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Circumcision and rape, veil, polygamy, harems, forced marriage, forced obesity, dry sex, excision, honour crime, stoning, causality and correlation (French version: Circoncision et viol, mariage forcé, excision, voile, polygamie, crimes d'honneur, lapidation, "dry sex", obésité forcée, causalité et corrélation)

Statue vandalized in Sétif, Algeria, December 2017, by a sick Islamist

"Circumcision is where sex and violence first meet." Marilyn Milos "Any act of sexual penetration, whatever its nature, committed on the person by violence, constraint, threat or surprise is a rape." Article 222-23 of the French criminal code "Rape is punished by life criminal imprisonment and a 150 000 Euros fine when it is preceded, accompanied or followed by torture or acts of barbarity." Article 222-26 "Rape, as well as torture, entails particularly heavy psychotraumatic troubles. Under the effect of stress, so as the child may survive, the brain cracks up. People find themselves disconnected from their emotions, anesthetized, as if they became an empty envelope, a ghost of themselves.

2 According to American inquiries, that "dissociative amnesia", which impedes all wording, concerns between 35 and 40% of the victims of sexual violence in infancy." Muriel Salmona "What mothers do to their sons, their sons will do to women." Douglas MacArthur It is difficult to preach consent to men violated by the knife in their childhood with the complicity of their own mother! "Forced male new-born circumcision is, in essence, a honor crime too." Dan Bollinger, president of the ICGI (international Coalition for genital integrity) Honour crime, stoning, and rape is the worst revenge and compensation of circumcision.

Without going up to violence, some rare circumcised present a symptom of acute gynophobia, of which they even make a religion. So, some Hassidic Jews refuse all contact and proximity with women, refusing to stand alongside them in the street, buses an planes1. But gynophobia is a trite symptom of circumcision. It is explained by the fact that the mother is unconsciously considered as the great responsible for the mutilation. Indeed, fathers who order it the most often are themselves victims whereas mothers are not most of the time, so that the unconscious vengeance will bear upon women. The attachment of the child to the mother strengthens the phenomenon. In some cultures, mothers organize the "ceremony": "I live in a country where circumcision is widespread." In general, fathers do not take care of it and mothers organize the operation and ceremony. Victims of the patriarchal culture, it is a means of revenge against men. The child victim of the mutilation hates his mother, then his future wife, and reproduces violence. But in deist and agnostic circles we begin to give up that act of barbarity. " Francesco Evren Ă–zen on Facebook

Stoning (sensitive souls abstain) hc_ref=NEWSFEED

1 El Al flight from N.Y. delayed after ultra-orthodox men refuse to sit next to women.


Iran and Irak must be added to that map of excision, So, that of stoning is almost entirely included in it Once adults, boys who have been treated like objects will treat others, notably women, like objects or goods. Ordinary (slaps, spanking, humiliations) or extraordinary-


but-banalized (excision and circumcision), violence against the child teaches them the reason of the strongest and thus domination of women. Excision and circumcision are the height of that domestic violence. Since men have the power and physical strength, the social outcomes of circumcision are thousand times more serious than that of excision, which only produces individual damages. Speaking only of the consequences on women (we saw the planetary consequences elsewhere 2), circumcision pushes to honour crimes, stoning, rape, forced marriage (sexual slavery for life), as well as polygamy (present in the Jews till the XIVth century) and harems. Besides, circumcision is a complement of the last two institutions; in the presence of the eunuchs notably, it is a very efficient threat of castration towards the sons. Frequency of excision by country Benin (13% - 25% of Muslims), Burkina Faso (4% - 60% of Muslims), Cameroon (1% 21% of Muslims), Republic of Centre Africa (15% - 10% of Muslims), Ivory CĂ´te (36% 43% of Muslims), Gambia (76% - 90% of Muslims), north of Guinea (97% - 80% of Muslims), Guinea Bissau (45% - 50% of Muslims), Kenya (27% - 11% of Muslims), Mali (85% - 90% of Muslims), Mauritania (69% - 99% of Muslims), Nigeria (27% - 50% of Muslims), Uganda (1% - 12% of Muslims), Senegal (26% - 94% of Muslims), Sierra Leone (88% - 65% of Muslims), Tanzania (15% - 35% of Muslims), Togo (4% - 20% of Muslims), Chad (44% - 53% of Muslims). Added to excision, infibulation is practised in Djibouti, in Egypt, in a few regions of Ethiopia, in Mali, in Somalia, in the north of Sudan. On the psychological ground, the WHO asserts that studies suggest that exposure to violence during childhood multiplies by three or four times the likelihood of men perpetrating violence against intimate partners 3. Blind and unconscious trust in the parental modes explains that report. Parental violence generates an unconscious compulsion to repeat the trauma 4, in which the vengeance against parents is exerted on the following generation, in a veritable transgenerational and collective syndrome of Stockholm.

Bertaux-Navoiseau M. Violence and circumcision: genocides, wars, terrorism, the death penalty, excision 3 4 Van der Kolk B. The compulsion to repeat the trauma: re-enactment, revictimization, and masochism. Psychiatric clinics of North America 1989 ; XII (2) : 389-411. 2


Circumcision is a pillar of rape culture. The mother being complicit in the maiming torture, it seems that the circumcised have a tendency to take revenge on women for that betrayal. Strauss-Kahn, Ramadan, Weinstein, Polanski, Horovitz, Hofman, Allen, Hamilton, Piven, Toback, Affleck, Weiner, Ratner, Saad Lamjarred, Spacey, Louis C.K., Seagal, Fahad Al Hasni, Abdellatif Kechiche, Ibrahim Maalouf, etc., violated by knife in their infancy, rapists later on! According to several witnesses, Harvey Weinstein would pull the phones off the walls; isn't that a reliving of circumcision? The younger the person is, the more the situation is similar to that of circumcision. The trauma of circumcision generates crimes; it is a mitigating circumstance. In the XIVth century, the Jewish law formally abolished polygamy that enables a shameless domination of women but Islam perseveres with that medieval practice. Then, as brought to the fore by the tournantes ("turn-taking" or gang rape), domination and even hatred of women, materialized in the permissiveness of laws against rape when it is not in the punishment of the raped in countries of circumcision, and the tolerance of judges in the others, favour rape. It works for women too; Loth's daughter's raped their own father with the Bible's approval! Collective rape and touching associated with stealing (in KĂśln, two thirds were committed by North-Africans5), and rape in the presence of relatives, is particularly significant of revenge against circumcision; rapists unconsciously reproduce the conditions of the circumcision crime where the presence of the whole community hurts the modesty of the child. As well as for the festivities of circumcision, they accompany their misdeeds with laughter and songs. Le Monde Europe. Agressions de Cologne : la plupart des suspects ĂŠtaient marocains et algĂŠriens. 5


We shall see that there is a correlation between rape and circumcision. It can partly be explained by a physiological causality; the ablation of a major erogenous zone and the subsequent keratinization of the glans provoke an important loss of sensitivity. Autosexuality is rendered laborious, not very pleasant; circumcised Freud even thought it neurotizing. So, it may be thought that his circumcision is a factor of the sexual mores of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and notably of his penchant for orality and anality; the latter provides the circumcised the strong sensations that compensate for their loss of sensitivity. Not to speak about dry sex6, rape too brings them non-lubricated rubbing. Some, in order to obtain the pressure favourable to the deep massage of the glans that facilitates them to achieve orgasm, fatten up women from their young age, until obesity (Mauritania). Those "techniques" instrumentalize woman, reduced to the status of a pure object of the pleasure of those not gentle men, and, practically, of a substitute for the foreskin. The height of it is forced marriage. Finally, in polygamous societies, excision is the indispensable complement of circumcision. We have been here in causality but let us see what happens in practice. A remark from a journalist shows the narrowness of the link between circumcision and rape: "In addition to violating these women, the executioners introduce sharp objects of all kinds into the genitals of the victims." 7

And precisely, circumcision also introduces a sharp object into the genitals of the victims. That practice thus seem to be both a vengeance and a repetition of the trauma. "The veil has no other raison d'ĂŞtre than stigmatizing, discriminating and rank a part of humanity." NaĂŤm Bestandji

From the point of view of psychoanalysis, just as the kippa reminds the mutilation of the foreskin, so, the veil seems to constrain women to wear a symbol of the foreskins stolen from the sons with the complicity of their mothers. It has the same discriminatory function as circumcision. Statistics confirm those observations. The United Nations inquiry "The World's women 2015: trends and statistics" 8 atributes the African continent the world record of rape but does't it also hold that of circumcision? 6 Some like it "dry"! (a well hidden reason for excision) 7 8


The number of rapes reported in the USA, where the majority of males are circumcised: 2.1/1000 in 2010 (, is twice that of France (75.000 estimated per year (, i. e. 1.14/1000). And rape on campuses has become commonplace. Having obtained the prohibition of ethnic statistics, the anti-racists deprived us of the figures that alone could establish that reality. But the descendants of the Vikings are not lenient with pirates and Professor Ingfe Hofvander could report, in the XIth international symposium of NOCIRC that took place in Seattle in Summer 2006, that in Norway, 60% of the rapes were perpetrated by 2% of the population who are circumcised. That police statistic was confirmed a few years later: from 2005 to 2010, almost all rapes (83 out of 86 – 96,5%) were perpetrated by the minority of immigrants and 90% of the victims were native Norwegians9 ( v=I35gB2Y61HM). Some, sexist, took issue with it in order to incite their fellow countrywomen to veil all nudity. Similar events occurring in Sweden 10, 11, the sharia seems to penetrate Scandinavian mores. 9 10



The German Home Office disclosed that in 2016, refugees or migrants perpetrated 95% of the rapes. The Democratic republic of Congo holds the world record for rape: 400 000 in a one year period. It is characteristic that the criminals frequently act in the presence of the whole family, like for their own circumcision! The only mass feminicide in the planet has been perpetrated for years in Congo, Christian and circumcised at 97% (DRC)12 (). But those are ethnic statistics and we shall be accused of racism since the alleged antiracists want to prevent racism whilst depriving us of the only possible means of information. Veiling one's face upon ethnic realities cannot fight racism. Denying them can only strengthen it. Rape as a weapon of war At last, rape, including rape by sexual mutilation (excision and circumcision), sometimes pushed to the extreme to sexual slavery, is now used as a weapon of war 13 (Africa, Middle-East, Kosovo), notably by the Turks against Armenians, by Boko Haram, Daesh and the Islamic State, in order to terrorize and traumatize the enemy, and even political opponents (Kadhafi). Mass rape was associated to the Rwandan genocide. It is practised in DRC. Circumcision makes men weapons of war; they use rape in order to traumatize entire populations. Men do not escape that compulsion; a report of the UNHCR exposed that generalized practice in Syria14. The same is true in Libya.

Conclusion The scene is grim. Once adults, children put under terror by circumcision terrorize the weaker in turn. They are only applying the law that their parents taught them: the reason of the mighty. 12 13 Bardet C. Le viol comme arme de guerre 14 11

Circumcision and rape, veil, polygamy, harems, forced marriage, etc, causality and correlation  

"Any act of sexual penetration, whatever its nature, committed on the person by violence, constraint, threat or surprise is a rape." Article...

Circumcision and rape, veil, polygamy, harems, forced marriage, etc, causality and correlation  

"Any act of sexual penetration, whatever its nature, committed on the person by violence, constraint, threat or surprise is a rape." Article...