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Zoo Volume One: Noonday. Issue one. The Recruit.

By Bert Jerred

Zoo is to be the story of a secret space exploration program that began in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War and predates the NASA program. Irving Aberdeen, an Engineering student at UNM-Albuquerque, gets a job interview in San Antonio, where he hopes to become a researcher in the Fuels division of a major R&D lab. Aberdeen soon finds himself immersed in a secret global rivalry where oil and politics, science and nationalism, and a raging debate over the sanctity of life itself threaten to make him an accomplice in one of the most heinous crimes in history.

The General Plot of Issue One. This is the text upon which our concept artist based her drawings.

1953. Irving Aberdeen is an Engineering student at University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Through a reference by one of his professors, Aberdeen gets a job interview at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. Aberdeen travels by bus. At a gas station in Roswell, New Mexico, he sees something strange: a looming, mechanical figure darting over a distant hill. Intrigued, he makes his way toward the large, fenced-off area through which the figure seemed to move. Two men meet him at the fence and knock him unconscious. When he regains consciousness, Aberdeen finds himself restricted to a table in a cold observation room. His head is in pain, and his right hand is bandaged. Several figures watch him from a window as he fades back into unconsciousness. Again, Aberdeen regains his consciousness, though now he is in a field beside an old Saudi man. Nearby, Aberdeen sees the mechanical creature he had glimpsed at the gas station. He asks the old man what is happening, but receives no answer. Again, Aberdeen blacks out. Finally, Irving awakens on the hot bus, which has arrived in San Antonio. Disconcerted, but convinced that he had been hallucinating or dreaming, Aberdeen exits the bus. There, awaiting him by name, are the two men who had knocked him unconscious in Roswell.

Figure 1. Artist Carrie Goldsworthy with Bert Jerred

Figure 2. Carrie with Bill DeForest, designer

Figure 3. Poster by Benjamin Jerred, pictured with son, Henry.

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Š2012 by Charles Herbert Jerred III

Zoo Storyboards  

Here are the storyboards for the first issue of a comic series I am developing. Zoo is the story of a secret space exploration program.