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Apply until 22 May 2011 at During a BEST Event food and accommodation are provided by the hosting Local BEST Group.

02 Sep.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Hello, Captain Planet! We have a situation! BEST Course on Technology Are you ready to spend nine days training and learning how to reduce your energy consumption? Can you imagine the world reducing its energy demands in half and still growing up? Take the first step – charge up your batteries and come to Sofia. Spend nine amazing days full of BEST friends and smiles and feel the energy of enthusiasm! Learn how to save energy (reduce power consumption) and money so you can make your home sunny and cozy!

04 Sep.

Brasov, Romania

Highlanders of Transylvania BEST Leisure Event This may be the hike of your life, because you will go in three different Mountains, linked to eachother, but so so different Who on earth will see in 10 days more than you will? It‘s Piatra Craiului, it‘s Bucegi and then but not least the highest mountains in Romania, Fagaras. We‘ll wait for your application and you will get the most crazy and beautiful memories in your life!

04 Sep. Trondheim, Norway

Connect with the Future: Communication by Oscillation BEST Course on Technology Have you ever been to a wireless city? Want to find out what happens when you type a sms and press send? Why you have cell phone signals almost everywhere? Would you like to visit our amazing country, with breathtaking mountains and deep fjords? Now you have the opportunity to apply for 10 days with Norwegian culture, unforgettable nature, an awesome excursion and epic parties. Find your inner Viking, set sail and prepare for the BEST days of your life!

14 Sep.

Valladolid , Spain

From the yellow submarine to the green car, all you need is plug! BEST Course on Technology „Revolution is coming! The green car will soon win the war for sustainability, are you prepared for it? • Did you know about wheels with motor incorporated? They are being developed here! • What can you tell me about fuel cells? • And about new security devices for electric cars? • Would you like to see ALL of this things live?? • Are you tired of studying so much theory at the university and not seeing all the connection with reality??? • FINALLY, do you know that the first Spanish electric car is being made in Valladolid?? Yes, the first green car will be launched in Jan 2012 and you will have the opportunity of seeing it!

16 Sep.

Barcelona , Spain

Give me the shape, give me the space, do a twist: Barcelona in 3D! BEST Course on Technology Have you ever imagined designing your own building in your dream location? Do you think these things are just futuristic daydreams? Don‘t be shy and come to create your awesome 3D model!!! Yes, 3 dimensions are waiting for you here in Barcelona! Risk it! Don‘t miss this unique opportunity! We are just waiting for you to live with us your BEST virtual experience ever!

16 Sep.

Warsaw, Poland

I want to be an ITllionaire! BEST Course on Technology Do you like IT? Do you want to be an admin? Do you have leadership skills? Are you interested in software engineering? We are going to take you on an interesting and full of surprises journey through the IT world. During 10 exciting days you will take part in lectures and company visits. You will get up-to-date and useful knowledge, necessary for the 21st century IT manager. We will show you that IT is not only about sitting in front of computer and coding!

25 Sep.

Ankara, Turkey

beCRAZY vol2: Do you wana fly again? BEST Leisure Event All in one! PARAGLIDING - RAFTING - SCUBA DIVING - BLUE CRUISE - TREKKING - CANYONING - MUDBATH See the ancient Roman cities, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, lakes, bays, islands, hills, caves, kanyons, rivers! Experience all kinds of extreme sports, feel the real BEST spirit! No wake up early in the morning, no lectures! Just fun and adventure!

29 Sep. Turin , Italy

START UP Yourself: the BEST is yet to come! BEST Course on Carrer Related Skills „To be entrepreneurs of your own ideas“: this is the goal of the course. We want to give the students the necessary tools to put into action their own projects, which means learning to know how to attract the attention of an entrepreneurial world that invests less and less. For this reason, each day is even more and more important to: know how to present yourself; have a concept of a new idea; conduct negotiations and debates; know the methods for the formulation of new ideas. Each of these arguments will be covered up by a frontal lesson, case studies and interactive activity among student-teacher-professionals of that particular sector.

30 Sep. Naples, Italy

Fly me to the Moon, so I can play among the stars! BEST Course on Technology Ladies and gentlemen, this is Capitan MO speaking. Welcome aboard to the flight NA3010 operated by BEST Napoli. During our flight, we will be able to discover how a huge iron bird of 100 tons can fly higher than 30.000 feet and faster than 1000 km/h. You will learn, touch, experience and practice with aircafts (and much more than you can even imagine), starting from the tail, passing through engines and wings, and „landing“ into the cockpit.

10 Oct. Rome , Italy

My name is Speed, sustainable Speed! BEST Course on Technology The aim of this course is to introduce European students the importance of the transport world, in terms of speed and sustainability. Being in a world where borders fall faster and faster, we all are conscious that travel is a cornerstone in many areas. And above all we want to stimulate interest and curiosity about this topic. We will compare the economic costs and time of the various means of transport.

Register at courses Find the courses you like and write motivation letters for a maximum of 3 courses before 22.05.2011

Contact your Local BEST Group to validate your account.

Cross your ďŹ ngers and wait to see if you are accepted in any of the courses.

Pack your things and get ready to rock this autumn!

BEST Autumn Courses 2011  

Apply to BEST Autumn Courses 2011 and have the time of your life.

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