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I N T E R N AT I O N A L YA C H T B R O K E R S Hatteras 85’ CMY

$895,000 Lymington

Unmistakable lines from Hargrave, she was born as a 77’ and lengthened of late to a delightful 85’ – which gives her so much more – everything... Built for the European market, she has nice cycles and volts, also comes with new MTUs, paint, interior fit et al – this yacht has had the works! Fully walk round, so as rare as a gnu and at a price that is overly modest.

Moonen 58’

£415,000 Lymington

With range enough for a cruise of our solar system, built by the Dutch masters at Moonen in 1993. Her layout is just the job for her owners and a brace of guests. She has been treasured by a succession of smitten owners and has timeless good looks that will still look the business 20 years hence – up to the minute fashion statement she ain’t.

Hatteras 52’ CMY

£229,950 Lymington

Tardis or what? Can she really be only 52 feet! Astonishing downstairs and acres of space upstairs – completely perfect for cruising and just the job for very serious parties. Twin 650hp Detroits and skipper polished. Her price tag considerably smaller than a semi in Bridlington

Aquastar 47’

£295,000 Lymington

Aquastar supply the roughty toughty good looks, Ken Freivokh does the civilised innards. Twin 480hp Volvos provide take off in the 20s. For a blue yacht she comes with an embarrassment of double beds, voluminous flybridge and stacks of sunbathing space. Function yet still fab.

1 | WINTER COLLECTION 2012 – 2013

Nauticat 521

£295,000 Lymington

Substantial S&S cruising yacht conceived for Nautor, but made flesh brilliantly, by SIltala. From 1991, her early life saw very little use but her current sailors have brought her to life with elbow grease and cheque book. She comes with push button rig, powerful sailing, a proper deck saloon and an epic engine room. Also gleams.

Ludwig Saxe 53’

£225,000 Lymington

Does what it says on the tin, rugged, dependable, never mind the rock ‘n roll, mile eater from 1988 that comes with a deck saloon from which to watch the oceans glide past. This owner has flexed it – she has had the works and is ready to sail. Just the job for chatting to polar bears or for communing with pelicans.

51’ Huisman Ketch

265,000 Lymington

Laurent Giles, Huisman and Moodys from Swanwick in the glory days, she launched 1971. Of tin, she enjoyed a major rebuild 2008 in Holland, she combines the charm of her original build with all the advantages that come with modern kit and kaboodle. Useable and captivating ketch that is good to go.

Aquastar 118 Ocean Star

£130,000 Lymington

As only really the kiddies from Guernsey can – go anywhere, never mind the weather, tough as you like it, clockwork yacht from 1998. Twin 260hp Volvos supply the rocket power. Also comes with interior volume that will seriously impress Jill.

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Mainsail 618

€1,295,000 + VAT Lymington

Handsome Van de Stadt that was welded Down Under in 2005 specifically for planet circuits. Mega nautical makeover in the USA in 2009, she is gleaming from zatch to guggle. Very superior rat race escape capsule par excellence and now in Blighty to jolly well be sold.

Vallicelli 65’

€485,000 West Mediterranean

Pukka sailors’ yacht that was conceived and built for fast, heart pumping performance in the Med, yet comes with all the creature comforts too. From 2003, VR Yachts deliver a simple deck layout (no teak decks to pander to – how fab is that?) and comfortable innards in airy oak. Huge yacht, mini ask.

Farr 64’ Pilot House

£850,000 Palma de Mallorca

From the board of the main man, she comes with uber smart gunmetal livery, carbon spar and push button everything for easy, express sailing. From 2005, Design Unlimited breathed on her interior 2009 – it is – epic. Skipper maintained, proper pilot house from which to watch it all happen and the head turning is free.

Oyster 56’ G5

£775,000 Lymington

From 2007, from Humphreys and Oyster combo – she rocks... Proper yachtsman’s Oyster with nice non-furley rig and proper sailing layout downstairs. Maple innards, masses of widgets and a recent price reduction specifically arranged to aid your cheque writing hand.



Golfe-Juan France

Shipman 63’

€1,500,000 West Mediterranean

Mile muncher extraordinaire from the board of J&J in 2009. Comes with carbon this and pre-preg that – all of which ensures she’s strong as an ox yet as light as a feather. Great innards, good wardrobe for the cup collection thing and epic good looks – she has row away appeal in spades.

63’ Vennekens Kotter

€590,000 South of France

4 wheel drive motor yacht with humungous range, born in Holland where they know a bit about yacht building. From 1992, she has everything from stabilisers to watertight bulkheads and all the other bluewater kerfuffle. Please check the seriously malnourished ask.

Maiora 24S

€1,400,000 20m Starkel Custom South of France

Most excellent Italiana Yachts creation from 2005 with 1,500 MTUs for effortless as well as express take off. Comes with absolutely all the creature comforts and includes a Mediterranean spec of hairy mammoth preportions – however the sun glasses, bikinis, mankinis are we’re afraid, all extra...

San Lorenzo 72’

3 | WINTER COLLECTION 2012 – 2013

Wizard and very contemporary lines from Studio Starkel, built with flair by Azzura in 2002. Imaginative and practical innards, sparkling sailing and a deck saloon from which to watch her progress around our planet. Bella barca – as they say in her land of birth.

€900,000 X-482 South of France

2001 comfort rocketship with 1,300 MANs which can achieve rapid take-off should the duty throttle operative wish. Perfect innards for family cruising and comes with stacks of room for the downstairs troops too. Maintained to the nth, vast amounts of clockwork yacht for your buck.

€790,000 West Mediterranean

€225,000 South of France

Still with her first owner, she hatched 1999, never raced (well maybe a bit!), rallied or put away remotely wet. Polished and covered when not at sea, perfect for the ‘trim, trim’ brigade, also jolly nice with G&T. Owners are swallowing the anchor, so please make us an offer...


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Najad 511

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$590,000 Fort Lauderdale

New age Najad from 2007 with a shallow keel to give her an altogether better dimension. Push button everything and funky electric davits. Owner would like her sold – a recent price tumble indicates this wish – seriously smart magic carpet material of both quality and width!

Swan 46’Mk II

$325,000 Kittery ME

Charming German Frers from 1991, she is one of the last of the sisterhood to hatch. Has always had the Gucci treatment in this ownership, she has been their full time home afloat for the last 10 years. Management now decrees that she is to be replaced with an on-land laundry room (house attached of course)!

Omega Custom 46’

$259,000 Easton MD

No question of a production yacht – she was custom built for her first sailor in 2002. Comes with epic Ron Holland good looks. A proper yachtsmans’ yacht, most systems are handraulic for easy use and maintenance. Better known in the old continent, a bobby bargain awaits some lucky Omega aficionado.

Najad 440 CC

$500,000 Newbury Port MA

Fast and furious from Judel/Vrolijk, she sailed from her place of birth to the US of A and didn’t miss a beat. Born 2006 and fully caboodled for 2 handed planet circuits. The project completed, her owner’s would like to play more golf – your chariot awaits.

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27m Custom Schooner

£425,000 South Coast UK

A little ship with surprising innards – the chaps who built the good Doctor’s tardis could learn a thing or 2! Built 1991, still with her original yachtsman, she is offered apres a makeover of wallet blenching preportions 2012. Vast amounts of rat race escape capsule to the £.

Hylas 54’ Pilot House

£325,000 Lymington

Drawn by the magician himself – her Frers good looks are unmistakable – and she’s slippery beneath the scenes too. Don’t be distracted by the teak innards, push button rig, aircon and coffee maker – this yacht is all sailing machine... From 2001, all offers and suggestions within the bounds of decency welcomed, as her owner wishes to dispose.

Trintella 47’

£345,000 Lymington

Unmistakable Ron Holland, the best of Trintella in 1997, she looks uber modern today. Unbreakable of SCRIMP, no surprise the 47’ won every prize in the book. With a proper pilothouse, 3 fab cabins, incredible build and powerful sailing. Comes with new blue Awlgrip livery that’s only just dry – for the 2013 season – your carriage awaits.

60’ Camper & Nicholson

£299,000 East Mediterranean

Drop dead gorgeous Georgetti Magrini built in Blighty. Of tin, born in 1985 and maintained to Lloyds 100A1 from the beginning. Astonishing yachtmans’ yacht, owner now busy sailing a desk hence she must be sold.


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I N T E R N AT I O N A L YA C H T B R O K E R S Challenge 72’

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£650,000 + VAT East UK

Probably the most famous of the fab 10 who circuited the planet against prevailing winds and currents (no, we can’t imagine why either...), she did it again solo with only Dee Caffari for company. Now tooled up for high latitude, loves growlers, puffins and polar bears – naturally


£99,950 Lymington

Neils Jeppesen magic, she hatched in 1998. Little used, X-Yachts created an awesome cruiser racer with a thoroughly sensible layout which is massively little people friendly. Comes with plenty of wow as well as a survey which is so current that the ink is only just dry.

Sweden Yachts 390

£199,950 Lymington

The magic is provided by Norlin & Ostmann, the wizard build from Sweden and the spit and polish from our very own Berthon Boat Company. Hatched 2005, this is the closest you will get to a new Sweden, she is in simply epic shape. Also sails like an absolute witch.

Contest 45’CS

£395,000 East Mediterranean

New age Contest from 2007, as a sailing yacht she’s a blast, of course the legendary Contest attention to detail and build quality is all there is spades too. Built for blue water – she has all the bells and flutes for planet circuits. 45’ of no compromise Dutch cruising yacht – definitely a benchmark yacht, ready to roll, why settle for less?

5 | WINTER COLLECTION 2012 – 2013

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Swan 51’

€280,000 West Mediterranean

Pukka Frers Swan, she was the 1,000th of the sisterhood to launch so was always rather special. From 1981, this owner has undertaken a truck to keel rework making her the best of class on the planet – period. Owner is now swallowing the anchor – she must be sold.

Swan 48’

£325,000 Lymington

Genuine cruising Swan, her current original owners haven’t played at it – she has a circumnavigation and more beneath her keel – ’though from her shape you’d never guess. From 1998, thoughtful touches from Nautor at build for bluewater, iconic cruiser racer who’s also managed some cup collection on her way around the globe.

Sweden Yachts 45’

£285,000 + VAT Lymington

Massively highly widgeted in 2001, a 45’ who thinks that she’s 70’ – much of the detailing below decks and above comes straight out of the Sweden 70’ spec. Furling everything, cherished from hatch, her owner’s fleet reduction programme dictates a sale.

Sweden 390

£169,950 Lymington

Never raced, rallied or put away wet, from 1994 – she glistens. Nice wing keel gives her a slightly different dimension. Owner’s TLC is much in evidence as well as the obvious signs of enthusiastic cheque writing through life. Her sailing performance guarantees a smile from ear to ear.

Berthon Lymington Marina Offering 280 deepwater, well-protected berths for yachts up to 45m (150ft) LOA in the Georgian town of Lymington on the West Solent close to Hurst Castle and the Needles. Lymington has long been a haven for mariners the world over as it benefits from double tides and a stunning approach up though the widely curving Solent. • Everything you need for an overnight stay or a permanent base for your yacht • Ample turning space and wide, stable pontoons • Full yacht valet services • Full range of maintenance and repair services • Short walk to Lymington high street where there are many restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, chandlers and a Saturday street market • Easy access via land or water to Cowes, Hamble, Beaulieu, Newtown, Yarmouth, Hurst Castle and Alum Bay • On the doorstep of the New Forest, 145 square miles of ancient woodland and heathland • Easy access to the Salt Marsh nature reserve with a number of rare species of plant and a wide variety of migratory and breeding birds • 40 minutes from Southampton International Airport, 90 minutes from Heathrow • 12 hours sailing from the French coast • Train access to London and the rest of the UK and Europe

* Marina, Shipyard and labour prices held



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83’5” Feadship

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€795,000 Northern Europe

Iconic Gentlemans’ motoryacht from Holland’s finest. From 1958 with massive range – Transatlantic passages are just not a worry. Nautical makeover of mammoth preportions by Dutch Classic yacht doctors Dorr Lemmer 2007 and cherished ever since – she is unique.

Ocean 80’

£595,000 South Coast UK

OCEAN LEOPARD the one and only, has just tipped up in Blighty where she is now available for you to see, touch and write a cheque for. Originally born in 1988, an illustrious career on both the race track and circuiting the planet, she has also had a rebuild a few seasons since involving many truckloads of splosh. Definitely a legend, her greatest modesty is most certainly, her price.

Discovery 55’

From £420,000 + VAT Lying UK and internationally

As the preferred brokers for Discovery Yachts we offer a selection of Discovery 55’s in a choice of age, specification and also colour. The Discovery 55’ is a phenomenan - contact us for all the griff and discover (as our friends in Marchwood are fond of saying) the difference...

Oyster 53’

£465,000 Lymington

Immensely superior crustacean, still with her original fishermen, she first left the shell in 2003. Totally spoodled for blue water, she has an Atlantic circuit beneath her keel, but you’d never have thought it – she glisters. Perfect for planetary expeditions and comes with uber flash oak innards.

Multihulls from Berthon Alliaura Privilege 585

$990,000 + VAT East Mediterranean

Superior bluewater cruising yacht that comes with a massive widget list as well as a spare hull! Hatched 2006, multihull magician Marc Lombard provides the blueprint and Alliaura take care of the outstanding build, massive innards and smart beechwood joinery. Also hurtles...

7 | WINTER COLLECTION 2012 – 2013

Alliaura Privilege 745

$3,000,000 + VAT Mediterranean

Cool to the point of freezing, multihull – she’s got a bridge! From 2008, as tardis’s go, the good Doctor has a great deal to learn! Comes with 2 of most things, achieves massively rapid take off and is perfect for serious planet circuits. With a draft of 7’2” you get in most places, she comes with a carbon rig and the sailing is massively civilised – sailing on your ear is a concept that just doesn’t figure.

Berthon Winter Collection, 2012-2013  

Berthon are pleased to present this Winter Collection of yachts for sale to you ranging from sail, to power to classic listings. We hope tha...