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My full name is Laura Gonzalez Lao. I am 14 years old. I live in Terrassa. I’ve got one sister. Physically speaking I am 1,62m tall. I have brown eyes. My hair is brown and long. I usually wear glasses, jeans and this means a Word is missing shirt. I love wearing jewelry. I like makeup. I have style.

Go to Mont Perdut People say that I am happy. I’m educated with teachers. My teacher is Berta.

I learn English because I know that in the future I will need for my life. I like English because I can relate to people from other countries.

In my free time, I am with friends and chat. I like shopping, I buy myself lot of clothes. My favourite free time activity is basketball.

One of the things that makes me special is that I’m happy. I hate fake people and some food.

I love my dog

Defects Speaking about my defect: Impatient,caprisious,rude,angry and nervous. I’m an impatient person. I hate not being right. Sometimes I am slow to get things done.

Gonzalez, Laura