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My name is Khadija Krimi, I live in Terrassa (Barcelona), I am studying in INS Mont Perdut. I am a happy girl, very friendly with the persons , I like to make

Comentario [B1]: I think it is better to start a new paragraph here!

new friends of different countries and learn of his habits, and spend the moment with them_ when we do not have classe or only when I have homework and to to fun with

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them. I like the sports_ one of my favorite sports is the football and the basketball, I’m playing in a feminine soccer team and the truth is that we are a very good equipment _ we have gained many trophies in one year and I wait to continue with my equipment gaining trophies and to enjoy playing. I have curly_ brown_ hair almost black and short, my eyes are of brown strong color, I’m tall_ I measure 1,55m and ____ _____ 54k_ I like weight much the clothes and I like to dress well. The studies me have not gone good this year, but other years me have been OK, I believe that it is because every year _____ is more difficult and 3eso it is the most difficult_ ______ is the hardest part of this. I love retouching and use software to make videos with photos and

Comentario [B3]: This last sentence smells like you used Google translator!!!!  Comentario [B4]: This means a word is missing! Comentario [B5]: Do you mean “my marks haven’t been good last term”? Comentario [B6]: Do you mean “but in the past I did pretty well”? Comentario [B7]: I think it is better to start a new paragraph here.

background music_ My family always encouraged me to be the perfect girl for them, though it is a bit difficult for me to obtain it. In my spare time I get to facebook, and when I am not in facebook or with my friends I devote myself to make the photos in collage _____ i put them in pictures And I hang _____ in my room.

Comentario [B8]: Do you mean “I devote myself to taking photos at school, printing and hanging them in my room”?

Krimi, Khadija