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How to Conduct a Prospect Interview & Close More Sales

Close 95% of Prospects at the 2nd Appointment • How to position the prospect at the first appointment • Unsell their current investments • “Nicely” discredit their current adviser • Gather all of their assets

First Appointment Overview • • • • • • • • • •

Goal is to set a se First Appointment Overview cond appointment Limit to 60 minutes--don’t give away solutions 5 minutes rapport Ask what hot buttons are 50 minutes –emotional and impact questions 5 minutes to get commitment to next appointment Don’t sell a financial plan Get a fee Learn how to conduct an interview at

The Appointment Ask to view a copy of tax return Have them also bring investment statements Get this minimal amount of information about assets Your job is to ask questions Your job is NOT to tell them about LTC or annuities (stop reviewing every page of the brochure)

How Much Total Tax?

Get the Accountant’s Contact Information

What to Do at Second Meeting • • • •

Review what is of importance to them and why Get unanswered issues clarified Proceed to un-sell their current investments Show your recommendations • Tie each to benefit they said they wanted

• Close

Mutual Fund Performance

Mutual Fund Expenses

This is merely an example and not meant to predict or guarantee future results. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Also, this is neither an offer to sell or buy this fund

Stock Performance

Insurance Company Safety

Why You Lose Sales • • • • •

Presenting solutions too early Not asking enough questions - shooting in the dark Not asking feeling and impact questions No Evidence Having a “product” agenda rather than a “client” agenda

Recommendation Total Investable assets Invest as follows: Place Joseph's IRA into blue chip stocks

$755,000 $70,000

Place Current Trust Assets into blue chip stocks


Place proceeds of home sale into blue chip stocks


Place proceeds of home sale into preferred shares


Place proceeds of home sale into deferred index annuity Resulting portfolio: Blue Chip Portfolio 40%


Preferred Shares



Index Annuity 31%


Current GE Annuity 3%



Pick the Right Prospects • Easy closes are the result of picking the right prospects • You can only work one target market for maximum success

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How to Conduct a Prospect Interview & Close More Sales