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I live in Terrassa, I was born in there. My full name is Jose Maria Corbi Delgado, im 14 years old .

My family consists of four members my mother my father my brother and me . My mother helps me a lot, My father is very friendly and let me go out with friends, and my brother is very heavy but loves me.

People say I'm very funny and to listen very well. Physically speaking, I'm fat I am 1.61m tall. I have green eyes. My hair is brown, I love having fun, I have a younger brother . I do not like the color black. I have many pets at home, I have two hamsters, two parakeets, and a wild bird caught him when he was a baby that fell from the nest. I had a turtle before but I had to give my uncle because it was too big. In my free time building houses in miniature. One of the things that make’s me fun are my friends

I learn English more , because I like and also the teacher it is very funny I love the color blue is why I have my blue room but is berry small I also like to decorate my room. I go to school Mont Perdut, some teachers very good and very happy I like my friends because they make me feel go od person I al so helped me a lot. The problem is that I get distracted a lot. My defect it is that when I get angry with someone I to forgive . People think ,I'm weird because I don't like football but they are wrong , I’m friendly and I like to be fun.

Corbi, Jose Mª