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review quotes “The (Lunchbox Acoustic’s) sole 6.5” speaker may not seem capable of pushing a lot of SPL, but that’s where the savvy design comes into play, because this amp produces a remarkably full and balanced sound at impressive volumes. The Lunchbox Acoustic is an impressive performer with a lot to offer anyone seeking a “minimal footprint” amp for gigs, practice, or recording.” Guitar Player Magazine (Lunchbox Acoustic Review, April 2011) “I find ZT Amplifiers innovations into the market of compact lightweight amplifiers to be intriguing and this is definitely a brand I am going to be keeping my eye on.” Gary Allen, GuitarGearHeads (Lunchbox Acoustic Review, November 2010) “A few weeks ago I attended a blues gig where a fairly old guy – old enough to have to sit down for part of his set, anyway – came on stage and proceeded to amaze every punter in the place! His tone was simply superb, and was plenty loud. Of course, I had to ask him which of the amps that were on stage he was using, as I couldn’t see from my vantage point towards the back of the room. The Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special? The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe? The old, weathered Marshall JCM800 combo? Nope – he was playing through this small silver box at the corner of the stage, which I immediately recognized ast the ZT Club combo.” Jack Conway, Guitar Buyer Magazine, UK (November 2010) “The Lunchbox pushes a louder clean tone than amps four times its size.”, (Lunchbox Review, February 2010) “The result of ZT’s “clean slate thinking” is a genuinely amazing piece of kit. Because of their approach and their innovative use of technology the Lunchbox is like nothing you’ve ever used before. Imagine never having to lug your 2x12 combo to a gig again. If you play pub gigs and small venues the Lunchbox could completely take over from your current combo.” (Lunchbox Review, June 2010) “This amplifier is extraordinary. I reckon that the Lunchbox is set to become one of the all time “classics”. What a sound!” (Lunchbox Review, May 2010) “The folks at ZT Amplifiers are the type of people we want in our musical community. Clearly, their mission is to meet the needs of working musicians, and they are willing and prepared to exert the effort to ensure that these needs are met. The Lunchbox Acoustic is an outstanding product made by people who truly care.” Just Jazz Guitar (Lunchbox Acoustic Review, November 2010) “Put simply, there is no more portable solution for a singer/ guitarist than this.” Acoustic Magazine UK (Lunchbox Acoustic Review, October 2010)

“The Lunchbox serves it’s function very a portable, loud, good sounding amp it excels. Highly recommended.” (Lunchboxing After Dark, November 2010) “The Club not only packs a wallop that you wouldn’t expect from this little beastie, it also has a damn nice tone. The bass response is surprising. With a distortion box cranking, I found an amazing bass womp for great chugga-chug action. For jazz, the tone is fat and round, the response is quite even, and there’s headroom to burn. The Club has nice tones all the way. Frankly, everything about this amp caught me off guard. I do believe the Club could be the jazz amp of choice for today, just as the Polytone Mini-Brute was back in the ’70s. The power, portability, and all-around nice tone make this a good choice for any electric player.” Premier Guitar (Club Review, May 2010) “For entirely too long, manufacturers have missed the boat in supporting the singer/songwriter to its full potential. This is where the Lunchbox Acoustic is absolutely brilliant. With a number of different instruments plugged into it the LB Acoustic has a nice, warm tone.” Vintage Guitar (Big Things, Small Packages, January 2011) “The amp delivers a dynamic performance without choking…When you see a Lunchbox Acoustic in the shop, don’t be deceived by its practice-size and walk straight past. This is a proper, gig-worthy, decent sounding amp wherein ZT has, to an encouraging extent, managed to extract a quart out of a pint pot. Cheers!” Guitar & Bass UK (Lunchbox Acoustic Review, July 2010) “This is a full, rounded sound and the way the amps handle the transient of the note is very smooth and musical. With their full, clean tone, abundant volume and high headroom, the amps have a natural audience among jazz players, though any style that favors a clean tone will fit. These amps are not trying to imitate valve sounds or be anything other than themselves. They’ve been designed from the ground up to sound full, clean and musical, and that they do.” Guitar & Bass UK (Lunchbox & Club Review, June 2010)

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