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Fall/Winter 2017


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Understanding the people we serve

Sue’s Corner

When trying to understand Beverly Bootstraps’ clients in need, one must first understand the causes of their situation. There are three types of clients we serve - those considered in generational poverty, those with shortterm issues, and the vulnerable - and each one faces different issues.

Food Assistance Youth & Family Volunteering Adult Education Client Support Thrift Shop Donor Relations

Upcoming Food Drives: Nov. 7 - Election Day Food Drive At all polling locations in Beverly Nov. 26 - Beverly Holiday Parade Food Drive Along parade route

People facing financial issues due to sudden and often catastrophic life changes, such as a death in the family, divorce, medical issues, or loss of job, need a hand until they get back on their feet. And they are often too proud to get help early and wait until the situation is dire. However, assuming those with short term issues come through our doors, they are the easiest to help because they typically have the skills needed for success given assistance and time. The vulnerable, including the mentally and physically disabled and the elderly, is an ever growing segment that is trying to survive on a fixed income that often is not enough. Unfortunately their situation has no hope of changing and they will need continual assistance to get by. Generationally poor are people who are born into poverty. It is all they know and they often don’t have hope that there is a way out. Most are constantly living in survival mode which makes it hard to ever get ahead or even believe they can. If they do believe they can, they don’t have access to the skills and support systems needed to do so. These clients face so many barriers, be it lack of education, their own belief that there is not a way out or society’s negative attitudes toward them, that helping them is typically complicated and prolonged. But Beverly Bootstraps is here to help anyone in need, regardless of the reason. Our goal is to look at the entire person and their entire situation and address the underlying issues, as well as help them with their immediate needs. It is because of your ongoing support that we are able to do so.

Sue’s Corner The fall is a season of transition. Days shorten and we speed toward the winter. As New Englanders, we take this change in stride knowing that we can find the positive in each season or wait for our favorite to arrive again. Beverly Bootstraps has been in transition the last two years. While we are very happy to work in our fantastic new facility, it has come with some challenges and adjustments including construction on Rantoul Street. We choose to focus on the positive. We are thrilled to work in a space designed for our specific needs. We will have a beautiful, safe, new roadway and sidewalks on Rantoul Street. We have many people who live and work in the area who support our work. We have a committed and talented staff and wonderful volunteers. Most importantly, none of these challenges has kept us from meeting our mission. We are here for our clients who struggle with the rising housing costs in the area, who suffer when their SNAP benefits are reduced, who cannot afford their groceries or to keep their homes warm, who need an education so they can strive for better opportunities, and who need help to collect their tax refund. Through all our programs, we continue to make a great impact on people’s lives. Thank you for donating to our annual operating campaign to support our work, for supporting our Thrift Shop sales and for helping us continue the business of helping our neighbors.

Sue Gabriel Executive Director

Board of Directors

Mark Paluzzi, President, Beverly Mark Munoz, Vice President, Beverly Stephen Curran, Treasurer, Wakefield Sarah Willwerth-Dyer, Asst. Treasurer, S. Hamilton Gary Cowles, Clerk, Beverly Edward Cahill, Beverly Laurence Chase, Essex Steven Cohen, Prides Crossing Sarah Hammond Creighton, Beverly Melissa Dane, Beverly Joey Gustafson, Manchester Peter Johnson, Beverly Jeremy McElwain, Manchester Mimi McFadden, Manchester Bernadette Orr, Wakefield Lori Panicali, Beverly Jeffrey Roberts, Wenham James Tallo, Beverly Joseph Trainor, Beverly


Community Impact

Thank you to our dedicated Board of Directors:


increase in the number of individuals served over the last six years.

4,500 4,000 3,500 3,000 2,500

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FOOD ASSISTANCE Thanksgiving Food Donations needed early this year (Nov. 6-10!) This year, we’ve adjusted our Thanksgiving Meal program distribution plan based on what we learned last year. We will be giving clients their Thanksgiving turkey and fixin’s a little earlier, from November 13-18 with daytime, evening and weekend hours to make it extra convenient for all. Therefore we ask that you drop off any food donations during the week of November 6-10 but no later than the 17th. Please remember we also rely on the food collected through the Election Day Food Drive, which the Citywide PTO generously coordinates, for a large portion of the food in the Thanksgiving meals. Just bring some of the non-perishables listed below with you when you vote on November 7!

Going green in the Food Pantry Thanksgiving Food Items •Stuffing mix •Canned green beans •Cream of mushroom soup •French’s fried onions •Cranberry sauce •Canned gravy

•Chicken broth •Instant mashed potatoes (family size) •Canned pumpkin •Cake, brownie or bread mix

Thanks to the generosity of Cell Signaling, we have been able to stop using plastic shopping bags in the Food Pantry. We have distributed reusable shopping bags to our Pantry clients and ask that they bring them to every Pantry visit. Not only will we be more environmentally conscious, but this also saves us the ongoing expense of purchasing shopping bags.

Food Pantry


individuals served at the Food Pantry

households served at the Food Pantry =


244 8,178 Food Pantry visits $562,646 value of food given out 327,129 pounds of food distributed

Food Assistance

new clients came to the Food Pantry

Mobile Market (June - Oct)


individuals served by Mobile Market*

households served* =



pounds of fresh produce distributed to date*

*as of 9/13/17

Summer Food Program (June - Aug 2017) households served through Summer Food Program =




visits to Food Pantry for Summer Food (40% increase from FY16)

FAQ Do you give clients toiletries? Yes! You can donate our most needed items: shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, body wash, men’s and women’s razors and feminine products, which are not covered by SNAP benefits. Do you accept expired food? The Food Pantry will not give out food that is too far expired or in dented cans. Unfortunately, that means that this food gets thrown out. Please check expiration dates before you leave home so that your generosity does not go to waste. Why can’t you pick up my food donation? As a nonprofit, our goal is to be responsible with the funds entrusted to us to help those in need, so we rely heavily on volunteers and part-time workers with varying schedules and availabilities. We ask that you please consider the transporting of your donations to our facility as part of your donation. Also, it is beneficial to pre-arrange drop-offs of large donations so we can be sure we will have someone here to help you. Donation hours are 8:30am-7pm Monday through Thursday and 8:30am-4pm on Fridays.

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YOUTH & FAMILY A successful summer of seasonal programs

The Summer Camp program sends kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience that great tradition of fun experiences, learning something new, making new friends, and making memories, to one of several camps. As one parent wrote “Thank you for helping us for the summer with Andrew. It was very hard to find summer camp for him because I work.” This year, with the generosity of these camps, most of whom donate the spaces, we were able to help local children go to camp. We thank Essex County Summer Day Program, Mitchell Dance Studio, Camp Half Moon, Gain@Gus Summer Enrichment Program at Glen Urquhart School, Girl Scout Camp, Greater Beverly YMCA, Prep@Pingree at Pingree School, Summer Shore at Shore Country Day School, Project Adventure, Summer Quest, and Waring Works at the Waring School.

To ensure that children start the school year on an even playing field, we distributed brand new backpacks fully stocked with the school supplies children need that are a burdensome expense for many. This year we were able to help 669 children be prepared for success. The backpacks and supplies are very generously donated by local companies, organizations, and individuals and we thank you for supporting these kids.

Youth & Family Services

We were able to nourish many of our neighbors with food, education and experience this summer. So many of those who benefited were children. Two of our seasonal programs, Summer Camp and Back-to-School Bonanza, specifially help kids and were a great success this summer!

20 669 663 119

elementary and middle school students were enrolled in our After-School programs backpacks were distributed through our annual Back-toSchool Bonanza during the summer of 2017 children received gifts through our Adopt-a-Family program weeks of summer camp were provided to children during the summer of 2017

VOLUNTEERING Thrift Shop Group Volunteer Opportunity welcomes under-16s

Volunteers are essential to Beverly Bootstraps

We are always in need of groups of five to eight to volunteer in the Thrift Shop getting merchandise ready to be put out on the sales floor. And now we have more evenings available: Monday through Thursday. We are also happy to have groups of children ages 11 to 16 volunteer, as long as they are accompanied by at least one adult for every two children. And if you’re 16 or older, no adults are needed! Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Leslie Colten at lcolten@beverlybootstraps. org or 978-927-1561 if you’re interested.

Did you know that 25% of all hours worked at Beverly Bootstraps are contributed by volunteers? We could never accomplish our mission of helping those in need in our community, without being able to rely on the commitment and hard work of our volunteers.


Whether you volunteer one weekend day a month in the Thrift Shop, two days a week in the After-School Homework Club, or anything in between, your time is invaluable to our mission.

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ADULT EDUCATION Getting creative to help a student

ESOL collaborates with the Waring School

When Petra*, who got her HiSET (high school equivalency test) here, came back to Beverly Bootstraps looking for career advice, we got to work. She wanted to get into the health services field, but because of her age, she needed something that wasn’t physically demanding. We helped her find an X-ray Technician class at North Shore Community College happening over the summer.

In September we started a pilot program with high school seniors from the Waring School who come in twice a week to work with our ESOL students in conversation circles. Our students’ main goal is to learn to speak English better, and these circles allow them to practice their conversation skills.

Petra is a very smart woman, but nervous that she wouldn’t succeed. She called often over the summer for emotional support. Then in August, she called to say she had passed! She was so excited to be on her way into her desired field. Our College and Career readiness program provides so much more than help writing a resume. We guide students through college applications, tutoring once enrolled in college, career advice, and so much more. Petra’s example also gives our other students hope that they can succeed too.

This is another example of how we continue to expand our ESOL curriculum to include many different ways to teach and learn.

Adult Education

No federal funding was available for this course, so thinking outside the box, we used the course credit vouchers we had received from NSCC in exchange for supervising an intern from the school. We had been saving the vouchers until we found someone driven and responsible to maximize this opportunity.

The students from Waring not only get community service hour credits for their time, but they also get to practice the languages they are studying and learn about the cultures of our students.

HiSET Prep Class


students registered

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)


students registered


students passed exam

College and Career Readiness


students participated

(24% increase from FY16)

*name changed for privacy




volunteer hours worked =

value of those hours =



How old do I need to be to volunteer? That depends on where you volunteer. In the Food Pantry and Adult Education, you must be a high school graduate. In AfterSchool Homework Clubs, you must be at least a 2nd semester high school junior or senior with excellent grades and references. For the Thrift Shop, Food Prep, and Babysitting Assistant, you must be 16 or older or volunteer with an adult. Can groups volunteer? Yes! We need groups to help in the Thrift Shop every Monday through Thursday evening. If you are able to plan 2-3 months in advance, we occasionally need groups to help with food drives.

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individuals served

households served by Case Management =

Client Support

EITC program expanding to meet need After years of collaborating with NSCAP to provide EITC tax filing services for the North Shore, we took over the program last winter. We knew this was an important service that our clients counted on and couldn’t do without. It was evident that we were right when we ran out of appointment times. “The EITC tax program was a blessing for our family,” said one client. This year, we are considering expanding the program to be able to serve even more clients. If you, or someone you know, likes numbers and would like to volunteer to help file taxes, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Leslie Colten, at 978-927-1561 or lcolten@

EITC 231 $390,020 $211,732


returns prepared through Earned Income Tax Credit (4% increase from FY16)

refunded to clients of that amount as a direct result of the EITC money (19% increase from FY16)


of financial assistance distributed


additional community funds leveraged by Case Managers

of that amount, utility assistance distributed =


Thrift Shop vouchers distributed =


THRIFT SHOP Please don’t leave donations if we are closed Recently, we have received many donations to the Thrift Shop, including large pieces of furniture, that have been left outside during hours we are closed. If donations are left outside, they often get ruined. This ends up costing us money in staff time to clean up the area and extra trash fees to have the large pieces taken away.

The Thrift Shop announces more evening hours!

We fund the many programs and services we offer to those in need in our community with the proceeds from the Thrift Shop. So, it is heartbreaking to see a good donation cost us time and effort. We would appreciate that donation when we are open.

Starting the first week of October, the Thrift Shop added evening hours Monday through Thursday. They are now open until 7pm for your shopping and donating convenience. You now have the opportunity to stop by on your way home from work 4 nights a week!

Now Open Mon - Thurs Until 7pm!

Thrift Shop

For more information about donating, go to http:// php


$8,406 62,860 $7,032

value of vouchers redeemed by clients

register transactions =

in textile and metal recycling profits

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Taste an evening of food, drinks and shopping



Thursday, December 7, 2017 ©2017

DONOR RELATIONS Introducing The Friends of Beverly Bootstraps While celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, we recognized just how many people were instrumental in helping us grow into the organization we are today. We have proudly created the Friends of Beverly Bootstraps and recognize the following former board members and members of board appointed committees who have accepted our invitation (as of 9/20/17) to join this group of dedicated individuals and be recognized for their past involvement in guiding us through the past twenty five years. Edith Goltra R. Craig Henkels Elaine Horrocks Brad Hunt Nicole Ireland Don Kelley Meg Kelley Elenita Lodge Therese Melden Jim Muse Kristin Zampell Noon

Joanne Avallon Linda Budd Martha Bussone Angel Crandell Donna Crocker Brook Dane Alex Devereaux Elizabeth Dick Faith Emerson Cynthia Franklin Beth Garry

Kate O’Neil Jagruti C. Patel Beth Payson Joseph Princi Nina Quinn Peter Richardson Rabbi Steven Rubenstein Nicola Savignano Peter Simonsen Nina Wilson


Save the Date


Did you know that many employers offer to match donations that their employees make to non-profit organizations? Your gift could be doubled or sometimes even tripled if yours does.

Beverly Bootstraps

Boots & Blooms Gala Friday, April 6, at 6:30pm at the Cruiseport Gloucester

To find out, go to: DonateMoney/MatchingGifts.php

Tickets available soon

You can help provide hope When we asked the front desk staff what they most often hear from clients that visit us, they instantly replied, “Thank you for giving me hope.” Whether it’s hope of an improved living situation, of finding a job or a higher paying job, of succeeding in a new country, or of having healthy, well nourished children, hope is believing things can change.


circle of hope

A Beverly Bootstraps Publication

When you join the Circle of Hope, your automatic monthly recurring gift will enable us to provide a steady flow of hope to our clients all year long. Go to bootstrapscircleofhope to join this monthly giving club. Because with hope, everything is possible!


How You Can Help THIS FALL ATTEND AN EVENT • Nov. 7 – Election Day Food Drive at all polling locations in Beverly • Nov. 24 – Black Friday Sale at the Thrift Shop • Nov. 26 – Food Drive at Beverly Holiday Parade




Our most pressing needs are: • Evening groups at Thrift Shop • After-School Homework Club volunteers

Holiday Food and Toiletries (see lists on page 3)

• Dec. 7 – Taste & Style at the Thrift Shop


Small gift items, jewelry and holiday decor For more information, visit our online event calendar and like us on Facebook.

FOR KIDS • 6th grade/11 yrs or older accompanied by adult: evening groups at Thrift Shop • Young children: host a food drive or clothing drive See our website for more info.

Thank you for your continued support! When mailing donations or visiting, remember our address is 35 Park Street, Beverly, MA 01915

FOOD PANTRY M, W, Th, F 10:00am - 12:15pm Tu 5:00pm - 6:45pm THRIFT SHOP 198 Rantoul Street, Beverly M -Th 9:30am – 7:00pm F 9:30am – 5:00pm Sat 9:30am – 4:00pm PHONE: 978-921-4710 OFFICE & SERVICES 35 Park Street, Beverly M -Th 8:30am – 7:00pm F 8:30am – 4:00pm PHONE: 978-927-1561 FAX: 978-927-1553

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Fall/Winter 2017 Food For Thought Newsletter

Fall fft 2017final  

Fall/Winter 2017 Food For Thought Newsletter