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g of the blossomin stunning views st The scent and one of the mo ke springtime can llor Ma the almond trees ma oy in Mallorca. Enj beautiful season r own home. springtime at you ver / h Bloom’ All-o Clinique ‘Fres blossom Colour almond

/ 100% cotton try and Eastern block method. Pillow by Coun by traditional hand fabric, printed

lain / Perfume by Guer sive, My Insolence om notes, inten The almond bloss ine, patchouli, jasm sweet and pure vaand powdery Tonka beans fragrance a soft nilla, give this impression.

desire of the / Inspired by the warm evenings from Mallorca Flor d´Ametler g`s arrival, long days, light, sun, ance has a tites, this fragr mallorquien sprin of sensual appe including one ening of tion awak the tradi the and in ows ces, maintaining , depicting swall wide ride of essen and Swallow’,’ ond Blossom om. bloss nd almo paper frieze ‘Alm / Portion of wall almond blossom room: Delicate ired insp re nd. backgrou simple. Natu Soft, subtle and ches of pink blossom on a blue flying amidst bran

red by blosAnna Dove inspi ows. wallpaper by shad Hand painted petals and soft , floating pink som in the wind

dress up your bedia bed linen to e The Cenefa Fucs om´s colours / Zara Hom bloss room in almond

Adena Blanket e from Zara Hom

ond Blossom

Alm Lauren Bag in by Pipany

, the Branches

Vincent Van Gogh us painting by nds us of the famo rated room remi This hand-deco

with Almond

paint Blossom´. The

ing can be boug

ht as wallpaper,


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2011 | Mallorca, Spain

Graphic design | Berta Katona  

Berta Katona Graphic Design Webdesign Illustration