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Hi! My full name is Silvia Cerezo Leiva. I was born in Terrassa, and I live in Terrassa .

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Physically speaking I’m about 1,60m tall and a bit chubby. I have got brown eyes and straight brown hair too. Normally I make up, but sometimes I forget.

I usually wear ____ sweatshirt, jeans and trainers. My clothes are a little bit informal. People say that I’m very funny and shy. I hate the people who think that is more than you, and the people who lie. One of the things that make me special is that always I’m smiling. I learn English because I like it, and it’s very important for my future. In my free time I play basketball, or I meet my friends in the park.

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I love Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber. They are my perfect boys *-*. I love basketball too, ____ is my favorite sport. I also like listen ____ other music like Rihanna, One Direction, Chris Brown… Speaking about my defects_ I’m a bit shy, and when I’m with my friends I turn crazy! My best friends are: Estel, Paula, Miriam and Andrea. They are always with me, when I need it.

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Cerezo, Silvia