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BBQ Collection 2015

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BODUM® FYRKAT Chrome Picnic Grill Best in test by the Dutch Consumer’s Association



“This barbeque tops the charts for a fraction of the cost!”

On a scale from 1-10 BODUM® FYRKAT PICNIC GRILL scores a total of 7.6. The most expensive scores a 6.8 – but costs five times as much.

no. 1 6.8 Rösle Kettle

6.6 Campingaz Bonesco

6.4 Weber One-touch

6.1 Barbecook Basic

6.0 Outdoorchef Easy

5.9 Weber Compact

5.8 Cobb Premier

5.7 Hema Kettle

5.4 LotusGrill Houtskool

4.9 Royal Patio Barbecue

The FYRKAT winner of best bbq!

For the Dutch, there is no summer without barbecuing. But here, just like so many other places in the world, people are living so close together and seemingly too far from friends with houses and gardens to enjoy the luxury of backyard barbecues. Therefore we designed the BODUM® Fyrkat Picnic Grill, which is portable and ideal to bring to the park, the beach or to put on the balcony. The Dutch Consumer’s Association has tested different barbeque brands, and BODUM® won the test, despite the fact, that the Fyrkat only costs a fraction of the most expensive barbeque in the test! Preparation time, temperature distribution, temperature control, construction and finish, resistance to rust and safety all

figured in the test’s total score. Overall BODUM® won with a score of 7.6. The test also thoroughly demonstrated how well the barbeque was in preparing three types of meat. A German bratwurst, a frankfurter and a pork chop. Again BODUM® had the highest score of 8.7, the most expensive barbeque had to settle with 6.9. The BODUM® mantra has been right from the very beginning, that good and functional design doesn’t have to be expensive, and naturally we are thankful when it is being appreciated. We wish you all a very pleasant summer – hopefully filled with many barbeque nights to come!

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Bodum BBQ collection 2015  

Bodum BBQ collection 2015