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Event App Engage your audience and create long-term conversations!

The benefits of an event app

Program guides started as a simple way to provide information to attendees. But improved technology brings new opportunities. Real-time content delivery has become essential for attendees, especially now when more than 87% of business travelers own and use a mobile device (QuickMobile 2014). When properly embedded into the event lifecycle, event apps provide a unique platform for engaging with your audience year-round.

• Gain a competitive advantage and use one application for multiple events; providing content to an existing audience and saving on IT costs. • Let attendees become part of the event by sharing perspectives and content on social media that expand the experience for others (Cvent 2012) • Maximize attendee engagement, which translates into higher quality meetings, better feedback and a stronger connection with your brand (QuickMobile 2013). • Improve your events’ return on investment while boosting value and improved experience for attendees (QuickMobile 2014) • Provide attendees with information about the event in an easy and engaging manner, which is important to the overall experience.

“Event apps offer powerful ways to facilitate communication and engagement between attendees before, during and after the event.” – QuickMobile 2013

Taking a mobile first strategy

imgZine (pronounced imagine) offers a mobile platform for producing smart and real-time Event Apps, based on your existing content. The platform is inspired by the success of digital magazines like Flipboard, Pulse and Zite, as well as traditional print magazines. This combination translates into a more engaging and personalized experience for your attendees. Building on business intelligence and analytics imgZine offers key insights for you.

• Get in front of your audience with engaging content • Communicate real-time (and last-minute) changes to attendees • Manage your app easily • Personalized schedule • Release your publication in multiple platforms: iOS, Android, Windows and (mobile) web • Get a standardized solution

Boost retention with year-round communications

Success in retaining event attendees will make your job easier next year. Launching a real-time event magazine now will help ensure continued growth of your event fundraising program year-over-year. With an engaging and personalized event platform you are able to maintain your relationship with fundraisers, volunteers and attendees after the event is over.

Returning participants may outperform new participants by over

6 times

- Blackbaud 2012

Application Features

Our Event Apps contain a variety of features, including: • Personalized schedules

• Offline reading

• Locations of the event

• Dashboard/analytics • Real time updates

on a map • Authentication

• Multiple languages

• Participants list

• Notifications

• Social media feeds

• Push messages

• Social sharing

• Beautiful design

“With the massive adoption of mobile devices, companies embrace the opportunities to make their events more effective, productive and engaging.” – Patrick Payne, QuickMobile

Engage your audience and let events become year round conversations! Event apps provide a powerful way to engage and connect with audiences before, during and after events, making your meeting the central point of a yearlong conversation. With imgZine’s platform you are able to deliver relevant and real-time content, building upon the previous year’s experience and creating expectations for future events. Start looking at the long tail today!

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imgZine Event App Brochure  
imgZine Event App Brochure