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Where Do Diamonds Coming From? Have you ever wondered where loose diamonds come from? Where were they once buried deep in the earth, and how did they wind up set into beautiful pieces of jewelry? Diamonds are natural stones that are formed in the deep depths of the earth under extreme heat and tons of pressure. They are also the hardest known naturally formed material on the entire earth. They can be found in various parts of the world.

Diamonds are formed from pure carbon found underneath the earth’s continental crust at a depth of approximately 90 miles below the earth’s surface. It takes millions of years for loose diamonds to form. The heat needed to form the diamonds is in excess of 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit. Over the course of millions and millions of years, the diamonds are formed and slowly make their way to the earth’s top layer where they are eventually discovered by man. They work their way to the surface by being transported upward in hot magma; the material spewed out by active volcanoes when they erupt When men mine these precious stones they look for a rock known as kimberlite or lamproite; the rock that is formed when the magma from the erupted volcano finally cools. The kimberlite slowly erodes over time, and if there are loose diamonds inside of it, they’re carried away with the sediment and winds up in a basin-like formation in the earth. Diamonds can also be found inside glaciers. As the glacier drifts through the ocean, it may drift through an area where a volcano has erupted underneath the water’s surface. The glacier picks up the diamonds and in some cases, will transport the diamonds hundreds of thousands of mile away where they eventually drop from the glacier as it begins to melt. India was the number one place most of the world’s diamonds were mined for hundreds and hundreds of years. Because of this, the diamonds have mostly been depleted in this area of the world. Today, most of the world’s diamonds are mined in southern and central Africa. Other diamond mines are operated in Brazil, parts of

Canada and in Russia, and a high number of diamonds are mined in Northern and Western Australia. Approximately 49% of all loose diamonds that are mined in the world are mined in southern and central Africa. Once diamonds are mined from the earth, they are transported to other parts of the world, where they are cut and shaped into the beautiful diamonds. They are then appraised using a number of difference indicators such as the diamond’s clarity, hue, tone, and saturation, at which time they are given a specific value, and sent into the market place to be sold to wholesale and retail diamond buyers all over the world. Diamonds travel a long time, and cover a lot of ground before they are eventually discovered, and placed in beautiful settings for people to buy. The number one type of diamond jewelry people buy in today’s market place are diamond engagement rings.

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They are then appraised using a number of difference indicators such as the diamo hue, tone, and saturation, at which time they are given...