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Gig Guide January / February 2013

The Buzz Is Back Steve Diggle of The Buzzcocks returns Also Featuring: Too Petty Rock Regeneration Reviews Strange Doors Your Snapshot Competition Bootleg Boss Chris Farlowe The Correspondents

From The Jam

Great Pretender

Cuban Brothers


Hello Kypsters, And so we reach the end of 2012. It’s been a difficult year in some ways, a fantastic one in others. As always we have been stunned by the sheer excellence of the performers, with some hugely memorable nights taking place over the past twelve months.

Macka B, Simon Townshend, Space Ritual, Dreadzone, Mark Chadwick, Mad Dog McRae, The Zombies, Miles & Erica Wonderstuff, The Buzzcocks, Bad Manners, The Hoosiers, Pigeon Detectives, Reel Big Fish, Tracer, Zion Train and Gentlemans Dub Club. Just a few of the awesome acts who have graced our stage in 2012. We are really proud to have not only a venue which attracts some fantastic artists, but one which is supported by such a wonderful bunch of people. Small venues survive on the will of their customers, and it is thanks largely to you guys coming along that we are still here today. Looking into 2013 and we have some great bands already in the book. Steve Diggle from The Buzzcocks is coming back, The Correspondents return, The Cuban Brothers make their Kyps debut and some of our favourite tributes are back including The Great Pretender and T-Rextasy. We look forward to joining you on the dancefloor. Bert, Ralph, Kyp and Co.

Dreadzone at Mr Kyps (c) J Marshall

Back on June 1st, Mr Kyps hosted a sold out show which will go down in the clubs history. The Buzzcocks played to a packed room and put on a show to remind anyone who may have forgotten why they are true legends of the British music scene. Come 16th February we welcome guitarist and vocalist Mr Steve Diggle back to Poole. He was first introduced to bandmate Pete Shelley in 1976 by Sex Pistols manager Malcolm Mclaren. At none other than the infamous 76’ Lesser Free Trade Hall Pistols show, the beginnings of The Buzzcocks were as punk as you can get. The Buzzcocks are responsible for some songs ever written, Ever Fallen In Love, name a few. Combined with the name they have been honoured ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’. said once that without The or Radiohead, and this show Joan Armatrading!”

of the most iconic British punk Orgasm Addict and Promises to of the well known Pistols album by the long running TV series Host of the show Mark Lamarr Buzzcocks “there’d be no Smiths would be called Never Mind

This raw intimate acoustic show will see the man himself perform a wide array of Buzzcocks classics, tell a few anecdotes and reassure you that in the day and age of the X-Factor, there are still true musicians out there who write fantastic songs, put on great performances and still believe in using the power of music for the greater good.

Tom Petty, along with his band The Heartbreakers, is one of the legendary figures in rock history. 80 million records sold, a Greatest Hits album that’s sold over 10 million copies, he remains hugely popular around the world and in the UK, shown by the recent selling out of two nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall literally in minutes. Recreating the classic songs, the musicianship, and incredible live shows is a new tribute band, Too Petty – A Tribute to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Featuring members of the UK’s first and best Fleetwood Mac tribute act, Fleetwood Bac, Too Petty has the same attention to detail, and commitment to authentically recreate the live experience of a Petty show. Songs include Free Falling, Refugee, Into The Great Wide Open, American Girl, Don’t Come Around Here No More, Mary Jane’s Last Dance, I Won’t Back Down, Running Down A Dream, Learning To Fly and many more.

Local purveyors of psychedelic space-

One great thing about our local music scene is the fluidity in which musicians jump rock Uncle Pablo’s Magic Potion are between bands. This creates a really exciting situation whereby one talented performer something ofstylings. a supergroup Al can show off various musical One such situation .is Comprising with Fish Out Of Water. AdamWhitney Phillips, usually(Bass on vocal -duties with ASP and Ash Gannicott The Blues Machine Roadkill BBQ), JonofKearley have (Guitar combined with–others to create somethingTom very different and exciting. Neon Tigers), Burgess (Drums

– Eden Shadow) and

Fronted by female vocalist Jenny Sutcliffe, Lee Lambeck vothe band have been describedon as a Pentangle / Fairport Convention cross. The folk sound cals, the quartet is certainly different from anything we have were brought toheard these guys play before and it works. It works really well. Once again Bournemouth musicians have come together and formed a band which have some real potential. Come and witness for yourself as they support Strange Doors, 19th Jan, Mr Kyps.

Fusion Performing Arts is an exciting new school coming to Lower Parkstone, Poole in January 2013. They will be opening their doors to all rising stars in the premises of the long established Mr Kyps in Ashley Cross. Fusion will deliver the highest standard of musical theatre, acting, singing, ballet, modern, tap, jazz, street/hip hop, audition preparation to children and adults. Fusion is proud to boast a faculty of highly skilled and experienced teachers. The school Principal, Kristin Williams is a qualified ISTD teacher who was trained by Elizabeth Harrison (vice chairman of the ISTD Ballet Faculty). She will be teaching ballet, modern, tap, musical theatre and jazz. Exlis Staddon from Pure Funk will be teaching street/hip hop to children and adults. Maria Marra is a LAMDA qualified acting and singing teacher who will be co-ordinating the acting, singing and musical theatre lessons. Fusion will also be holding dance and acting workshops with guest teachers, including Amy Butterfield from Pineapple Studios, and Chris Jarman from BBC and films. The opening times will be term-time Monday - Thursday and Saturday. Please contact Fusion Performing Arts for a registration form and to arrange a free trial lesson on 07725 846339.

Bruce Foxton is a part of the English Rock and Roll establishment. A musician who is most commonly recognised as the bass player in legendary The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers. In The Jam, he and drummer Rick Buckler were the driving force, power and rhythm section behind singer, guitarist, and songwriter Paul Weller. Bruce’s versatility is evident, taking lead vocals on David Watts (The Kinks) and News Of The World, which was one from his own catalogue of compositions Now touring with From The Jam, Bruce is ably joined on drums by Mark Brzezicki (Big Country) and Russell Hastings takes on the vocal duties, putting on a show that even Weller would be slightly envious of. This really is a chance to see the masters at work, and hear some great timeless tunes!

The NME stated in a writeup that “They look and sound so convincing that I start to forget that we’re not about to interview the real Jim Morrison when they finish playing” The Strange Doors have perfected the music and image of The Doors, but what’s more suprising is the lengths they go to, replicating the entire Doors performance. On top of a set which features all the tracks you would want to hear, you get ad-libbed poetry, Jazzy organ solos and a certain air of unpredictability, which comes with the territory. Riders on the storm, The End, Light My Fire, L.A Woman are just a few of the tracks which pepper a setlist which highlights just how many massive hits The Doors had. The Strange Doors will take you on a journey into the severed garden... fires will be lit and lizards will be celebrated!


We have been asked many times to book a tribute to Bruce Springsteen. The problem came that it was really hard to find a group who could really nail the performance. Until now! Introducing Bootleg Boss. For the past 25 years The Bootleg Boss has been living and breathing the New Jersey landscape and perfecting the ultimate Springsteen tribute.

Backed by the ‘East Street Band’, the musicians who form the group are second to none. This is the real deal, with players who are at the top of their game. This show covers the entire of Bruce’s catalogue in a set which is bound to excite both dedicated long time superfans and the casual listener equally.

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What makes Freddie tick? We catch up with Steve Littlewood of The Great Pretender

Q) You’ve been playing Kyps for years now and have become somewhat of an institution here. What is your fondest memory of a Kyps show? A) The second time that we came to Kyps. Word had spread from our first visit and the room was packed. When we did radio gaga all we could see was a sea of clapping hands. We hadn’t been together long and it was the first time this had happened. We thought’s like being Queen!!! Q) When did you realise you would make a perfect Freddie Mercury? A) I used to work as a comedy and singing impressionist and did a little bit of Freddie in that show and it was always popular. It took a couple of years before I felt I’d got it right. Q) You personal top three favourite albums of all time? A) David Bowie - Changes / Arctic Monkeys - whatever people say I am - that’s what I’m not / Highway to hell - AC/DC Q) You go to great lengths to perfect the show, costume changes, wigs and of course the famous false teeth. How long did it take to get used to singing with the fake dentures? A) Once I’d discovered that they needed sticking in I was fine. I had them made by a dentist so they were a pretty good fit but they did fly out once on stage! Once they’re stuck in though there’s no budging them and it makes me open my mouth more when I sing just as Freddie had to. So they actually help me rather than hinder Q) Has anything ever gone hilariously wrong during one of your sets? A) The first time I wore my teeth was at Kyps. I didn’t tell the band, just ran on and smiled at them... that was funny ! Or the time in Switzerland that I splashed beer into the crowd and all 400 of them splashed us was raining lager! Q) Why should people come to see you at Kyps in February? A) Because it’s my birthday And we’ll be celebrating like never before !!

Named after a remote Hebridean town they’ve never been to, Oxford boys Stornoway combine string instruments and keyboards with a typical pop backline to deliver their own brand of alternative indie rock. The first ever unsigned band to make an apperance on Jools Holland in 2009 and the subsequent press attention has cemented them into the ‘must see’ category.

“It is clear this is a very special band indeed.” - The Guardian Their February tour will see them travel the length of the country, taking on 25 dates in support of the new album ‘Tales From Terra Firma’ . The band hark back to a simpler time, before our lives were taken over by social networking. NME say that “Stornoway sure make the idea of lobbing your iPhone into the sea and going feral sound idyllic.”

With endorsements coming from all original T-Rex band members and Marc Bolans family, you can be sure that T-Rextasy are of the utmost quality. When Marc Bolan passed away in 1977, the world mourned a great loss. Superfan ‘Danielz’ somehow managed to aquire the majority of Marc’s wardrobe and set about putting together the ultimate tribute to his favourite band. For the past 20 years the guys have been hitting the road spreading the T-Rex love, this show will be no exception and unmissable for any child of the revolution.

The Buzzcocks - Donna Kirby WINNING PHOTO- 2 Free Tickets To Any Show

tt Cox

yd - Bre Pick Flo

JJ Grey &

Mofro - G

raham Qu


s Marshall

lub- Jame mans Dub C


Joanne Shaw Taylor- Graham Quick

Neville Staple Band - James Marshall

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LIVE SHOW REVIEW : Adam Ant - O2 Academy Bournemouth

For those of us old enough to remember, it’s good to hear pre ”Kings of The Wild Frontier” material. Adam is energetic again tonight, resplendent in his stage attire as he uses every inch of the stage. Georgie to his right looks fantastic with some raunchy moves, while adding some subtle additional vocals. Occasional banter is exchanged with stories of song origins. “Cartrouble” and “Kick” are well received while Adam stays with songs of his early career including the excellent “Whip In My Valise”, describing it as the closest thing he’s written to a love song. Reviving a memory of days on set for the film Jubilee, Adam tells how he discovered a naked lady as he ventured upstairs, then launches into “Lady”, and set closer “Fall In”. It’s now that we really get the wall of sound created by this 6 piece. The shouts for “encore” are sparse. However, they come back for another 4 songs. Of these is the interesting “Rubber People”, having all the Punk energy and anger of his earlier material. Adam appears to really enjoy singing its fetishist lyrics. They leave with “Physical, (You’re So)” to rapturous applause. The band bow, then exit stage right for the last time. Another triumphant Mr. Kyps promoted show at the O2 Academy. 1 hour 40 minutes of nostalgia and entertainment. Words By Ross A Ferrone.

ALBUM REVIEW : Voodoo Vegas : The Rise Of Jimmy Silver

Many of the songs on this album have been performed live for sometime. But they have all been reworked with the benefit of some “Pedro Ferreira Magic” with added keys and some impressive guest vocals from Stevie Vann Lange. The album draws from plenty of rock influences while keeping to the bands trademark sound. Opener “King Without A Crown” gives the listener a taste of what’s ahead. Twin rock guitar, plenty of impressive solo’s from axeman Nick, and axewoman Meryl. While Lawrence’s powerful hard hitting vocals deliver in a big way. There are no fillers on this album, each well crafted song providing maximum entertainment with “Bullet”, “Mary Jane”, and “So Unkind” all set to become live anthems. The emotionally delivered “Lost In Confusion” shows Lawrence drawing on a bitter life experience. This powerful ballad features a catchy hook running along it’s backbone, providing something really special. As a single it will be welcomed as it gets well deserved airplay. In contrast “So Unkind” comes over as an angry rant at a partner, while the original guitar work is certainly something to be savoured matching the mood perfectly. The title track “Jimmy Silver” closes proceedings on a high - classic no nonsense rock, with layered guitars provide the firm foundation of this big anthem. Fans have waited six long years for this album, and yes, it was well worth the wait with nine songs that all have passion, emotion, and masses of energy. Words By Dave Chinery

The Correspondents

Mr Bruce and Chucks find it difficult to explain exactly what music they make. Into the mixing pot Chucks throws a history of dance music from Jazz to 60’s Beat, Electro to Dubstep to Drum’n’Bass, then back again. Seasoned with Mr Bruce’s vocals depicting the trials and errors of Love, Lust and Loss and there you have a menu to be devoured. Friday 1st March - £12

The Cuban Brothers

The Cuban Brothers are unique. Born of the loins of seventies Havana, nurtured on a diet of soulful, sexy tunes and inspired by Cuban historical fact and mythology their fresh approach to live entertainment whips up a frenzy at every gig. Their legendary performance combines music, riotous comedy, and sensational dancing. Friday 8th March - £14

Chris Farlowe

Chris Farlowe is widely regarded to have one of the best blues voices in the UK. More than 40 years after his number one smash hit, Out Of Time, 60s pop icon Chris Farlowe is still widely revered and his music continues to captivate his loyal and adoring fans. Friday 22nd March - £15

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Mr Kyps Magazine Jan/Feb 2013  

Mr Kyps Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

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