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Rebound Issue 13


Inside... Season Registrations New-look Uniform Presentation Night Junior Clinics Coaches' Conduct REBEL Season Pass Program ...and more!

BBC NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2012 2009—2010 From the President...

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President’s Report


Coaches’ Code of Conduct


Rebel Season Pass Program


Score Bench Behaviour


Junior Development Clinic


Boys’ Academy


Presentation Night


SEABL 2012 Rangers’ Season Fixture


New Season Registration Process


Well by now, Christmas holidays are little more than a fading memory as we are well into the start of another year. We are just over the half-way mark of the summer season and finals will again be upon us before we know it! I hope all our players are enjoying their basketball, win or lose. Remember that it’s not winning that’s important, but playing your best, improving your skills, and having fun! On that note I’d like to remind parents that junior sport is first and foremost about the kids improving their skills and having fun. Don’t put pressure on children to “get out there and win”. Instead, encourage your children to “go out and do your best”. It is also important that parents don’t “coach” from the sidelines. Players receive specific instructions from their coach and it is confusing for players to have mum or dad on the sidelines telling them to do something else. Respect the coach’s role, and let the kids enjoy playing. Registrations

New-look Uniform


Sports Injury: Calf Strain


Coaches’ Corner: Drill Sheet 8 : Defence


Late last year Dandenong Basketball switched to SportingPulse as its club management and scoring services provider. What this means for us is that that we must implement some changes to the way we manage our club’s administration.

One of those changes will be the introduction of Registration Forms, Fast Breaks 14 which will be distributed to every player in the coming weeks in prepaOur Supporters 15 ration for the winter season. Players (or their parents) will need to complete the form and return it to the Written & Edited by Alison Power club by the due date, to register their © Berwick Basketball Club Inc. intention to play in the next season. 2011

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The registration form will be accompanied by an invoice for fees which will need to be paid prior to the season commencing, to secure a place in a team. I am aware that members have only recently paid fees for this summer season. It is regrettable that winter season fees will follow so soon on their heels but this is unavoidable as we introduce our new processes. Once we are past this introductory phase, the collection of fees will revert to a six-monthly cycle, that is, at the commencement of each playing season. New Uniforms In the coming weeks you may notice one of our boys’ teams and one of our girls’ teams sporting a new-look uniform. We are conducting a trial of a new fabric which is much lighter and may be more comfortable to wear. The colour and logo design of the new-style uniform will be similar to our current uniform but the tops will be reversible, with a white “clash strip” on the inside. If approved, the new style will be phased in gradually, and teams will be permitted to play with players in either uniform. It will not be compulsory to buy a new uniform. Facebook Don’t forget to find us on Facebook! Go to our website and click on the Facebook link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy the rest of the season!

Alison Power President

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The Code of Conduct for Coaches In our last issue of Rebound we covered the Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators. In this issue, we review the code for coaches. The Club’s expectations The coach’s role is not just about getting a winning team on the court every week—that’s nice but not on top of the list of important criteria. More importantly, your role is to teach your players the skills they need to play the game, and to instil the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship.  As the coach of a Berwick team you are a representative of the Club and must act in accordance with our values and expectations.  You are required to keep in mind the age and stage of the children you are coaching and adapt your communication style accordingly.  Show respect and refrain from using bad language or yelling at a player for any reason.  It is not acceptable under any circumstances for a Berwick coach to “poach” players from another club or from another Berwick team. If your team needs additional players on a permanent basis, ask your players to invite their friends to join, and talk to your age coordinator who may have players on a waiting list.  The Club does not condone “stacking” a team with representative-level players to create a “super team”. Focus on developing your less-skilful players and encourage your more experienced players to help them.  Remember that basketball is a TEAM sport. Ensure all players receive an equal amount of court time. Avoid allowing only one or two players to “hog” the ball, encourage your players to play as a team so that everyone is involved.  Be aware of and adhere to the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct.

Basketball Victoria's Code of Conduct for Coaches Remember that basketball is for enjoyment. Always make sure that players are made to feel welcome at training and matches and comment in a positive way that creates interest and a desire to be involved. Be reasonable in your demands. Always take into account the players’ age, level of skill, ability to concentrate, and commitments such as school and employment. Teach understanding and respect for the rules. Players need to understand the rules and that it is their responsibility to play by the rules. Teach them that playing by the rules ensures their safety and enjoyment of basketball for everyone. Give all players a reasonable amount of court time. Little or no court-time can cause players to suffer low morale and lose interest because they’re not given a chance to improve, while too much court time can cause more talented players to burn out. Over-playing the more talented players is unfair to everyone. Develop team respect for the ability of opponents including their coaches. Encourage players to show their opponents proper courtesy, congratulating them whether they win or lose and accepting or celebrating the outcome gracefully. Instil in your players respect for officials and an acceptance of their judgement. Officials have a difficult job and at times they may not always be right. Teach your players to graciously accept the occasional bad calls against them…as well as when they are in their favour! Guide your players in their interaction with the media, parents and spectators. Parents and friends can sometimes become over-enthusiastic or offer coaching advice from the side-lines which can be a distraction for young players. Teach players to maintain concentration on the game while respecting and appreciating the spectators’ support. Group players according to age, height, skills


The Coaches’ Code of Conduct From previous page

and physical maturity, whenever possible. An uneven competition can lead to a loss of enthusiasm. Be aware that children of the same age mature at different rates and try to group players of approximately equal maturity. Ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of the players. Coaches have a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to avoid putting players into a dangerous situation. Be aware of potential dangers such as heat and dehydration, wet floors and other environmental hazardous, whether at training or at the game. Be prepared to lose sometimes. Not every team can win every match and winning is not always the most important result. Be a fair winner and a good loser. Act responsibly when players are ill or injured. Show appropriate concern and take responsibility for assisting injured or sick players. If a player is injured on court remove them promptly to avoid the possibility of further injury. As well as imparting knowledge and skills,

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promote desirable personal and social behaviours. Children learn from the actions of those who guide them - what your say and how you behave sets the example. Your role as coach is not limited to teaching basketball skills, but also to teaching acceptable social behaviour. It is important that your influence is positive. Keep your knowledge current. Always ensure your information is up-to-date and appropriate to the needs and skill level of your players. Ensure that any physical contact with a player is appropriate. Any physical contact with a player must always be appropriate to the situation and necessary for the player’s skill development. Avoid unnecessary physical contact or situations where contact may be misinterpreted. Avoid personal relationships with players. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person. Everyone is entitled to be treated equally and with respect. Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided. Maintaining the condition of facilities and equipment is everyone’s responsibility. Ensure that your players do not abuse anything provided for their use. Do not allow players to “slam dunk” or hang off the hoops.

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NEWSLETTER Page 5 2012

Rebel Season Pass Program

Berwick Basketball Club has joined the Rebel Sports Season Pass program. BBC members can sign up to Rebel’s Season Pass by going to and clicking on the Season Pass link. Create your account and complete your profile. Where you are asked what club you belong to, don’t forget to type Berwick Basketball Club. If you already have a Season Pass membership, you can still help your club. Simply log into your account and add us to your profile! Rebel’s Season Pass Membership entitles you to: 

Special members’ prices

Exclusive offers

Select previews

Member-only competitions

VIP shopping nights

Special event invitations

And, with your card linked to Berwick Basketball Club, the club benefits as well! Plus, Season Pass holders can receive a $10 e-voucher for every $100 spent. So sign up now and start saving!


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Score Bench Behaviour At every game (except for Grand Finals) each team is required to provide a competent scorer: one to operate the electronic scoreboard and clock, the other to enter the game data into the SportingPulse system. Team managers should ensure that parents in their team are adequately trained in both the operation of the scoring equipment, and in the etiquette of scoring. It is important to understand that a scorer is an official of the game. That means you must behave with integrity and impartiality. You must not call out instructions to players or cheer excessively during the game. Certainly, as a parent, it can be difficult not to encourage your child and the team, but just remember to be reasonable and fair. Acknowledge good play by all players, including the opposition. Disputes and unpleasant arguments between teams can be avoided if the two scorers work together throughout the game, frequently checking with each other to make sure scores and foul counts on the scoreboard agree with those on SportingPulse. Discrepancies can usually be quickly and easily fixed if they are found early. If, at the end of the game, there is a discrepancy between the two scoring sys-

tems that cannot be corrected, the final result will be that shown on the SportingPulse system. When scoring, always remember: 

Scorers are game officials

Work WITH your scoring partner; check that the two scoring systems agree

Fix discrepancies as soon as possible (if necessary seek assistance from the referee at an appropriate time)

Do not coach from the score bench

Do not cheer excessively loudly

Be fair. Acknowledge good play by all players.

Junior Development Clinic Registrations are now open for the Club’s Junior Development Clinic for beginners. The program is aimed at children who are 8-yearsold, or turning 8 in 2012, who want to learn to play basketball without the pressure of joining a team before they have developed any skills. Our experienced and accredited junior development coach teaches children the basic skills of the game. At the end of the five sessions, the children will have developed sufficient skills to play in an under-9 team in the following season (numbers permitting). REGISTRATION: To register your child for the next clinic, simply


Thursday 31 May to Thursday 28 June 2012

Time: 4.30—5.30pm Place: Beaconsfield Primary School Cost:

$20 (includes a size 5 basketball and a drink bottle).

send an email to, giving your child's details including gender and date of birth. Please also include a land-line telephone number for contact. Alternatively, contact Dennis Wilkinson on 9707 1286. Registrations close 31 March 2012

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Boys’ Basketball Academy The Berwick Boys’ Basketball Academy has been established to give boys the opportunity of developing their basketball skills and their confidence in the sport they love. Run by an experienced Coach with recognised Level 2 Coaching Certification, the five-week program will provide participants with practical learning experiences in all facets of the game.

Where, When and What Age The Academy is now taking registrations for Term 2, 2012 for boys born 2001, 2002 & 2003. All sessions will be held on Friday afternoons between 5:00 & 6:00 pm, at the St Michael’s Primary School Stadium (cnr of Scanlan & Bain Streets, Berwick—Melways Ref: 111 E8). Dates for Term 2 are: June: 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29.

Cost & Registration The cost for the six sessions is just $20. To register, send the completed registration form (at right) with payment by cheque or money order made payable to “Berwick Basketball Club” to: Dennis Wilkinson 3 Mansell Court, Berwick, Vic, 3806 Registration form and payment in cash may also be delivered to the above address.

Closing Date: 11 April 2012 For further details, please call Dennis on 9707 1286.

What to bring Participants should bring a size 6 basketball and a drink.

Registration Form Berwick Boys Basketball Academy Return this registration form to: Dennis Wilkinson, 3 Mansell Court, Berwick. Child’s Name: _____________________________ Child’s Date of Birth: ________________________ Parents’ Names: ____________________________ Address: __________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________ Email: ____________________________________ I wish to enrol my son in the Term 2, 2012 Academy. I understand that this Academy is designed for boys who turn 9, 10, or 11 years of age during 2012, and that children outside of these age groups may not be accepted. I understand that the Academy does not provide player insurance, and that this should be arranged at my own discretion. I understand that acceptance into the Academy sessions does not constitute a commitment by the Berwick Basketball Club to place my son into a Club team. I attach my registration payment ($20). Signed: ____________________________________ Date: _____________________________________ Get the knowledge. Get the Team Work. Get the Results


Presentation Night is coming!

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SEABL IS BACK! The SEABL season 2012 is about to get underway. The SEABL competition is Australia's premier winter basketball league and provides a great opportunity for youngsters to see pro-players s in action. It’s fast, skilful and exciting. The Dandenong Rangers’ Men’s and Women's play their first home games on Sunday 18 March. Having won the championship in 2010 and 2011 the women will be looking to make it three in row this year. With tickets just $15 for a family of four, it’s fantastic, affordable entertainment! Tickets for all Rangers’ home games are available at the door on game-day

DANDENONG SOLO RANGERS MEN Sun Mar 18 Sun Mar 25 Sun Apr 1 Thu Apr 12

2:00 pm 2:00 pm 2:00 pm 8:30 pm

Dandenong Vs Nunawading Dandenong Vs NW Tasmania Dandenong Vs Canberra Dandenong Vs Knox

Sat Apr 21 Sun Apr 29

7:30 pm 2:00 pm

Dandenong Vs Bendigo Dandenong Vs Sandringham

Sat May 5 Sun May 27 Sat Jun 23 Sat Jun 30 Thu Jul 5 Sat Jul 14 Sat Jul 21 Sat Aug 11

7:30 pm 12:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 8:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm

Dandenong Vs Brisbane Dandenong Vs Mt Gambier Dandenong Vs Geelong Dandenong Vs Kilsyth Dandenong Vs Frankston Dandenong Vs Albury/Wodonga Dandenong Vs Hobart Dandenong Vs Ballarat

Sun Mar 18 DANDENONG Sun Mar 25 SCHWEPPES Sun Apr 1 RANGERS WOMEN Thu Apr 12 Sat Apr 21 Sun Apr 29 Sat May 5 Sat Jun 23 Sat Jun 30 Thu Jul 5 Sat Jul 14 Sat Jul 21 Sat Aug 11



Children U/6 $2 Family


Season pass Adult




Family (2 adults +3 children) $180 Concession


12:00 pm 12:00 pm 12:00 pm 6:30 pm 5:30 pm 12:00 pm

Dandenong Vs Nunawading Dandenong Vs Launceston Dandenong Vs Canberra Dandenong Vs Knox Dandenong Vs Bendigo Dandenong Vs Sandringham

5:30 pm 5:30 pm 5:30 pm 6:30 pm 5:30 pm 5:30 pm 5:30 pm

Dandenong Vs Brisbane Dandenong Vs Geelong Dandenong Vs Kilsyth Dandenong Vs Frankston Dandenong Vs Albury/Wodonga Dandenong Vs Hobart Dandenong Vs Ballarat


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New Registration Process As mentioned in the President’s Report, the club is moving to a new registration and fee collection process. Before the end of each season, team managers will distribute a registration form and invoice to team members. Those who intend to continue playing in the next season will be required to complete the form and return it to the club by the due date. PayJust remember these three steps: ment of the fees either with the registration 1. Complete your form form or by bank transfer will confirm a 2. Return it to the team manager or a player’s place in a team. committee member This process will improve the way we collect 3. Pay your fees. and manage our membership data, and streamline team entry and the collection of And you’re done! You can relax and enjoy fees. the next season of basketball! New-look uniform trial The club is trialling a new style of uniform. The colour and logo design of the new-style uniform will essentially be the same as our current uniform, but the big difference will the in the fabric which is much lighter. The tops will also be reversible, with a white “clash strip” on the inside. The logo and number will be “sublimated”, that is dyed into the fabric rather than stitched on, so they won’t come off with repeated washing and wear. In the next few weeks we will have one of our boys’ teams and one of our girls’ teams testing the new uniforms for comfort. If the trial is successful, we anticipate new style becoming available from early in winter season. It should be noted that it will not be compulsory to buy a new uniform. The design has been approved by the DBA as being sufficiently close to our current uniform, which means teams will be permitted to have players in either uniform, allowing the new style to be phased in gradually. More information will be available in the next edition of Rebound.

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Playing Safely: Sports injury prevention & treatment

Calf Strain The Gastrocnemius (Calf muscle) is commonly injured in sports with require quick acceleration from a stationary position and quick halts in movement. Functional anatomy The Gastrocnemius is one of the superficial muscles of the lower leg. Often referred to as the Calf muscle, it is located behind the tibia (shin bone) and works across both the knee and ankle joints. It extends from the base of the femur (thigh bone) behind the knee, to the calcaneus (heel bone). The muscle inserts into the Achilles Tendon along with other muscles. The muscle's main roles are to plantar flex the foot (point toes away from yourself) and to assist in flexing (bending) the knee.. Causes of injury The Gastrocnemius is commonly injured in sports which require quick acceleration from a stationary position and quick halts in movement. In many such cases the injury is caused through sudden eccentric overstretch (ie: the muscle is contracted yet lengthening forcibly and abruptly). An example of this is when an athlete runs onto a kerb and the ankle drops suddenly into dorsiflexion (point toes toward your- Initial treatment The immediate treatment of any soft tissue injury self). consists of the RICER protocol—Rest, Ice, ComSigns and symptoms pression, Elevation and Referral. The RICER proGastrocnemius strains are graded according to their tocol should be followed for 48-72 hours. The aim severity. Their severity will affect the amount of is to reduce the bleeding and damage in the muscle. time taken to return to sport. Strains to the Gas- The leg should be rested in an elevated position with trocnemius are graded into three categories, like an ice pack applied for 20 minutes every two hours other muscular strains (see table): (never apply ice directly to the skin). A compression bandage should be applied to limit bleeding and Grade Symptoms Average time to return to sport swelling in the injured area. 1

Sharp pain (during or after activity), may be unable to continue activity

10-12 days


Unable to continue activity

16-21 days


Severe pain at junction Approx 6 months if between Achilles Ten- surgery is required don and belly of the muscle

The No HARM protocol should also be applied— no Heat, no Alcohol, no Running or activity, and no Massage. All these will lead to increased swelling and bleeding in the injured area, After the first 72 hours have been spent resting, more active treatment and rehabilitation can be started. In addition to RICER and No HARM, a first aid treatment for a low grade Gastrocnemius strain may also include gentle stretching.


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A torn or strained Gastrocnemius is a painful condi- References tion that should be addressed carefully to avoid reBrukner P, Khan K. Clinical Sports Medicine currence of the injury. Revised Second Edition. McGraw Hill Australia Pty Ltd 2002 Rehabilitation As pain decreases, gentle exercise and stretching can Zuluaga M et al. Sports Physiotherapy Applied usually begin in addition to physiotherapy treatment. Science and Practice. Pearson Professional Rehabilitation should be conducted with caution and (Australia) Pty Ltd 1995 under the supervision of a sports medicine profes- Kolt GS, Snyder-Mackler L. Physical Therapies in sional due to the risk of injury recurrence. Recovery Sport and Exercise. Elsevier Science Limited 2003 Arnheim DD. Modern Principles of Athletic can often be quite a slow process. Training. Times Mirror/Mosby College Printing Prevention 1989 Stretching and muscle strengthening may assist in the prevention of injury or recurrence of the injury. Ac- Acknowledgements This fact sheet was produced by Sports Medicine tivities such as calf raises are typically used in these Australia—Victorian Branch and funded by Sport circumstances. This may gradually include weights or and Recreation Victoria. Sports Medicine Austraadditional resistance over time. lia—Victorian Branch wishes to thank the Sports Medicine Practitioners who provided expert feedback in the development of this fact sheet. (Reproduced with permission)

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NEWSLETTER Page 13 2012

Coaches’ Corner: Drill sheet No. 8



Fast Breaks — News in brief UNIFORMS FOR SALE Two uniforms in good condition. Size Medium : Singlet number 5 Size Large : Singlet number 13 $30 each Contact Annie 0405 926 320

DON’T FORGET TO FIND US ON FACEBOOK Follow this link: http:// to go to our page and when you get there, click You can also go to our Club’s website, scroll to the bottom of any page and click the link.

UNIFORM FOR SALE BBC Uniform Ladies’ size Small, #42. Very good condition. Cost: $30 Contact Sue 0401 031 043

UNIFORM CO-ORDINATOR A reminder that Mandy Dines is now our uniform co-ordinator. For new orders or enquiries, or for clash-tops, contact Mandy on 0419 892 897.

Coaches and team managers can post messages about their teams, such as news of a great win or a milestone event of one of their players. All members are welcome to post comments and add photos to the wall, but please remember we are a junior basketball club. The site will be moderated and any inappropriate comments or images will be promptly removed and the person responsible WILL BE BLOCKED from posting in the future.

PRESENTATION NIGHT DISCO Our annual presentation event for the under-9s to under-16s is coming up. This year it will be a disco night at the Berwick Leisure Centre, on Saturday 17 March. Parents are encouraged to stay – there will be tables and chairs for you, and free tea and coffee – and to bring snacks and refreshments, but no alcohol please.

Sponsorship Opportunity Become a Club Sponsor! Promote your business in this newsletter and on our website. Contact Alison 0407 090 493 or at

RITCHIE’S COMMUNITY BENEFIT CARD Do you regularly shop at Ritchie’s? If you do, you can support your club by having a Community Benefit Card linked to the Berwick Basketball Club. Ritchie’s will donate a percentage of total purchases to our Club each month. Community Benefit Card holders can also now receive notification of late-week specials by MMS/ SMS directly to your mobile phone. New Community Benefit Cards already linked to BBC are available from our Uniform Co-ordinator, or pick one up next time you’re at Ritchie’s, but please remember to have it linked to the Club!

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Berwick Basketball Club Values RESPECT: The rules The referees Opponents Equipment & facilities Each other

GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Play by the rules Be prepared to lose sometimes Be a good sport Applaud good play by everyone

ENJOYMENT: Basketball is FUN!

Berwick Basketball Club, P.O Box 749, Berwick 3806 Web: Email:

Parkhill Plaza, Berwick

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