – especially since she is the care provider for her infant granddaughter. As we think and talk about the future of the organization, we are considering how shifts in national policy, community needs and our resources intersect. We are thinking about the people who need us so much. Mostly, we are grateful. We have a building that was well designed for our needs. We have a community who cares about our work. We have smart, talented and committed staff and Board members. We have an army of volunteers who come to help us. And, critical to our success, we have unwavering donors who support our work year after year. While I wish there was no need for Beverly Bootstraps, since there clearly is I am very proud that our community is committed to making sure there is a place for people to come when they are hungry, cold, anxious about their financial situation, wishing to learn and better their lives, looking for a bargain or wanting to give back to their community.

Sue Gabriel, Executive Director

Board of Directors Thank you to our dedicated Board of Directors for their time and support. Mark Paluzzi, President, Beverly Mark Munoz, Vice President, Beverly Stephen Curran, Treasurer, Wakefield Sarah Willwerth-Dyer, Asst Treasurer, S. Hamilton Gary Cowles, Clerk, Beverly Edward Cahill, Beverly Laurence Chase, Essex Steven Cohen, Prides Crossing


Sarah Hammond Creighton, Beverly Melissa Dane, Beverly Joey Gustafson, Manchester Peter Johnson, Beverly Jeremy McElwain, Manchester Mimi McFadden, Manchester Bernadette Orr, Wakefield Lori Panicali, Beverly Jeffrey Roberts, Wenham James J. Tallo, Beverly Joseph Trainor, Beverly

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FOOD ASSISTANCE Advocating for the hungry

Ever-expanding Food Rescue program

In March, our staff joined other members of the North Shore Hunger Network at the annual National AntiHunger Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. Much of the conference focused on the on-going concern that there could be major changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP - formerly know as food stamps).

In an effort to stop food waste and get more food to our clients who need it, we have recently started regular pickups from Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks, and Whole Foods through the Food Donation Connection Program. We also work with Greater Boston Food Bank through their Enable program to rescue food from Shaw’s. We are always looking to expand our local pickups so if you own or know of a local store or restaurant who would like to donate, please contact our Food Assistance Supervisor, at 978-927-1561.

Meetings were held on Capitol Hill with aides to Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey to discuss the current state of food insecurity in the Commonwealth and to encourage them to support or even strengthen the safety net that is SNAP. Should the program be cut or defunded, the number of people needing Beverly Bootstraps’ assistance will drastically increase in the near future.

Program News: Mobile Market, a free traveling farmers market, starts in June at five local housing complexes. How You Can Help: - Plant an extra row in your garden this spring, then donate that harvest to the Food Pantry. - Host a Food or Personal Care Drive - Volunteer in the Food Pantry or for our seasonal Mobile Market Program. Did You Know: In the last six months, we have had 262 new visitors to our Food Pantry.

Food Assistance Kitchen gets cooking Since moving into 35 Park Street a year ago, we have been using our new Food Assistance Kitchen in many ways. We pick up large quantities of rescued baked goods from local food providers several times a week. Volunteers work in the kitchen to separate these donations into individual servings that can be given out in the Food Pantry. We are now often able to collaborate with the Beverly High School Launch Program, as well as other organizations which serve local people with disabilities, to have them develop their work skills by sorting, bagging and stocking, now that we have the space. Cooking Matters, a six-week series of classes that teach our clients how to cook and shop for healthy meals on a budget, is now taught here as well, instead of in an offsite location. This makes it much more convenient for


our clients to participate. We’ve even been able to hold a pizza party there for our After-School Homework Clubs students.

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YOUTH & FAMILY First to college with help from Beverly Bootstraps After visiting the Food Pantry, Louise* recently stopped by the front desk to chat. She explained how thankful she was for the help Beverly Bootstraps has provided over the years for her and her family. “My daughter is graduating college this year. She is the first one in our family to go to college and she never would have made it if she didn’t go to your After-School Homework Club,” she proudly added. The Homework Club staff and tutors talk about going to college as if it is a given so these children believe that they can and will attend. Studies prove that a good education is the first stepping stone to a life free of poverty.

More support equals better outcomes. This year in the After-School Homework Clubs, we have worked hard to make the program more collaborative to ensure each student’s success. At the beginning of the school year, we met with parents and students to be sure each had buy-in to the program, to set the expectations for the year, and to ensure each would be fully engaged. This model has proven to be quite successful. Not only have our students’ grades increased, but their selfconfidence and behavior during classes have improved as well. When these children have more support in all areas, and are given ownership of their success, they have truly risen to the occasion and become much more successful.

Backpack and School Supply Drive Please drop off donations at 35 Park Street by July 24.

Did you know: This year, 100% of our After-School Homework Club students have had regular attendance of 75% or more classes.

Some of the items needed: Age-appropriate backpacks (K-12), pens, pencils, rulers, safety scissors, folders, onesubject spiral notebooks, markers, colored pencils, highlighters, glue.

VOLUNTEERING Do you have a child who would like to help? One way children can help is to hold a food drive or clothing drive. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but all the materials to help you plan it can be found on our website. These drives could be as simple as asking the people on your own street to donate or as elaborate as getting your entire school involved. It’s up to you! Another option for children in 6th grade or above (no younger than 11 years old ), is to get a group of friends together to help in the Thrift shop on Monday and Thursday evenings. As long as they have adult supervision (a 2 child to 1 adult ratio - which includes the staff member there to help), they can help get merchandise ready to go out on the floor. This is a


great way to support all of the programs and services provided by Beverly Bootstraps. To be a weekly ongoing Volunteer, a child must be 16 or older to volunteer independently. Children in 6th grade or above (no younger than 11 years old) are welcome to help in some programs when accompanied with one volunteering adult. Please call our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss our current needs. For all positions, the ideal volunteer will have the following characteristics: have a professional appearance, be customer service oriented, follow directions easily, and possess a warm, friendly and positive attitude.

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ADULT EDUCATION Partnership helps advocate for students Beverly Bootstraps Program DirectorEducation, Julia Andrews, is an active member of the North Shore Adult Education Partnership. This group’s mission is to strengthen the network of education and job training programs in the region to provide North Shore adults with the opportunity to reach their full potential at home, at work, and in the community. It provides support

for local adult education providers as well as ways for these providers to support their clients including mentoring, career advice, job referrals to jobs with career paths, etc. Beverly Bootstraps believes that the path to self-sufficiency is by increasing individuals’ earning potential through education, and this group helps us set our clients on this path.

Classmates become family In a recent evening English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class gathering, a student was heard commenting, “I feel like the students and teachers here are part of my family.” Another student responded, “I need to come to this class… This is my therapy!” These comments remind us of how much love the people here have for one another and how welcome people feel coming here.

How you can help: Volunteer as a tutor. Did you know: In the last six months, we have already had 14 students pass the HiSET test - compared to 20 for the entire year last year.

Celebrating students in May This May we will be holding our 5th annual Celebration of Excellence ceremony. Our Adult Education students work extremely hard, often while juggling several jobs, caring for children as single parents, or trying to find stable housing. These students realize that an education is a path to self-improvement and overcome every obstacle to succeed in their classes. We believe in celebrating their hard work and diligence.

Thinking of volunteering?

Does your group want to give back? • Groups of 5-8 volunteers needed on Monday and Thursday evenings from 5:30pm-7:30pm at the Thrift Shop. • Perfect for groups from companies, clubs or even families with older children. • For more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 978-927-1561 x119 or


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Please use the guide below to match the type of positions we have with your availability: One day availability: Thrift Group Opportunity - get a group of friends together for an evening of sorting and tagging. Long term availability (3 months+): Most positions require some training, so need a minimum 3-month committment. You must be comfortable thinking of your volunteer work as a job and knowing our staff is depending on you. Community Service hours: 10 hours: Hold a food or clothing drive 20+ hours: Limited positions in the Thrift Shop ©2017

CLIENT SUPPORT EITC Program at Beverly Bootstraps

Gift of Heat truly is a gift

This year, Beverly Bootstraps was one of the two places on the North Shore where people who qualify can get free help with their taxes and applying for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Thanks to funding from United Way of Mass Bay and Merrimack Valley, we were able to once again offer this program. Many clients use the money from their tax returns to get caught up on bills, purchase things they have had to hold off on or even start a savings account.

Paul*, a 79-year-old who lives alone in Beverly, was reluctant to come to Beverly Bootstraps because he didn’t feel that he needed assistance. But his daughter called us for help when his oil tank was down to an 1/8th with a major cold streak on the way.

Did you know: In the last six months alone, the client support team has served 127 new clients.

At our intake meeting with Paul, we briefly discussed how living on only Social Security he was often unable to afford everyday necessities like food, medication and even heat. Through the gracious support of The Gift of Heat Fund, Beverly Bootstraps was able to heat this man’s home so he could reallocate his Social Security to other needs. *name changed for privacy

THRIFT SHOP Spring cleaning? Keep quality in mind As you are switching over your and your family’s wardrobes and getting ready to donate to the Thrift Shop, please remember we can only accept donations of items that are in in-season and in re-sellable condition. This includes new or gently used items that are free from stains, rips and smoke. If you have things that aren’t re-sellable they can probably be recycled. If they are items made of fabric/textiles, they can be put in the bins at all of the Beverly Public Schools.

How to Help: Donate in-season items. Did you know: Thrift Shop Vouchers are given to clients when needed so they can get clothing for job interviews, housewares for starting over in a new home, etc.

Check out the jewelry in the Boot-ique!

Stay tuned for starting dates and times

Earth Day Event - Donate, Recyle, Upcycle We’ll come out to help We realize that the parking situation isn’t optimal. If you are trying to donate to the Thrift Shop and you have tried to find parking but aren’t successful, we can help. Just double park outside the Thrift donation door, come ring the bell, and we will help you unload.


We have been busy “upcycling” many commonly donated items and turning them into repurposed treasures. If you have upcycled creations that you would like to donate, bring them to the shop now and they will be featured in our Earth Day window, along with our pieces, and will be available for sale starting on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22.

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DONOR RELATIONS And the Best Chef of 2017 is Kelli Petri of Relish Catering! Best Chef broke another record this year! Not only did we raise $45,000 to help support Beverly Bootstraps’ important programs and services, the highest earning Best Chef to date, but guests also got to watch an exciting cook-off between our four chefs and taste some amazing food. The challenge to the chefs is that at least 75% of the ingredients they use to create their gastronomic delight have to come for our Food Pantry. And they certainly rose to the occasion. The cooking kicked off with Evviva Cucina’s Chef Brandan Welch. He and his sous chef started by cranking out some homemade semolina spaghetti with tomato sauce. They finished up their 45 minutes by topping that off with turkey and pancetta meatballs. The next chef up was Kelli Petri of Relish Catering, who crusted a tri-tip with ancho chili and topped it with a lovely mole sauce. On the side was a crispy corn and sweet potato fritter and a fresh watercress and avocado salad. Kevin Herlihy from O’Neill’s Pub created a perfectly cooked pork tenderloin with ladyfinger and coffee crust, topped with a tart cherry reduction. This was served with roasted root vegetables and an endive salad. And the last to begin in the staggered starts was


Peter Liquori from En Fuego, who served up a beautiful red beet dyed polenta topped with grilled shrimp and a colorful grilled pineapple salsa and citrus cabbage slaw. Our three judges, Eliana Hussain from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, Jonathan DeLeon from Endicott College, and Sarah MacBurnie, a Realtor from Keller Williams with a passion for food and giving back, rated each dish based on taste, appearance and originality of the use of the Food Pantry ingredients. In addition, guests mingled among the 11 tables of food samples from some very generous local restaurants and voted for their favorites in both the Sweet and Savory categories. This year’s title of Best Chef went to Kelli Petri from Relish Catering, and Timothy S. Hopkins Catering won both the Sweet and Savory People’s Choice Awards! Congratulations to both, and thank you to all of our guests, restaurants, and sponsors, as well as our MC Karen Nascembeni, auctioneer Don Kelley, photographer Kendra Dott from Sharon’s Studios of Gloucester and BevCam, for making this such a rewarding event.

Thank you to the Sponsors:

Thank you to the Advertisers:

Thank you to the Restaurants:

Anthony & Dodge, PC Modern Woodmen Financial MRS Property Management Seaboard Products Beverly Bank Beverly Hospital, a member of Lahey Health McLane Middleton Salem Five

Brian Orr Pediatrics BWK Construction Dan Clasby & Co. Eagle Strategies, LLC Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems Mountain One Bank North Shore Bank Seimasko & Verbridge

En Fuego Evviva Cucina O’Neill’s Pub Relish Catering Bertucci’s Chive Catering Daniella’s Cafe Danversport Yacht Club Fibber McGee’s Gulu-Gulu Cafe Super Sub Shop Timothy S. Hopkins Catering Topsfield Bakeshop

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How You Can Help THIS SPRING ATTEND AN EVENT • May 13 – United States Postal Service Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive - leave non-perishables by your mailbox • May 23 - Nancy Frates & The Power of Community Breakfast, The Cabot Theater, Beverly • June 3 – Market Basket Food Drive. Endicott Street, Danvers • Aug 2 – Thrift Yard Sale Table at Beverly Homecoming • Sept 9 – Market Basket Food Drive. Endicott Street, Danvers For more information, visit our online event calendar and like us on Facebook.




Our most pressing needs are: • Evening groups at Thrift Shop • Mobile Market volunteers

Cereal • Peanut Butter Canned Veggies, Beans & Fruit • Rice • Tuna Spaghetti Sauce • Soup Healthy Kid Snacks Cooking Oils, Spices


Gently-used summer clothes • Decorative items • Gardening supplies • Outdoor furniture

FOR KIDS • Sixth grade or older (no younger than 11 yrs old): evening groups at Thrift Shop • Young children: host a food drive or clothing drive See our website for more info.

During summer, Friday Office & Services hours will be 8:30am - 1:00pm. When mailing donations or visiting, remember our new address is 35 Park Street, Beverly, MA 01915 Thank you for your continued support!

FOOD PANTRY M, W, Th, F 10:00am - 12:15pm Tu 5:00pm - 6:45pm THRIFT SHOP 198 Rantoul Street, Beverly M, Th 9:30am - 7:00pm Tu, W, F 9:30am - 5:00pm Sat 9:30am - 4:00pm PHONE: 978-921-4710 OFFICE & SERVICES 35 Park Street, Beverly M – Th 8:30am – 7:00pm F 8:30am – 4:00pm (Summer Friday hours: F 8:30am - 1:00pm) PHONE: 978-927-1561 FAX: 978-927-1553

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