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Fall/Winter 2016


Food Thought In this Issue... Sue’s Corner Food Assistance Volunteers Client Support Donor Relations Thrift Shop Youth & Family Adult Education

Fall Food Drives: Oct. 29 - United Way and Shore Country Day School Food drive at Stop & Shop, Elliott Street Oct. 30 - United Way and Shore Country Day School Food drive at Stop & Shop, Enon Street

Thoughts from a Volunteer I am thankful every day for all the blessings I have received. I have been provided with everything I needed to make something of my life. It is my duty and my pleasure to give back. I chose to volunteer at Beverly Bootstraps because I so heartily believe in their mission. I find volunteering here so uplifting.

I think of one case that put the reality of life before me. When I was volunteering at the front desk, a lovely woman about my age peeped in the door and left. About a half hour later she came in sheepishly looking to see if anyone else was around. She whispered to me about checking out the building for a few days before having the courage to come in. Due to a series of misfortunes she had lost her job, had some health issues, a divorce, couldn’t pay her rent and was very close to losing her car. She used to be a regular donor to Beverly Bootstraps and never imagined she would be at Bootstraps for a different reason. You just never know what will get thrown at you but at least Beverly Bootstraps is here to help you get back on your feet. I started at Beverly Bootstraps about 10 years ago volunteering with ESOL. My class was 6-8pm on Wednesday evenings. Most of my students had been up since 4am for the first of their two or three jobs that day. They sincerely looked forward to the class no matter how tired they were because they found so much hope and help in the class. For a few years I delivered groceries to homebound clients through Beverly Bootstraps. I was touched by how grateful the clients were and how they looked forward to my visit every other week. Some were lonely, many ill. It really opened my mind to see such different living situations than I had been exposed to previously. All had wonderful stories of their lives to tell, all of which broadened my point of view.

Food drive at all polling sites in Beverly

I cannot say enough good things about how my life has been enriched by Beverly Bootstraps. The organization itself exists because of the intangible measures of the other volunteers, the staff, the donors and, most importantly, the clients who cumulatively make Beverly Bootstraps such a positive force in my life.

Nov. 27 - Holiday Parade

Barbara, Volunteer

Food drive along the parade route

We thank all of our dedicated volunteers for the work they do in helping us achieve our mission. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Leslie Colten at or 978-927-1561.

Nov. 8 - Election Day

Sue’s Corner Beverly Bootstraps is coming up on an important anniversary: in 2017, we will celebrate 25 years as a non-profit serving our community! Like any anniversary, it is an opportunity for us to reflect on our growth and to think about our future. Did you know that in the early 1990s the agency’s budget was approximately $40,000? This fiscal year, our budget is $2.3 million. We have grown from doing our work in the basement of the First Baptist Church to efficiently providing services in our 23,000-square-foot building. In the beginning, we served a few dozen folks from downtown Beverly. Today, we serve 10% of Beverly’s residents and other people from Manchester-by-theSea with all of our programs, plus people from other North Shore communities through our education and Earned Income Tax Preparation services. Through all this growth, our mission has not changed. We address people’s short-term needs of hunger and economic distress and then work with folks to find a way for them to become economically self-sufficient. We are working on a new strategic plan and are looking closely at our work. We always want to be sure we are making the most difference with the resources available to us. And, we believe there are a few new ways we can work with people to assist them with their goal to not need us anymore. As this year closes out, we thank you for your continued support of our work and wish you wonderful holidays.

Sue Gabriel, Executive Director

FY16 was a year full of challenges. Construction on the 198 Rantoul/35 Park Street building lasted longer and was more involved than anticipated, which affected Thrift Shop sales. In addition, our annual campaign revenues were slightly lower than projected. The organization has a line of credit that will cover the organization’s cash flow and there is stability in the organization’s balance sheet.


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FOOD ASSISTANCE Election Day Food Drive on Tues, Nov. 8

Clients love choice

Each year, we collaborate with the Citywide PTO to ask all voters to help provide our clients with the food they need to prepare their own Thanksgiving dinner. We distribute approximately 500 turkeys and dinner fixin’s annually. So on Tuesday, November 8, when you come out to vote, please remember to bring some food to donate to the Election Day Food Drive. There will be collection boxes at all six voting locations in Beverly – just drop your donations there and we’ll do the rest!

Since the new Food Pantry “choice” model has been up and running in the new building, we have had nothing but positive feedback. Clients feel being able to choose their items based on their own tastes and needs provides dignity and respect. As one client wrote in a thank you note:

Thanksgiving holiday food needed: Stuffing mix Canned green beans Cranberry sauce Canned gravy Chicken broth

French’s fried onions Cream of mushroom soup Cake, brownie or bread mix Instant mashed potatoes (family size)

“It’s amazing how this pantry thought and chose to add value by bringing self-esteem to people who are less fortunate. People who lack and the poor are able to come in privacy and shop with dignity without the shame of poverty. I am so pleased with the help and service and the help provided by the staff of Beverly Bootstraps. Pray God reward you all for your kind work and by providing dignity for us all. Thanks again!”

More food available due to Food Rescue Food rescue? What is that? When the day ends at many restaurants or when the sell-by date goes by at grocery stores, they have to throw that food out. But, with a Food Rescue program, that food, which is still completely healthy to eat, does not go to waste! We pick it up several times a week and make it available to our clients in the Food Pantry. This year, in addition to our long-time partners Shaw’s, Chipotle, Henry’s, Stop & Shop, Panera Bread and CVS, we have added several new ones. With the help of Crosby’s in Hamilton and Salem, Trader Joe’s, and When Pigs Fly bread, we have significantly increased the amount and types of food available on our Food Pantry shelves.


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Volunteers make our world go ‘round

We’re looking for volunteer tutors for our After-School Homework Club. The Elementary and Middle School Homework Clubs provide mentoring and educational support to children in Beverly who are at risk for academic failure. Volunteers need to be a college grad, someone currently in college, or a high school senior with good grades and recommendations.

As you will note in the stats below, we depend on our volunteers here at Beverly Bootstraps. 27% of our work hours required to run this agency are hours that volunteers contribute. If not for our volunteers, our operating expenses would be so high that we wouldn’t be able to offer the programs and services that we provide. Thank you for all you do!

Elementary School tutoring and teaching support: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, 2:30pm4:00pm

You have more to give than you think

Middle School teaching support: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, 3:00pm-5:00pm

Have you often thought about volunteering with us, but hesitated because you don’t think you have the appropriate background? You may be surprised to know that you don’t have to have experience teaching to volunteer with our Adult Education or Homework Club programs. As long as you’re comfortable talking to a group of people, you’re patient and you like helping others then you can help someone learn English. You don’t have to have worked in a retail store in the past to volunteer at the Thrift Shop. All you need is a great attitude and a friendly disposition and we’ll give you all the training you need. To learn more, give Leslie Colten, Volunteer Coordinator, a call at 978-927-1561.

Current Volunteer Needs: • Tutors for After-School Homework Club • Help with Food Pantry prep and distribution • Groups to help at the Thrift Shop on M and Th pm

DONOR RELATIONS “It is up to us to live up to the legacy that was left for us, and to leave a legacy that is worthy of our children and of future generations.” -- Christine Gregoire We agree. And remembering Beverly Bootstraps in your estate plan provides a lasting legacy that reaches far into the future. Unfortunately, hunger and human need will persist in our community for many years to come, even though programs and services will almost certainly Director of Donor Relations, at 978-927-1561 or change with time. But legacy gifts are timeless. They provide the resources to face the challenges of the years for more information. You may also visit our website to learn more about gift and generations ahead. planning options at If you would like to learn more about this thoughtful Remember Beverly Bootstraps in your estate plans . . . gift approach, we are eager to discuss planned giving it’s an act of kindness that reaches far into the future. options with you. Please contact Heather Johnston,


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THRIFT SHOP Our “Boot-ique“ section may surprise you With the expanded space in the Thrift Shop, we have been able to grow our Boot-ique section. Now six times larger, the Boot-ique carries designer and brand name fashions and accessories perfect for any fashionista. If you like what you find in local consignment shops, then you just have to try our boutique.

Re-sellable vs. Re-cyclable


Save the date for Taste & Style

Taste an evening of food, drinks and shopping



Thursday, December 8, 2016 6:30pm - 8:30pm $10 in advance or $12 at the door at the Thrift Shop

We truly appreciate all donations. However, if they are not in sellable condition, it actually costs us money to dispose of them and takes away from our mission. So just as a reminder, we only sell gently used or new items. Donations must be in-season, freshly laundered and free of stains, rips and smoke. If you have textile items that aren’t in great shape you can still donate them. There are recycling bins at all Beverly Public Schools that take all kinds of textiles (fabric items including stuffed animals, old purses, wornout sneakers, torn clothes, stained sheets, etc.) as long as they are clean and dry. The schools make money off these donations, the town saves on the cost of disposing them in the trash, and the environment benefits too. For more information about what is recyclable, go to For more information about donating to the Thrift Shop go to DonateStuff.php

Save the Date for

Double or even triple your gift to Beverly Bootstraps! with the help of your employer Make your gift go even further! Many companies participate in matching gift programs. To find out if your company participates in a matching gift program, go to to enter your company’s name, then follow the instructions provided.

Monday, March 6 6:00pm - 9:00pm

The impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled!


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Danversport Yacht Club


YOUTH & FAMILY Holiday gifts It’s the time of year when we at Beverly Bootstraps start thinking about the holidays and how so many of our clients don’t have the means to provide their children with holiday gifts. Each year we help connect donors with close to 700 children to ensure they have a happy holiday. If you would like

to adopt a family to shop for so they have gifts to open, please contact Susan Gardiner, Development Assistant, at sgardiner@ And if you know of a family who could use a brighter holiday this year, please have them contact our office at 978-927-1561.

Back-to-School Bonanza a huge success Once again this year, thanks to our donors’ generosity, we were able to provide brand new backpacks fully stocked with school supplies to our clients’ children. Over 640 of them in fact. One client that came in didn’t know how to express her appreciation. She is a single, working mom with four kids and said if not for Beverly

Bootstraps, she would have nothing to give her kids for back-to-school. We were also able to provide her with a Thrift Shop voucher so she could get the children some back-to-school clothes. Thank you to our many donors for making this program a success.

A great summer at camp After completing an initial application and nervously going through an in-person interview, Morgan* was thrilled to hear that she had been accepted into and would be attending The Malcolm Coates Prep@Pingree Program, an intensive five-week summer program that also offers supplemental year-round support to talented, hard-working, middle school students predominately from underserved communities. Over the course of those five weeks, she got the opportunity to participate in rigorous academics


in addition to several activities outside the classroom. From going to Project Adventure, to a tour of Groton School, kayaking along the beaches of Plum Island, and more, she was given a unique opportunity that provided her with experiences, memories, and, most importantly, knowledge that she will draw on for years to come. The children that we are able to place in summer camps might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience all that summer camps have to offer. The support of this program provides these children with a positive and meaningful way to spend some of their summer days. Thank you to our generous partners in this program: Camp Half Moon, Gain@GUS, Girl Scout Camp, Mitchell’s Dance Studio, Prep@Pingree, Project Adventure, Shore Country Day School Sports Camp, SummerQuest, WaringWorks, and the Greater Beverly YMCA.

A Beverly Bootstraps Publication

*Name changed for privacy ©2016

ADULT EDUCATION It’s hard to start over – but we can help Omar, his wife Safi, and their young son have lived in Beverly for about two years since relocating to the United States. After hearing about us at their church, they came to Beverly Bootstraps, to sign up for our Food Pantry. They were then referred to other areas of the agency including Adult Education. While they waited for their work permits, our staff helped them update their resumes and gave guidance in how to apply for jobs. This period was very difficult for Omar and Safi because they both had worked professionally their entire adult life. Starting over in a new country was hard enough; not being able to work was even harder.

company found him to be such a good employee they promoted him. Even though they are both now working, they continue to visit the Food Pantry to help meet the needs of the family. When they come in, they are always smiling and so appreciative for the services they receive which are only possible due to your support. *Names changed for privacy

Finally, both received their work permits. Safi applied for a job at the local children’s social service agency where she had been volunteering, and got the position. Not long after, Omar started work. Within two weeks his

CLIENT SUPPORT Finally, a place to call his own Roland* became homeless four years ago when his father passed away and the house where they rented an apartment was sold. Although he was and still is working part time, he lived on the streets until he heard about an open room at a local rooming house. It is so hard for so many to save the amount of money needed to move into a new home, and this was the case for Roland. Beverly Bootstraps, along with the help of The Good Friday Walk, was able to fully fund Roland’s first and last month’s rent, so he could move into his new room as soon as possible. We thank you for your generosity which has enabled us to help Roland get a place to stay that he can call his own before the weather gets cold. *Name changed for privacy


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• Oct. 29 & 30 – United Way and Shore Country Day School food drive at Stop & Shop, Elliott St (on 29th) and Enon St. (on 30th)


• Holiday food (see full list on page 3) • Frozen turkeys

Our most pressing needs are: • After-School Homework Club • Food Pantry • Evening groups at Thrift Shop



• Nov. 8 – Election Day food drive at all polling sites in Beverly • Nov. 12-18 – Thrift Shop Crawl: at Beverly Bootstraps, Open Door and Lifebridge thrift shops • Nov. 27 – Beverly Holiday Parade food drive along the parade route • Dec. 8 – Taste & Style: an evening of food, drink & shopping at the Thrift Shop For more information, visit our online event calendar and like us on Facebook.

• Gently-used furniture • Housewares • Decorative items • In-season clothing • Accessories & jewelry

• Middle school or older: evening groups at Thrift Shop • Young children: host a food drive or clothing drive See our website for more info.

Make a difference by supporting our Annual Appeal. It’s coming to your mailbox soon! When mailing donations or visiting, remember our new address is 35 Park Street, Beverly, MA 01915

FOOD PANTRY M, W, Th, F 10:00am - 12:15pm Tu 5:00pm - 6:45pm THRIFT SHOP 198 Rantoul Street, Beverly M, Th 9:30am - 7:00pm Tu, W, F 9:30am - 5:00pm Sat 9:30am - 4:00pm PHONE: 978-921-4710 OFFICE & SERVICES 35 Park Street Beverly, MA 01915 M – Th 8:30am – 7:00pm F 8:30am – 1:00pm (Friday afternoon donations accepted by appointment) PHONE: 978-927-1561 FAX: 978-927-1553

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Fall fft 2016 singles  

Fall/Winter 2016 Food For Thought Newsletter

Fall fft 2016 singles  

Fall/Winter 2016 Food For Thought Newsletter