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Procedure to Get Into International Boarding Schools in England Some of the world’s best schools are in England, and getting into them could mean world-class and top-notch education for your child. The aspect of prestige is there, too, especially if your child is an international student. The key is to find good international boarding schools in England and make sure that your child can get into one of them. Here are some steps you can consider for a successful application: Remember: 

It is not about paying the fees – International boarding schools in England typically follow a rigorous admissions process, which involves assessing a student’s social and academic suitability for life in a British school. So, take time to get to know the admissions process of each school that you are interested in, particularly for international students. Charterhouse, for instance, limits its number of international pupils.

Take note of ‘deadlines’ - At Eton, boys must be registered by the age of 10 and 6 months (at the latest) to be selected. Some schools may have stopped admitting students for the meantime due to so many applications. So, make sure you have a lot of time looking up the deadlines of the schools.

Take an introductory tour – Schedule a tour of the school where you want your child to go. By expressing your interest in their educational facility, you are already establishing a relationship between you and the boarding school. While touring, assess the surroundings and the facilities, and as many questions as you can.

Fulfil the registration or application form – Doing so makes it official that you want your child to be admitted as a student in the international boarding school in England when the semester starts in September. All fees may be required to be paid in advance, along with extras for the following term. Take note of the entry requirements and the registration fees, too. Remember: they are usually not refundable. Some schools will require acceptance fees. Be sure to fulfil everything before the deadline.

Speak with a boarding schools’ placement consultant – Choose a professional who is based in England and with a good track record of helping parents get their children into the best international boarding schools in Britain. They can give you more details and guide you through the process of registration and admissions, so you can improve your child’s success of getting into the boarding school that they want.

Procedure to get into international boarding schools in england  
Procedure to get into international boarding schools in england