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Bryan Espinoza Portfolio

Contents Architecture - Paper/Card Model Making - Models/CAD - Architectural Drawings Product Design – Bike Chain Lock Drawings/Paintings - Drawings - Painting Sculpture – The Trapped Condor

Film – Expressionism/Realism

Exterior and appearance is the first thing we see when we observe a building or piece of art, so designers must choose the design of their work carefully and think how their work will have an impact upon their audience. How will it impact the audience’s moods and feelings? How will the audience interact with it? With simple arrangements and positioning of objects in a space it can influence the way we feel or see the a space. Studying at Havering sixth form I’ve learnt how almost anything can be a source of inspiration and art, whether it be from paper to everyday objects such as chairs, string and even a hat. With all the skills I picked up from education and self research I have put together this portfolio where I demonstrate my finest work.

Model Making with paper card, ruler, a scalpel and paper folding. The photographs of the work are taken in a way to present my models in a more architectural form of perspective.

Model Making And Sketching Ideas Using paper and a scalpel I constructed a model and adapted it into three stages. Once my models were created I used a felt tip to draw out the models and further adapt them on paper. This is a series of drawings on tracing paper stacked on top of each other to show motion in the drawing giving it life and presence.

Model Making

Using paper card, safety ruler and a craft knife I formed a model building, which has a variation of distinct shapes and geometric attributes depending what angle you view it from.

Using inspiration from Josh Bryan’s triangle concept for construction I decided to construct my own building using triangular shapes.

CAD – Primary School Design Front/Side View (Right Side Angle)

Birds Eye View

Front/Side View (Left Side Angle)

Rear View

CAD – Design idea for farm house

This is a little project I worked on for an exterior space idea for a farm house, that is being constructed in Santo Doming in Ecuador. The design was inspired my varies different designs I found online all fused together. The colours I had to use had to be plain bright colours such as white to reflect the sun rays as its location is in the coast where it is hot.

CAD – Design for holiday retreat in Wanstead Park

For my AS Interior & 3D Design I chose to design a holiday retreat where people could go away on holiday and get at one with nature up close. This design consists of three levels, all very different to each other. It is situated in my local area Wanstead Park in Lond on, which is a large forest park where there is a lot of nature. The colours and materials I used to make my house out of were picked according to its su rroundings so the retreat would blend in with nature but at the same time still be aesthetically pleasing for people looking for a holiday get away in nature.

CAD Design For Holiday Retreat In Wanstead Park

James Bartolacci

Slice and Dice buildings The term “sliced and diced buildings�, is given to buildings which emit the appearance of being sliced open from different angles and parts. This gives it a similar appearance to those of a cake being cut up in an unusual manner. Sliced and diced building is a very unique and eye catching type of building. Its like an artist presenting his artwork on a three dimensional real life building.

BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group

Designed by Morphisis

Jenga Blocks Buildings can be inspired from almost anything as we can see a simple game of jenga blocks can serve very effective when transforming the cuboid shapes into a unique luxurious building. This could be an element included within my design to make it appear like it was made from a stack of blocks to give it that simplicity.

Hotel Sliced And Diced Components This is where I started model making for my final slice and diced hotel building situated in Piccadilly Circus. Joining these three different floors together in different inclines gave my model a really sophisticated and futuristic appearance, however it also means it doesn’t blend as much with the surrounding buildings in the city, which makes the building stand out from the rest.

Ground Floor

2nd Floor

Stacking like Jenga blocks

1st Floor

Slice & Diced Building in Piccadilly Circus

Architectural Drawings

Here I demonstrate a range of different styles of architectural drawings which I have done for my A level. As you can see I have done all of them in a V5 drawing pen in black ink.

Plans For Re-designing tri-service cadet building Using a biro pen and a ruler I carefully drew out my initial plans for re-designing of redesigning the Cornwall VC Cadet Centre a youth tri-service building situated in my local area, aiming to make it more aesthetically pleasing, so that can attract more cadet recruits and making the building itself bigger in so that it may hold a much larger number of people and is suitable for a greater use of activities and training.

As you can see from my plans I've constructed an extension on top of the range and range outdoor extension area to increase the capacity of the overall structural building. I have also added on more rooms, so that there may be more space for classroom activity to take place, meaning a bundle of people aren't squeezed into the limited amount of rooms there is in the building with the coming of large numbers of recruit intakes.

Using my plans I made a model of my idea to represent it in a 3D perspective, using foam board, paper prints and green sponge and a glue gun to join together the different components. This new design to the original building means the capacity of the amount of people the building can hold was increased dramatically without having to extend the ground floor, due to making the most out of the interior space by adding extra rooms in the interior design and constructing an extension part on the first story.

First Story Plan View Ground Floor Plan View

Soon after planning out my plans for my Tri-service cadet building on paper & real life model I transferred it onto CAD, making adaptations to it until I was satisfied with the final finish. I selected the colours and materials for the building from varies research and experimentations I done with other buildings, to try and give it that military building finish which, is complimented by the design of the roofing.

Second Story (Roof) First Story

Second Story (Roof) Plan View Ground Floor

Tri-service Cadet Building Extension Rooms Interior As I was building an extension part on the existing building I had to design the interior for the five extra rooms which include: toilet, shower block, two classrooms, office room.

Product Design – Belt Chain Lock

• • •

Improvements to everyday bike locks Reducing weight of the overall product by cutting down on size of the chain lock to improve the safety aspects of the product. Changing the colour schemes and design on the product to improve its overall aesthetics. Improving the portability of the product by adapting it so that it can be worn as a belt instead of just being put in a bag.

Inspiration Idea 1: The Seat Belt

The seatbelt is an everyday use product for safety and precaution within travel which similarly locks into place in the way a belt would therefore my product should comfortably lock together without any problems.

Experimenting: Design Ideas

Male End

Female End

From the design idea above you can observe how I plan to attach the ends together and securing them so that consumers can confidently secure their bicycles to a bike rack or object. Final Product

I developed the original products pad lock into a more aesthetically pleasing design shaded in different colours to enhance the designs appearance which would benefit the manufacturers as its more likely costumers would want to purchase product from its appearance..

Finally I concluded with my final product, as you can see from the pictures I'm testing out my product by wearing it and I’m trying out its security function on my bicycle.

Self-portrait in style of Josh Bryan

Self-portrait in pencil

Birds eye view map of RAF Spade Adam done with a black ink pen and Photoshop. Condor Drawing in pencil

Sectional study of golden statue face on corrugated cardboard inspired by Marc Quinn

I produced a n i nk s tudy from Alberto Giacometti’s work a nd a from that produced a drawing from pencil a nd a black ink pen which gives the drawing a twi sted wiring effect making it emit a movement fl ow effect.

Art can be expressed in varies forms and with this piece of GCSE artwork I demonstrate how contamination pollution is affecting nature in the Amazon rain forest in South America. As you can see there is litter jotted around the plants and flowers, there is also oil stains exploding out the bottom, showing just how we contaminate our world. The Condor represents a symbolic animal to my home country Ecuador, therefore it plays a very special part in my life. The wings I installed on the artwork represent freedom.

Realism & Expressionism in Film

Art doesn’t always have to be expressed through drawings, paintings and sculptures, it can also be expressed through other creative mediums such as film. From the screenshots above you can see how I integrate realism and expressionism within my film work wi th the use of expressionistic and natural lighting in my scenes.

University Portfolio  

My university portfolio where I demonstrate my creative work in different mediums from the last two years

University Portfolio  

My university portfolio where I demonstrate my creative work in different mediums from the last two years