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artist & user quotes “The glory of [the Lunchbox] isn’t just its combination of volume and compactness. It sounds good, in a kind of transparent way.” Nels Cline (guitarist – Wilco, The Nels Cline Singers) “I love this little (Club) amp. It is punchy, tight and clear. A clarion voice in the wilderness” Andy Summers (The Police) “It’s a mystery how you did this. Did you use technology reverse engineered from the Roswell crash by any chance?” Will Galison (professional harmonica player) “I can remember 30 years ago talking about how nice it would be to have a small, light, loud amp that kicks. The future is finally here.” Jono Smith (guitarist) “I’m pretty small and I could never carry my amps by myself but those days are behind me now and I’m SO HAPPY to have this independence.” Yuka Honda (Plastic Ono Band) “The Lunchbox could very well change the face of guitar amplification.” John Frondelli (musician / amplifier technician) “The wave of the future’s here.” Joe Artis (guitarist) “Truly revolutionary!” Randy Vincent (San Francisco based jazz guitarist) “The Lunchbox amp, along with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap, are the two greatest inventions of the last 50 years.” Gregg Hale (guitarist / producer) “I love your Lunchbox amp - just the perfect thing for a New Yorker!” Sheryl Bailey (NYC based jazz guitarist) “You guys have the amp of the century!” Marlo Henderson (legendary session guitarist – Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson, Dusty Springfield, many more)

“I truly appreciate the artistry in your science. If we don’t change with the technology, then the heart of the reason we got into this insane industry will be buried with the “vintage” tone we were all conditioned to expect from our amps and instruments.” Keith Stalcup (Nashville based session guitarist) “This is quite possibly the most fun amplifier I have owned.” Paul Simpson (UK based pro musician) “I love this Lunchbox amp!” Danny Miranda (Blue Oyster Cult / Meatloaf) “These amps are a game changer!” Kim Carroll (composer – television & film) “My ZTs have been heard on network TV shows in Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Norway, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden, and oh yeah, the U.S.” Dale Herr (Nashville based session guitarist & composer of television & film) “Folks, the ACOUSTIC amp...This one has stolen my heart. THIS is the perfect little archtop jazz amp…you guys NAILED it with this one.” George Petit (NYC based jazz guitarist & producer) “The ZT Club is incredibly transparent and can handle the low end perfectly. I am totally blown away!” Eric Clemenzi (2010 Guitar Player Superstar Competition 2nd Place Winner) “Unbelievable tone and power with no compromise in ANYTHING. The worldwide portability factor alone is worth the ridiculously affordable price. My ZT Amps are absolute life savers.”  John Platania (Van Morrison / Chip Taylor)

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