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Online Surveillance Made Easy SecureCenter Kits

Key Benefits

EASY INSTALLATION AND SETUP D-Link SecureCenter Kit offers a surveillance system that is easy to set up, with little or no interference to your daily business operations. Whether you are installing a new surveillance system from scratch, extending an existing IP network, or upgrading from a CCTV solution, D-Link SecureCenter Kit can help you achieve maximum value with minimum cost. Choosing to implement an IP surveillance system has many advantages because unlike non-IP systems, you need not have to go through the process of complex

cabling, such as the relaying of power cable, audio cable, and video cable, among many other things. All you need is just ONE Ethernet cable that supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). Setting up the NVR for video recording is also very simple because the system is able to auto-discover all the connected IP cameras. If you wish to view the video output of four different surveillance cameras, you need only to drag the respective surveillance scenarios to the screen.

A Typical Office Illustration

DCS-3410 DCS-6410


D-ViewCam NVR Software



The one solution that lets you keeps an eye on your business anywhere in the world If you are the owner of a business, you’ll want to know how you can protect your asset and be able to keep an eye on what’s going on in your business from anywhere in the world, even in remote locations. You’ll also want to be able to monitor your business premise, the warehouses, the shipping areas, and other locales, including offices and branch offices. You know what you need is a surveillance system. You are however reluctant to look into it because you are concerned it may be difficult to have it implemented at multiple sites, especially when it comes to installation, cabling, business disruption and downtime, interoperability with existing systems and solutions, energy consumption, cost of ownership, and many other areas. All these concerns can now be easily addressed with a simple to use and simple to implement all-in-one surveillance kit designed for Small and Medium Businesses. Introducing the D-Link SecureCenter Kit, a multi-channel IP video surveillance system that comes complete with two IP-based network cameras, a Network Video Recorder (NVR) and a video management software. This Kit combines advanced features and digital video compression technologies found in advanced multi-component surveillance systems, and puts them into a compact and easy to manage solution.

D-Link SecureCenter Kit offers connectivity of up to 4 cameras in a single system and can be linked to multiple systems to support up to 16 cameras. With this surveillance system, you will be able to view live video streaming on any computer connected directly to your local network or from anywhere in the world via the Internet. This means you will be able to view videos from multiple locations simultaneously. You can also record digital video 24/7 using schedule or motion detection. Keeping an eye on your business can now be easily achieved. With the bundled camera management software included with the NVR in the SecureCenter Kit. You can now watch what’s going on at your remote business premise, its entrances, warehouses, shipping areas and other places, all within the office or at a remote location, wherever you are and whatever the time.

DNS-722-4 Network Video Recorder • A 2-bay network video recorder (NVR) • SATA HDD with 4 channel camera support • Auto-discovery of cameras • Easy installation • Physical lock for data protection • Simultaneous live viewing/playback/recording • Schedule and audio recording • Supports all D-Link network cameras

DCS-3410 IP Surveillance Camera • Fixed box camera • Power over Ethernet (PoE) • MPEG4 / MJEPG multiple streams • Two-way audio • Day and Night with external IR illuminator (optional) • Outdoor capabilities with enclosure added

DNS-726-4 Network Video Recorder • Includes all features of DNS-722-4 • Full-channel playback • Smart search for playback • Event recording (I/O & motion detection) • Supports selected third party network cameras

DCS-6410 IP Surveillance Camera • Discreet fixed dome design • Power over Ethernet (PoE) • MPEG4 / MJEPG multiple streams • Two-way audio • Day and Night indoor surveillance • Built-in LEDs for night time viewing of up to 15 meters

D-ViewCam NVR Management Software • Bundled with NVR • Manages multiple NVRs • Consists of 3 components: • Multi-NVR Viewer • Playback Manager • Backup and File Manager • Multi-NVR Viewer • Simultaneous display of up to 16 channels • Drag and drop features to easily organize video views within display window • Playback Manager • Clean and simple web GUI interface • Play, search and export video • Backup and File Manager • Flexible backup utility • Simple processing for backing up video data from NVR to external storage

SecureCenter Surveillance Starter Kits D-Link SecureCenter Kit comes in four different options to offer you more choices of selection to suit your business environment and requirements. Order Number

Model Description

Kit 1


1 x DNS-722-4 + 2 x DCS-3410 + FREE D-ViewCam NVR

Kit 2


1 x DNS-722-4 + 2 x DCS-6410 + FREE D-ViewCam NVR

Kit 3


1 x DNS-726-4 + 2 x DCS-3410 + FREE D-ViewCam NVR

Kit 4


1 x DNS-726-4 + 2 x DCS-6410 + FREE D-ViewCam NVR

PAINLESS INTEGRATION WITH EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE You can leverage on your current network infrastructure to maximize your investment without having to worry about interoperability issues because the hardware specifications of D-Link SecureCenter Kit surveillance system are standards-based and designed to take advantage of existing network architecture.

planning to ensure recovery of critical data from other parts of the world should an event takes place in a particular location or country resulting in the loss of data.

Implementing D-Link SecureCenter Kit IP surveillance requires only minimal investment and it is simple and seamless because most organizations already have the infrastructure of IP network in place. Even if your organization or business has yet to have a network infrastructure, D-Link can provide you with a complete end-to-end security solution for your IP network deployment with D-Link IP surveillance system.

D-Link IP Surveillance portfolio offers megapixel video quality monitoring should you require better video quality than normal CCTV. You will be provided with a variety of options for viewing and organizing the camera footage on-screen, and cameras managed by the NVR can be viewed as individual sites or categorized into groups. Object trigger email alert can be implemented with digital video format and played back efficiently anytime using the NVR advanced playback feature.

MANAGEABLE AND ACCESSIBLE ANYWHERE You can keep watch and supervise your business anywhere in the world so long as you have an Internet connection. All you need to do is to set up the NVR and cameras in designated sites at any part of the world and you will be able to manage and administer the surveillance system securely from wherever you are. You can also record video events with the NVR directly without the need for additional server. Recorded data is stored in a secure database which can be backed up for storage at other sites whenever needed. Doing this will provide contingency business

EFFECTIVE PLAYBACK AND MONITORING You can monitor and easily search for trigger events with advanced playback* features from D-Link D-ViewCam NVR software.

With D-Link’s NVR advanced playback*, searching through recorded data no longer needs to be tedious or frustrating. The smart search function in advanced playback is capable of detecting notable events effortlessly by selecting a target area on the video and setting search sensitivity. Criteria for the search sensitivity can include options such as motion detection, missing or abandoned object, lost of focus or camera occlusion. The NVR’s playback manager comes with a clean and simple web interface that allows you to play, search or export video.

*D-Link’s NVR advanced playback for smart search function is only available with DNS-726 series.

Core Benefits of IP Surveillance Solutions IP Surveillance provides all of the superior functionality of an effective analog CCTV offering and adds several key benefits, such as increased accessibility, real-time alerts, unlimited storage, secure image distribution, and superior cost benefits.

CCTV (Analog)

IP Surveillance (Digital)

• Normal (up to D1)

• Good (up to megapixel & HDTV)

• Normal (requires multiple signal conversion during transmission)

• Good (pure digital signal)


• Coaxial cable (high cost) • Requires multiple cable for - video/audio/power/control signal • Requires point-to-point connection

• Ethernet cable • Single cable for video/power/audio/control signal • Easy convergence with existing IP network infrastructure • Wireless deployment


• Requires complex cabling when adding new camera or extending system

• Easy to upgrade and extend to large scale solution • Easy deployment for multiple remote sites


• Backup and recording to single destination for storage or playback only

• Easy backup and recording to multiple destinations for storage or playback remotely to provide essential redundancy


• Local viewing and playback • Basic user access control • No video encryption

• Access from anywhere (mobility) • Multi-level user management • Allows secure access from any device on the network (through VPN/https)


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IP Surveillance Secure Center Kits

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