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They know that, as Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the highest return.” With their gifts for scholar­ ships, the general fund, buildings and more, our donors made generous investments in Berry students’ education this spring – investments that will one day benefit not only the individuals, but also society as our graduates enter the world to work and serve. The following gifts and pledges of $10,000 or more were made between March 16 and June 30 of this year. Thank you for your faithful support. Clinton G. and Doris Ames, $10,000 addition to the Clinton G. Ames Jr. Scholarship Anonymous, $25,000 to support the Georgia Dogwood Endowed Scholarship Anonymous, $19,000 addition to the Betty Anne Rouse Bell Endowed Scholarship Anonymous, $50,000 for the Tree Canopy Maintenance Fund Anonymous, $50,000 to the Chick-fil-A Renovations Fund D. Randolph and Nancy Berry and Joe and Marti Berry Walstad, $125,000 each for the David Randolph Berry and Thomas Berry Gate of Opportunity Scholarship Steven J. Cage (74C), $10,000 to support the general fund

Chick-fil-A Inc., $203,034 for the Chick-fil-A Scholarship Alton H. (61c) and Rebecca Browning (61C) Christopher, $10,000 for the Selma Hall Browning Memorial Gate of Opportunity Scholarship J. Mitchell (37H, 41C) and Cleone Elrod Jr., $10,000 for the J. Mitchell and Cleone Elrod Expendable Scholarship Georgia Independent College Association, $12,973 for the general fund Great American Insurance Company, $50,000 for the Steven J. Cage Athletic and Recreation Center in honor of Karen Holley Horrell (74C) Natholyn Dalton (61C) and Ronald Harris, established a land trust valued at $98,000 to ultimately support the Ronald and Natholyn Dalton Harris Endowed Scholarship Peter N. Henriksen (53H, 57C), $10,000 addition to the Cathleen Ann Henriksen Memorial Scholarship Julia Leverett Jones (61C), $10,000 addition to the 1961C Gate of Opportunity Endowed Scholarship Paul C. and Velma Smith Maddox Foundation, $14,000 for the Paul C. and Velma Smith Maddox Scholarship National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) Junior Membership Committee, $10,000 for the Tree Restoration Fund Nichols Trust, $10,000 for the Rudge Nichols Professorship Marlene S. Schneider (49H),

$30,000 to support the Samuel A. Henderson Endowed Scholarship Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, $15,000 to support the Steven J. Cage Athletic and Recreation Center Wiser Wealth Management Inc. and Casey (00C) and Angela Smith, $12,000 for the Berry Enterprise Venture Capital Fund C.B. Wright III (73C) and Janice Bracken Wright, $35,326 for the Steven J. Cage Athletic and Recreation Center

BEQUESTS The estate of Elizabeth Bray Duckworth (41C), $17,056 unrestricted bequest The estate of Therman B. Duckworth (41C), $24,378 unrestricted bequest The estate of Kenneth R. Fraley (59C), $135,442 unrestricted bequest The estate of Lawrence Huston, $90,000 unrestricted bequest The estate of Lucille Gilstrap West (50C), $421,274 for the Steven J. Cage Athletic and Recreation Center Ryan Smith (00C)





recognize its value. One trip to campus as a participant in Gene Clark’s Elderhostel program convinced the Pennsylvania native to invest in the institution and its students. In life, the Gettysburg College alumna and former chemist signaled her belief in Martha Berry’s vision for a life-changing educational experience with a $100,000 scholarship endowment. In death, her generosity was even more profound – an estate gift estimated to be in excess of $2 million. “Gifts of this nature are simply remarkable,” exclaimed Bettyann O’Neill, Berry’s vice president for advancement. “They truly illustrate the variety of ways in which the campus community can touch people and result in a legacy.” Editor’s Note: If you have made provisions for Berry students in your estate or are interested in discussing the potential benefits of planned giving, please contact senior planned giving officer Helen Lansing at 877-461-0039 (toll free) or BERRY MAGAZINE • FALL 2011


Berry Magazine - Fall 2011  

Berry Magazine - Fall 2011