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How to Find the Best Boarding Schools in the UK The UK is not only notable as a travel destination—it has a long-standing reputation for having some of the world’s best educational institutions, too. Boarding schools in the UK are among those that are known for their academic excellence, and there are around 500 of them. But how can you find and pick the best school for your child? Here are some of the tips you can consider: 

Think of your child’s needs and wants – When choosing a boarding school, you may want to consider what will make your child happy. Ask them where they want to go and determine if they would be happy at a particular boarding school. It may be a good idea to visit some of the top boarding schools in the UK with your child, too, so the two of you can make an informed decision. Essential point: your child’s decision and preferences matter, so make sure not to overlook them.

Go over the school’s educational credentials – You will want to make sure that the board school will provide your child with top notch academic credentials. So, go over league tables to explore the number of students getting top grades. This way, you have a basis when comparing schools. Examine the academic facilities, too, along with other factors like class sizes, the qualifications and subjects offered, and one-on-one style of instruction.

Get to know the standard of living in the boarding school – The best boarding schools in the UK will take good care of your child and look after their best interests. Make sure that the facility has comfortable and well-equipped dormitories and that it is regularly inspected and accredited by the Independent Schools Council and the Boarding Schools Association. Those organizations monitor other aspects in boarding schools, too, such as the behaviour of pupils, activities offered, quality of the school buildings, and academic standards.

The school’s values and traditions – The most popular boarding schools in the UK have their own notable values to which students are expected to follow. These may include unusual or interesting traditions that students must practice, too. Make sure you and your child agree with those traditions and values to avoid feelings of discomfort or alienation.

Location – You can find some of the best boarding schools in the UK both in the countryside and in cities. You may want to consider transport links and proximity to where your child is staying while studying in the UK.

How to find the best boarding schools in the uk  
How to find the best boarding schools in the uk