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“Arhya-Rose” Bernadette M. Crisostomo 1:05pm 19 May 2014

TABLE OF CONTENT Letter of Introduction/Prologue …………………1


What’s in a Name? ……………………………….2

Picture This …………..……………………………..29

Personal Alphabet ………………………………..3

Look Who I Look Up To……………………………30

Likes/Dislikes List………………………………...4 Remembering the Child…………………………….31 Sensory Experiences ……………………………..5 One Medium Suitcase……………………………….32 Metaphorical Definitions………………………...6 A Quality Personality…………………………….7

The Perfect Present………………………………….33

Color Your World………………………………..8

Memorable Event…………………………………....34

Room Sweet Room………………………………..9

How to ……………………………………………….35

Personal Metaphors…………………………….10

Always Say Never…………………………………...36

Extended Metaphors……………………………11

Are You Hungry?.......................................................37

Symbolic Recipe…………………………………12 Where I’m From……………………………………38 Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse…………………...13 Telling Tales……………………………………..14

Deck of 52……………………………………………39

Unfinished Sentences……………………………15

The Examined Life………………………………….40

Personal Symbol………………………………....16

Annual Report………………………………………41

Map of Life………………………………………17


A Mysterious Place……………………………...18

Visually Speaking…………………………….……..43

Synectics…………………………………………19 Lessons I Learned Too Late………………….…….44 A Day in the Life………………………………..20 The Door……………………………………….……45 These Words Belong to Me…………………….21 In Other Words………………………………...22

Advice to the Young……………….………….….…46


Who Am I?.................................................................47

Remembrance of Things Present……………..24

Rewarding Experiences………………………….....48

As Time Goes Bye-Bye………………………...25

Valuable Lessons………………………………...….49

My Own List of List.…………………………..26

Futures – Fantasy and Fact…………………..……50

Cheer Yourself Up!............................................27


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“PROLOGUE� My name is Bernadette MaryLou Crisostomo. I am 18 years old, born on December 25, 1995. I am a senior attending George Washington High School. I have had many goals in life and I have succeeded many of them. I have had many achievements in my high school period. I have had the privilege of being a council president for 2 years, traveling off island with the JROTC Unarmed Drill Team for the Golden Bear National Competition, and now a member of the National Honor Society for scholastic excellence, which is not going so well, but I am trying my best to get back on top of things. One of my goals in life was to be a mother. I never knew I would be a teenage mother, though. I had a different course in mind, but God had a different hand of cards for me. On March 12, 2014, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She came at 10:47pm that evening. She weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces at a height of 18 inches. I named her Arhya-Rose Melissia Crisostomo. Hence, my title. Arhya means everything to me. I live for her and I strive to do better in my life for her. My whole world, my life, has changed in so many ways. I have matured more and have a lot more to think about with each approaching decision I make because now my decisions in life do not only affect me, but my daughter as well. I plan to give my daughter every possible happiness and push myself to be the best mother I could possibly be! I can say juggling school and being a mother is challenging, but I am taking everything one step at a time and no matter what obstacles come my way, I will graduate. Everything I do is now not only for me, but my daughter as well and that is what I always keep in my conscience especially at my moments of weakness.

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“What’s in a Name?” Well, my first name is Bernadette. It sounds a little old fashioned, but it isn’t so bad. I mean I’m not in love with my name, but at least my parents gave me a “decent” name. My name was originally supposed to be “Rachel Rose” and here is the story behind it all. My real dad, or as I like to call him, my “sperm donor” had this Aunt. She was really nice to my mom. My mother was pregnant with me at a very young age. So, my grandmother wasn’t so pleasant about allowing her to continue living under her roof. So, my mom went to stay with my biological father. I guess at the time, my father had his Aunt living with him and his mom. His Aunt’s name was Bernadita. My mom says she was a lovely lady. She was very sweet and kind and always made my mom feel welcomed unlike my biological father’s mother. Well, my parents had already planned on naming me Rachel Rose, but something devastating happened. Bernadita passed away due to cancer. My mom loved her so much, she decided to name me after her. Not completely, but close. So, in honor of Bernadita, she named me Bernadette. I don’t love the name, but I don’t hate it either. It’s fine! At least she didn’t name me Bernadita, right?! My middle name comes from both my grandmothers, Mary and Lourdes. It isn’t so bad either. My mom put their names together to make MaryLou. I know she didn’t get along with both of them as much, but me being her first daughter, she felt a need to include them somehow. So, that’s the story of how my name came to be and my feelings about it.

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Respectful People

Cigarette Smoke

Ice cream


Red Velvet Cake


Sandy Beaches

Greedy People

Rollerblading Traveling

Mean, Rude People The Dark

Hanging out with Family

Public Restrooms

Singing to my Daughter



Social Studies

Warm Hugs


Hot Chocolate

Being Alone

Caramel Frappes

High Heels

Sunny, Windy Days

Dark Chocolate

Minnie Mouse

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Lima Beans

The Color Red

Long Lines



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“SENSORY EXPERIENCES” A DAY AT THE BEACH TASTE - Grilled BBQ Chicken - Crispy Potato Chips

TOUCH - Soft Sand - Cold, Salty Water SEE - Nice, Calm, Blue Ocean Waves - People walking around or swimming in the water SMELL - BBQ Smoke - Salty Ocean Water HEAR - Kids Laughing and Playing - The Wind Blowing Through the Trees

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“METAPHORICAL DEFINITIONS” HAPPINESS is a smile on a child’s face. SADNESS is a very rainy day. JOY is the laughter of family at a dinner table. LONELINESS is not having anyone to hug during a scary movie. FORGIVENESS is a hug after all the tears you’ve caused. LOVE is a mother holding her baby. PASSION is when your heart races for more. GLORY is when you smile for everyone to see. PRIDE is the king of the jungle stating his rank. PEACE is when there is no more war.

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“A QUALITY PERSONALITY” What is patience? or in this case who is Patience? Patience is gentle and sweet. It is calm and soothing. Patience is understanding and never hurts one’s heart. Patience is never mean. She always has time. Patience has time to listen. She never rushes through anything. She takes her time whether it is for herself or someone else. She is never rude or rowdy. She is very attentive. Patience is hard to find. She is rarely with other people. You only find Patience with a few. She is very rare, yet she is everywhere. Patience is golden!

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“COLOR YOUR WORLD” Yellow makes me happy when I’m feeling down, Pink is for my daughter, who takes away my frowns, Green is for recycling to help save the world, Blue is what boys wear to get the pretty girl, Orange is like the sun so bright, Black brings the darkness of night, Purple reminds of flowers in Spring, Gray does not show the joy life brings, White is like the snow that falls, And red is my favorite of them ALL!

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“ROOM SWEET ROOM” My room is set up and decorated all for my daughter. It consists of mostly pink things and Minnie Mouse decorations. In my room there are stars on the ceiling to bring some light so it will not seem so dark. On the walls, there are many little, pink baby decorations. I have bottles, ducks, safety pins, butterflies, hearts, and diapers all around my walls. I have pictures of Minnie and my family on the walls as well. My room is full of baby things. I have my daughter’s Minnie Mouse crib, bouncer, and swing. Along with her pink closet organizer and laundry bin. My room may sound simple and ordinary, but filled with everything my daughter needs, makes my room. It is all I need and I love coming home to my simple room. All the things in my room mean a great deal to me. These things are all somehow part of my daughter and I treasure that!

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“PERSONAL METAPHORS” 1. ANIMAL: butterfly 2. CAR: mustang 3. ARTICLE OF CLOTHING: jacket 4. DAY OF THE WEEK: Sunday 5. FOOD: pizza 6. COLOR: pink 7. MOVIE: A Walk to Remember 8. FRAGRANCE: strawberries 9. TYPE OF BUILDING: skyscraper 10.PLANT: aloe-vera 11.MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: piano 12.GEOMETRIC SHAPE: circle 13.PIECE OF FURNITURE: bed 14.SONG: ABC’s 15.SEASON OF THE YEAR: Summer 16.TELEVISION CHARACTER: Amy Jergins 17.CARTOON OR COMIC CHARACTER: Mulan 18.APPLIANCE OR MACHINERY: Generator 19.NATURAL PHENOMENON: tsunami 20.WORD: love

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“EXTENDED METAPHORS� 1. I am Sunday (day of the week) because Sunday is a family day. A day to attend church with your family then do something more together. It does not consist of work or worry, but for family. I believe that is why I am Sunday. 2. I am Pink (Color) because despite the fact that my favorite color is red, my daughter is full of pink. She has pink everything. She also turns pink when she is mad or happy. Which always brings happiness and joy to my heart. 3. I am Aloe-vera (plant) because I am always here to listen and give advice to try to heal the hurt. Whether I am here to place a bandage on a soar to protect and heal or men a matter of the heart. I am very helpful and understanding and I love to offer my advice and help. 4. I am a circle (geometric shape) because I am forever. I am never ending. If I die, my soul will live on forever. Through a memory or person. I plan to leave my footsteps somewhere on this Earth and people will forever remember my name. I will make history. GOAL: find the cure for Cancer. 5. I am Mulan (cartoon or comic character) because I am who I am. I am no one else and just like Mulan, I am not afraid to be who I am or stand up for what I believe in or what I truly want to do. I am my own person and no one can judge me, but myself. I choose who I want to be.

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“SYMBOLIC RECIPE� INGREDIENTS: red and pink food coloring, French Vanilla ice cream, Leadership, Patience, Courage, Intelligence, Honesty, Joy, Sweetness, Nice, Happy, and LOVE. PROCEDURES: 1. First you must take a big bowl and add 2 cups each of red and pink food coloring. (represents me and my daughter) 2. Next, you will need to add 20 cups of French Vanilla Ice cream. (my favorite) Mix it all up. 3. Add some 1 cup each of leadership, patience, courage, honesty, and intelligence into the mixture. 4. The mixture will start to look dark. That is when you must add 1 cup each of the joy. sweetness, nice, and happy glitters into the mix. 5. You need to pour the mixture into a baking pan and then sprinkle some love all over the top. Make sure you cover the whole surface. So feel free to add as much as you want. 6. Put the pan in the oven for 12 minutes and when the buzzer goes off, you have yourself a Bernadette :)

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“THE ULTIMATE ALL-PURPOSE EXCUSE” Mrs. Griffin, my reason for being tardy to class is because during lunch, I had eaten something which contained food poisoning. I know so sad for me. So, I went to the restroom and started throwing up. That is when the bell rang to head to your class. I wanted so badly to go, but then I passed by a doctor that was paying the school a visit to talk about his career and he suggested I go see the nurse before returning to class. What a coincidence, huh? So, at the nurse, she gave me this special pill that suddenly made me feel way better. That is why I look fine right now. Lucky me. I decided to start heading back to class when I passed a student in the hallway who had fallen down and scraped his knee so I had to help because I don’t want bad karma, especially when I just became very lucky. So, I carried them to the nurse to get all bandaged up. I also helped him back to his class because he was just in so much pain. After, I started to head to your class when suddenly my tardy excuse flew out of my hand. I began to chase it. When I was about to pick it off the ground, a dog grabbed it. I chased after it for awhile because I know how you always look for excuse notes when tardy or absent. After awhile, I decided to give up because I don’t want to have to walk all the way back to the nurse for fatigue and dehydration. Smart choice right? So that is truly my reason for not having an excuse note for being tardy Mrs. Griffin and I would go and get another, but on the way back to your class, I looked back and saw the nurse drive away in the car so there is really no use for me to walk all the way back to the nurse’s office if she isn’t even there, but you can believe me. I swear I am not lying :)

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“TELLING TALES” My family tale is not really one of the happiest, but I swear I was happy despite the fact. Every family has it’s own struggles, but everything is alright as long as they stick together. My mother was a teenage mother as well. She did not get much help from her family. But she always tried her best to make the most of everything. She never liked to let us know when she was sad or struggling. I was only third grade at the time. It was Summer time. The weather was beautiful and the beaches were the best place to be. My mom and dad had got a big red tent from a friend. It looked like a house. It was big enough to fit my parents, me and my two brothers. My mom, dad, fourth grade brother, me, and my second grade brother, we always stuck together. I remember camping all the time. It was so fun. We would always go swimming together, BBQ, have campfires, and just spend all our time together. Only now did I learn that we were actually living at the beach a tent. I swear I never knew. I guess my parents were that good at hiding our struggles and just wanted to keep us smiling and of course that is what we did. Come on, what kid doesn’t want to go camping everyday. Despite the fact of knowing now, I could swear I was nothing, but happy that Summer. It was actually one of my happiest times in my life. My parents are two of the strongest people I know and I will forever love them!

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“UNFINISHED SENTENCES” 1. I usually worry about my daughter all day. I wonder if she is okay and being well taken care of. I worry that she is sad because she thinks I left her to do something better. I just want her to know I love her so much and if I could, I would spend my whole day with her. 2. I feel angry when people tell me what to do, or how to think, or what to say, and whatnot. I am my own person and I have a brain of my own so I can do that all myself. 3. I’m moody when people wake me up from a very good sleep. I am only not angry when my daughter wakes me up in the night. I love waking up to my daughter. 4. I’m happiest when I wake up to my beautiful daughter and I it’s a weekend so I get to spend the whole day with them. I wish I could be with my daughter all day every day. 5. I feel confident when I study hard for a test and I know I have the knowledge of everything that will possibly be on a test, quiz, or exam. 6. I feel frustrated when I do not understand something, especially when it comes to my Trigonometry Honors class. I love math and I get so frustrated when I do not understand a lesson. 7. I feel depressed when I have a lot of school work and I can’t go straight to spending time with my daughter without worrying about the work I need to get done. That’s why I am so happy it is the end of the school year. 8. I am comfortable when I go to bed knowing my daughter i safely in her crib and she is out of harms way. 9. I feel nervous when I go to doctor appointments with my daughter and I do not know answers to some questions because my mother is the one with my daughter all day. It just makes me think that the doctor is thinking I am a bad mother because I, myself, do not know the answers to their questions. 10. I feel sentimental when my daughter is sleeping in my arms. I can’t help but get emotional thinking that she is all mine. I cry tears of joy and I sing to her dedicated songs from my heart.

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“PERSONAL SYMBOL” I cherish my daughter’s photo album. It holds so many memories from the first day she came into this world to today. She is only 2 months old, but that album holds so much despite its age. My daughter is who makes me who I am today that is why I choose her photo album because if ever I forgot who I am or why I am the person I am today, all I have to do is open up her photo album and look through it. I gave up who I used to be for her and I would do anything for her. I will place everything into that album to remind me of all the choices I have made and will make and the whole reason why I made those choices. Arhya-Rose is my princess, my life, my world, my everything and I do not plan on missing any big events in her life or mine to document into her photo album to show her everything one day. I want to show her that even though life was hard, I got through it and she was a big part of who I am today and how I got to where I am.

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“MAP OF LIFE” 1995- Birth 1996- First steps and first words 1999- First day of school (Head Start) 2006- 5th grade promotion 2008- joined Agueda Johnston Middle School Kulu Natibu Dance Squad and got inducted into the National Junior Honor Society 2009- Became treasurer for the dance squad and class president 2010- 8th grade promotion and became class of 2k14 class president 2011 to 2012- re- elected for class of 2k14 class president 2013- Went to California to represent the GWHS Aces Unarmed Drill team at the Golden Bear National Competition and won Nationals 2014- The birth of my beautiful daughter, Arhya-Rose and soon…. GRADUATION!

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“A MYSTERIOUS PLACE” The scariest yet most magical place I have ever encountered is the surgery room where I would deliver my daughter, Arhya-Rose. I was terrified and excited at the same time. The lights were so bright and it was freezing in the room. You see the table where I would be laying on and a small table where all the props to deliver my daughter lay. Now, imagine. I am getting a c- section so imagine how I felt seeing those laying there. Next I sat up on the operation table so they could give me my epidural shot. I am insanely afraid of needles. I absolutely hate them. All I see is the nurse preparing the needle in front of me and the one thing that catches my eye is it’s long pointy tip. I am immediately alarmed and scared. I remembering staring up at that bright light for what seemed like hours, but were really only minutes waiting to hear my daughter’s cries. That all you really pray to hear in a delivery room, isn’t it? I am suddenly brought to excitement when I hear her and I am no longer afraid. They take do their procedures and make sure everything is okay with her then as I stay laying there on the operation table, paralyzed from my lower chest down, while they finish their c- section procedures, I am full of joy as they bring my daughter toward my face and suddenly the whole world is at peace. That room is the scariest, yet happiest place I have ever been! Thinking back to how frightened I was for that day, I suddenly realize that the anxiety and excitement over powered all that fear and I thank God everyday that upon entering that mysterious room, unaware of what will happen, I am glad I got to experience everything.

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“SYNECTICS” 1. Which is wiser? A pen or pencil? * A pencil because if you make a mistake or change your mind about something, you can always erase. 2. Which is easier to teach? A question or an answer? * A question because to get an answer, you must first understand the question. So you can not really get the answer without first learning what the question is asking. 3. Which is like a contest? A cloud or a sunset? * I would say a sunset because we are racing against time. No matter what, the sun must set. 4. Which is more fearful? New or old? * New because it is not easy for people to adapt to new things so they would rather stick to what they are used to. 5. Which is braver? An hour or a year? * I say a year because it’s like love. It takes a lot of courage to wait for a long time for something or someone to return. 6. Which has more pride? An entrance or an exit? * I believe an entrance because you must enter confident of who you are and to fight the temptations of pretending to be someone you are not. 7. Which is like a legend? a mirror or glass? * Glass because no matter what, the picture in the mirror will disappear as long as there is nothing in front of it. 8. Which is more suspenseful? rain or snow? * Rain because you do not know if it was actually meant to be snow. 9. Which is more useful? A friend or an enemy? * Many people say enemy, but I say friend because if you have a friend, you will always have someone by your side. 10. Which is sadder? Seek or find? * I say find because what you find is not always what you expected after searching for so long.

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“A DAY IN LIFE” Bernadette Crisostomo, an 18 year old teenage girl, woke up on the beautiful morning of March 12, 2014, not knowing what was ahead of her. She continued her usual day. Breakfast, lunch, follow her mom to pick up her dad, then dinner. Well, on their way to pick up her dad, they decided to stop by McDonald’s. Then, when they got home she started to feel contractions. Once the contractions were too much too bear, she decided to go into the hospital. She took a shower, got everything she would need and then her mother and boyfriend drove her to GMH. When they arrived, she was taken into the preparation room where her contractions would be monitored. She lay there while the doctors prepared everything for her csection delivery of her daughter. When everything was set, the doctors rolled her to the operation room, gave her her epidural shot and then began the c- section. At 10:47pm, her daughter was safely delivered and taken to the nursery to be taken care of by nurses until the next day. This was the happiest day of her life. She named her daughter, Arhya-Rose Melissia Crisostomo and from that day on, she knew her life would be complete as long as she had her daughter by her side!

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“THESE WORDS BELONG TO ME” 1. Courage: Bravery; to stand up for your beliefs * I am one who displays much courage 2. Love: What makes the world go round and brings peace * I have so much love to give 3. Daughter: female offspring of a human mother * My daughter means everything to me 4. Family: Persons who care a lot about each other and love one another * My family s what keeps me going and makes me believe I am a wonderful mother 5. Peace: Unity without violence * My dream is for world peace with no violence whatsoever 6. Loyalty: Honesty towards another * I am one who is easy to trust 7. Service: Help for nothing in return * I have given so much service for which I ask for nothing in return 8. Intelligence: Knowledge * I have learned so much throughout my 18 years of life 9. Destiny: Who you are meant to be or what you are meant to do * I believe my daughter is my destiny, and I was put on earth for her 10. Laughter: Happy feeling and letting out happy sound from the mouth * My daughter’s laughter brings me complete happiness and nothing sounds better than that.

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“IN OTHER WORDS” ** “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” -Søren Kierkegaard ** “If you do what you need, you’re surviving. If you do what you want, you’re living.” -Unknown ** “One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.” -John Green ** “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” -Soren Kierkegaard ** “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” -Thomas A. Edison ** “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” -Pablo Picasso ** “The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.” -Marjorie Pay Hinckley ** “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” -Steve Jobs ** “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson ** “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -Marilyn Monroe

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“FLASHBACK” By reading my previous pages, you are bound to already know that my daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn’t trade anything to have it any other way. So, if I could relive an event in my life, it would be the day my daughter was born. Time seems to be flying now.I feel like just yesterday I was going into labor and now my daughter is 2 months old. I now understand that song “Don’t Blink”. It makes so much sense now. Time is going by in a blink of an eye and I just wish there was some way to slow it down. All I could really do is make the moments last and make the time we have now count. Live every moment to its fullest and never waste any given time.I really do wish that I could go back and relive my delivery day though…

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“REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PRESENT” I wish to remember… - My daughter’s baby smell - Her baby laughter - Her baby years in general - School - Classmates - Teachers - Old friends and lost friends - Projects - Walks to school - Living under the same roof as my siblings - My mom cooking, cleaning, and doing my laundry - 4:30 am Alarm clocks - No responsibilities - Mistakes and Life lessons - Big events and accomplishments - My daughter’s delivery - Sundays - Free days - Mall days with my friends - My daughter’s tiny-ness - My youth

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“AS TIME GOES BYE-BYE” As time goes bye-bye… I would like to write a farewell letter to youth. We must say goodbye to no responsibilities, say goodbye to school, say goodbye to free days, goodbye to friends going away for school, goodbye to being a kid. Now is the time for all that we learned in school and all our teachers and parents have been preparing us for to be put to good use. This is our time to truly grow and learn. We use all our mistakes and life lessons to guide us towards the right paths and to make the right choices. Now is our time to truly prove ourselves. To prove that we did not go through all of that and learn all of that for nothing. To prove that we were not a waste of time. There are some benefits though. We get to say goodbye to the late night assignments, homework, projects, 10 page reports, 3D models, etc. We do not have to worry about that, but now is the real test. Yes, we do not get grades in the same way. It’s more like now if you fail, then you fail. YOU ARE FIRED. There is no retake or make up for missed days. This is the real thing. Say goodbye to what we thought was hard because now, we are the heads of our own lives and no one is there to push us in the right directions anymore. All we have is ourselves to guide us. Goodbye youth, and HELLO to adulthood!

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“MY OWN LISTS OF LISTS” 1. People who have influenced me… ** My mother, father, teachers, Grandmother, ROTC instructors, and my Dance teacher. 2. Places that make me happy.. ** My room, the library, the mall, my grandma’s house, Hotels, and waterparks. 3. Places I would like to go… ** The Taj Mahal, the grand canyon, Africa, Mt. Everest, the Eifel Tower, and the Collosseum. 4. Things in people which I like… ** honesty, friendliness, kind, good influencer, soft-hearted, and understanding. 5. Things in people which I dislike… ** lying, bullying, rude, vulgar language, disrespect, mean. 6. Things that worry me… ** death, time, money, life, homework, projects, and tests. 7. Things I would like to know how to do… ** origami, play piano, cook, cure cancer, surf, and ventriloquize. 8. Things that have moved me… ** relay for life, walk for life, church, my daughter, my family, and christmas drop box. 9. Ideas that intrigued me… ** homeless shelters, soup kitchens, coastal cleanup, cambodian children’s fund, science fairs, and recycling. 10. My personal favorites… ** family, ice cream, pizza, church, ROTC, and singing.

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2. watermelon mouth 3. singing out loud 4. pulling a prank on a friend 5. Ridiculous hairstyles 6. different color nails 7. clown face 8. playing twister with socks on our hands 9. playing “yo mamma…” 10.water balloon fight filled with paint 11.mud fight with funky masks 12.wet trampoline coloring swimming pool 14.dressing up like weird characters and acting like them 15.watching cartoons while doing homework 16.singing love songs while being thrown whip cream 17.pie throwing with worms 18.relay race with bags on your head 19.going to the store with your shoes tied together 20.making my daughter laugh while doing funny faces

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“METAMORPHOSIS” I used laugh but now I yawn I used to hold a toy but now I hold a book I used to play but now I sleep I used to be a princess but now I am a student I used to be a pencil but now I am a pen I used to be print but now I am cursive I used to be a crayon but now I am an oil pastel I used to be a coloring page but now I am a test I used to be a children’s book but now I am a report I used to be a drawing but now I am a powerpoint I used to be a tootoo but now I am slacks I used to be sandals but now I am high heels I used to be a nursery rhyme but now I am a limerick I used to be a cartoon but now I am a documentary I used to be a child but now I am a mother…

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This image brings peace to my mind. It was taken at a perfect timing and is such a beautiful view. The first thing that pops to my mind is my daughter. I wish to one day show my daughter such a beautiful sight. I would love to spend a moment like this with her. It seems really special and I hope to one day fulfill this. This image has beautiful colors and beautiful lighting. The photographer could not have chosen a better setting for a sunset like that. Sunsets always look beautiful near the water, or ocean to be exact. The photographer really catched the beauty of this time of day…


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“LOOK WHO I LOOK UP TO� I look up to Susan B. Anthony. She was convinced by her work for temperance that women needed the vote if they were to influence public affairs. She is a big part of the reason why women are equal to men and now we have the right to vote. She is what started the 19th amendment movement. I look up to her for showing courage and confidence for standing up for all women and what should be our rights as well. I look up to Barack Obama for showing his great leadership and proving he could do anything despite his fact of standing out. I look up to him because he gave many people hope and faith that they too, can get somewhere big. It took a lot of confidence to show that he can stand out and be a good leader. He also had a lot to prove and I believe Obama will bring us somewhere big. I look up to God for all things I may encounter in life. I believe he will guide me down the right paths and show me the right way. I believe he is always watching over me and will bless me along my endeavors in life. I am part of the Catholic faith that one day we will be united again and happiness will surround and that is what I believe until that day comes.

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“REMEMBERING THE CHILD” As a toddler people thought of me as a cheerful child. I always found a way to lighten the mood. Everyone says there was never a dull moment with me. I was so full of life and laughter and I brought the room to life. A quiet room would turn to laughter and a room full of anger would turn to smiles. Everyone loved my company because I was a joy to have around. I was not a mischievous child. I was very helpful and interested. I loved to learn and help people. I would help bake a cake, or watch my dad work on a car. Learning things came easily for me and I loved to learn anything and everything. I also enjoyed reading and singing. My grandmother and I would always sing Karaoke after school. She would also teach me the Chamorro songs. I loved to read, of course it was not those chapter books yet, but whatever I could read, I was reading it. I also wanted to learn to cultural dance. I wasn’t good, but I didn’t give up. That’s another thing. If I didn’t get something, I still continued trying. As a child, I was also very soft-hearted. If someone was sad, I always tended to cry with them. I could feel their sorrow and pain and I just wished I could take it all away. Well, as far as anything goes, everyone says I was a wonderful child, and I was never to out of hand. So, they didn’t mind having me around if I needed a babysitter. :)

Page 32

“ONE MEDIUM SUITCASE” If I was leaving home forever, all I would pack was what I need for my daughter because of course if I am leaving, she has to leave too. I would pack her photo album, because I need that to keep all the memories and make sure we don’t forget any special events. I would take her favorite blanket because she really cannot sleep without it. She loves it. I would pack all our important documents like Social Security cards, Birth Certificates, Identification Cards, etc. In case we plan to fly somewhere later when we have the money and passports. For me, I would pack a couple pairs of clothes for both of us to start us off because we can not carry much things with the limited space. I would need to pack her some pampers and wipes, her infant medicine, and baby powder and soap. I do not know how long our journey will take to the next destination so I must pack Arhya’s essentials. I believe that is all that could fit so that concludes my packing list for a medium sized suitcase.

Page 33

“THE PERFECT PRESENT” Mrs. Griffin, do not get me wrong, you are a wonderful teacher. In fact you are one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had out of my whole years of education. You are very prompt, organized, and you have such passion for your profession, not many teachers have that. Most teachers want to just get the lesson over and done with whether the student understands or not. If I could ask of one gift from you, it would be relaxation. I ask for relaxation. I love your class and I have learned so much. I mean, I have learned SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH. I mean I just wish for a break, even if it were just a tiny break and I am pretty sure the rest of my classmates are on board with me. I mean, honestly this wish came so late. It is already the end of the school year. This week is literally the last week and this is the last assignment so it’s literally useless for me to state my wish, but here it is for you anyways. Think of your future students and my wish :) Overall, it was a pleasure having you as an English teacher. The most part of it was really fun and I have learned a lot. Thank you.

Page 34


An event that is very memorable is my National Honor Society Fear Factor Retreat. It was honestly a really fun day. We had ice breakers, relay races, team building activities, and even a food fight after. I did not participate in the food fight or relay races because I was already almost eight months into my pregnancy, but it was really fun to watch everyone else do all the challenges and have fun. Everything was a success and enjoyment besides the fact that my feet were so swollen and my body was so fatigued.

Page 35

“HOW TO…” How to FAIL a bubble in test on PURPOSE!!! 1. First totally forget to put your name on the paper 2. Do not include the date or period either 3. Use a red pen to answer all the questions 4. BUT to answer them, close your eyes and scribble anywhere 5. If you choose not to color in with your eyes close, then write over the bubbles in print

Page 36

“ALWAYS SAY NEVER” *Books -NONE *Places -Public restroom *People -NONE *Never do again -Clean a restroom, Drink coconut juice, Eat seafood I honestly have yet to read a boring book. So far, all books I have read are pretty interesting. Places I hate and wish I NEVER had to go back to are public restrooms, but sometimes you just can’t hold it in. I also do not hate anyone so I don’t wish to never see anyone ever again. Things I wish I never had done and hope to never do again is clean a restroom. That is one of the filthiest places ever. Also, drink coconut juice and eat seafood. Both of those things just taste horrible.

Page 37

“ARE YOU HUNGRY� My favorite meal I would have to say is a huge hamburger with french fries. Well, that is what it is at the moment. I would get a nice, big, fluffy hamburger bun and heat it up. Next I would spread some creamy mayonaise on both buns. Next, I would add a nice slice of juicy tomato along with pickles and nice crispy lettuce. Lastly, a nice BBQed patty. For condiments, I would add some ketchup and tobasco only then I am good to go. That is my perfect meal.

Page 38

“WHERE AM I FROM” - Family - trongkon niyok - Respect - Give respect for respect to be given to you… - Amen your elderly - Guam - Church These are some words that brought me to where I am today. I always put family before anything. Family always comes first. The coconut tree is a plant that has been in my culture for a long time. It is part of survival because it is a fruit that provided coconut meat and juice. Respect is something, in my family, that you learn as a child and it continues on. To amen the elder is also something you learn as a child. No matter how old you get, you must always amen your elderly. Guam is where I was born and raised to this day and my family believes in God and the church.

Page 39


Hearts- 13 LOVES * Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Pets, Friends, Teachers, Aunties, Uncles, God parents, Step parents, and God.

Spades- 13 FAILURES * Grades, Losing friends, Tests, Quizzes, Exams, Projects, Homework Assignments, Classwork, Permit, Cooking exams, 3D Models, Paintings, and Drawings.

Clubs- 13 SUCCESSIONS * NHS, Council President, Recycling, On-island ROTC champions, National Champions, Captain Rank, Ribbons and awards, A- honor roll, Poetry contest, Cultural dance Audition, ASVAB score, Treasurer for dance squad, and Secretary for NJHS.

Diamonds- 13 NICE TIMES * Birth a daughter, first date, first kiss, award ceremony, laughter, Parties, Festival, Parades, Carnivals, Six flags, Universal Studios, church, and family.

Page 40

“THE EXAMINED LIFE� >>> Best things about me :) * Friendly * Nice * Kind * Sweet * Kind-hearted * Open-minded * Easy going * Intelligent * Understanding * Optimistic * Eager to learn * Reach to achieve my goals

>>> Faults about me :( * Shy at times * Stubborn * Impatient at times * Procrastinator * vulgar language at times * Insecure * Unorganized

Page 41

“ANNUAL REPORT� Honestly a year ago, I was very different. I have changed a lot through the past three years actually. My freshman year, I was always on top of everything. My grades were amazing. My sophomore year hit and when my parents split up, I felt as if my world fell apart. I did not care much about anything and I slowly started going downhill. My grades dropped, I was not as active in my council, and I did some bad things and hung out with the wrong crowd. I did many things that I am not proud of today. My junior year I slowly started to put myself together. That is how I got accepted into the National Honor Society. This year I hit a big bump when I got pregnant and missed 5 weeks of school. My brain got lazy and I procrastinated a lot. I do not regret my daughter though. I love her to the moon and back. Right now, I am slowly trying to get back on the horse and am pushing myself to graduate on time. My attendance is really bad which was never before but I will check up on that. Basically, I am just trying to strive to graduate at this time and raise my beautiful daughter at the same time.

Page 42


The little girls, they love to play Laugh and jump and sing all day They are best friends as friends can be They have imagination that no one can see They sing songs of laughter and joy And don’t like to play with little boys They all have smiles oh so bright You can’t help but smile at the sight They are what fill this world with love Little girls are gifts from up above…

Page 43


Page 44

“Lessons I’ve Learned After I was too Late” A lesson I always seem to say I learn is to be prompt and do not procrastinate. I always tend to do this. Here I am finishing up this autobiography book and I get to prompt number 44, and you ask me this. What is a lesson I have learned. I guess this is a lesson I must learn over and over and over again. I never seem to get it to my head. THIS IS NOT FUN. Procrastination sucks and is tiring because instead of using time wisely and spreading out the work, I chose to book it all at one time and its hard. I never fail to say “Oh, I’ll just do it later…” Maybe there is something in my brain that is somehow malfunctioned and makes me want to do things last minute all the time. I mean I have been doing most prompts, but I have yet to submit them in. I don’t have time to always be on the internet. So, most of the time, I just prop out my grandma’s laptop and save the prompts on Word document and then transfer it to my flash drive. I can say in most cases, I can be very irresponsible and procrastinating is very irresponsible. I don’t think I will ever REALLY learn my lesson. I can stay up all night doing a project last minute, 10 page report for American Government, homework assignments the class before it’s due, all bunch of crazy things that drive my mind and body insane, but I never seem to learn my lesson. I can have droopy, blood shot eyes from lack of sleep, or cramping fingers from all the typing, but I still always tend to continue procrastinating. Now is my time to learn from all these mistakes and life lessons. Now is my time to make mistakes and learn from them because it prepares me for the real world. I do hope that in future years, I truly look back to days like these and say NO, NO, NO to myself to procrastinating :)

Page 45

â&#x20AC;&#x153;THE DOORâ&#x20AC;? When I walk out the door, I want to bring all I have learned with me. I want to see the world with wiser eyes and experience it only through smiles. When I walk out the door, I want to be prepared. I want to be prepared for things that will be tossed my way, places I never thought I would be, or situations I never would have thought I would encounter. When I walk out the door, I want to have no limits. I want to explore life and learn from it. I t is not fun to make mistakes, but when I walk through that door, I plan to. And I will learn from those mistakes and do better by them. When I walk out that door, I do not want or feel lost or alone. When I walk out the door, I want to feel welcomed. I want to love the world and feel safe. When I walk out the door, I do not want to fear life or the world. I do not want to be afraid. I want to live past my limits and enjoy every piece of life humanely possible. When I walk out the door, I do not want to be small...

Page 46

“ADVICE TO THE YOUNG” My advice to the young… My advice would be to always believe in yourself. No one can believe for you. That is the one thing you have to do to get anywhere. Believe that you can do anything or you will be able to do nothing. I also advise the young to follow your heart. I guess I can say that would be that feeling you get when you feel like you are doing the opposite that you feel you should be doing. As long as you feel comfortable with your decision with everything and every choice you make in life, then you’re good to go. Also, have confidence in yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Be head strong. Show them different and prove them wrong. You are your own person and no one can control you, but yourself. Be passionate. Love to live and live to love. If there is one thing I have learned so far in life, it is that time does not wait for you. Nothing lasts forever. Enjoy your youth. Don’t be in a rush because before you know it, you are a senior in high school about to head out into the real world, like now. And honestly, it is SCARY. Cherish all the time you have now. Do not have any regrets, or you will live the rest of your life angry forever and you do not want that. Going back to time. Do not waste your time being angry. Live your life to the fullest. A quote I live by is “Live, laugh, love. Forgive and forget. Life is too short to be living with regrets.” It really is true and a great motive to follow. I try not to hold grudges against people and to always forgive wrongs toward me. I do not want to be angry for the rest of my life. I plan to live it to the fullest. Do not take life too seriously. I don’t want to say life is like a job because it isn’t. Think of it as an adventure. We learn and explore new things every day. Have fun with your life. Live past your limits and enjoy the beauty of life. Do not hold back anything or hold in anything. Let it all out especially when we do not have forever to do so. Do not waste your time living small. Dream big, and go BIG!

Page 47

â&#x20AC;&#x153;WHO AM I?â&#x20AC;? 1. Lover 2. Friend 3. Family member 4. Teacher 5. Worker I view myself as a very understanding person. I have so much to offer to people. I share and spread love, friendship, knowledge, a helping hand. I open myself to everyone. I am very well with people and I make friends really easily. I love to socialize and give advice. I am truly one who loves company and making people smile. I hope to continue feeling this way about myself in the future and continue my assistance to others, whether it be a simple favor or big task. When I love, I love with my all. If you do not love with your all, then I do not consider it love. I can be a friend because I am very friendly. I love meeting and making new friends. I am a family member because honestly, not all family is blood. Everyone is like family to me in some way. I am a teacher because I love to assist people. I love learning and I love spreading my knowledge. Lastly, I am a worker. I work very hard in everything I do and I always give my all!

Page 48

“REWARDING EXPERIENCES” 1. Birth of my daughter: She is the world to me and despite the challenges, I wouldn’t change anything. 2. Aces unarmed Drill team: Once a team always a team. I love my team and I am glad to have had the chance to be a part of it. 3. Golden Bear Competition: It feels good when hard work pays off. We won Nationals and thats all to ask for when you’ve put so much into something. 4. Six Flags: It was really fun to go there and I hope to bring my daughter there one day. 5. Universal Studios: Awesome time and it was really nice to meet some cartoon characters! I had tons of fun. 6. NHS: It was tough getting into the National Honor Society and I am glad that all the hard work paid off. 7. First Flight: My first time flying on a plane was last year 2013 and it was an amazing experience. 8. Class president: I was class council president for two years, my 9th and 10th grade, and it was an amazing achievement for me that I hope to continue goals like that. 9. Cross Country: I was in cross country my 10th grade year, and I won the most inspirational in my whole team. 10. My relationship: It is not always easy to keep a relationship intact at a young age and now with a daughter and I am thankful mine is still going strong!

Page 49

“VALUABLE LESSONS” 1. Do not procrastinate: It is not fun and you lose a lot of rest. Believe me you are learning from the master procrastinator. 2. Do not have regrets: You do not want to live angry your whole life. Live life with no regrets and smile, live it to its fullest. 3. Love: Share your love. It’s the best thing in the world to share with anyone. 4. Don’t jump: Take your time. You do not want to grow up too fast. Enjoy your youth, you will miss it truly. 5. Breathe: Life is not all that stressing. It is beautiful if you actually take the time to view it and breathe it all in. 6. Do not hold grudges: It never gets you anywhere. period. 7. Learn: Collect all the knowledge you possibly can, believe me. It will be useful to you one day. 8. Laugh: It is good to laugh. Do not spend your time moping over something that is probably not even worth moping over. 9. Cry: It is okay to cry. No one is a stone. We just need to sometimes. 10. Make mistakes: It is okay to make mistakes. Learn from them. They are life’s lessons.

Page 50

“FUTURES-- FANTASY AND FACT” 10 years from now I am on the perfect day. We spend the day together as if the other people in this whole wide world does not exist. We hold hands, and our eyes never leave each other. It is as if some kind of magnetic force is keeping us from moving apart. He holds me and I’ve never felt anything more perfect in my life. I wish to stay in his arms forever and feel his heart beat against mine. Now, 10 years from now, I will be missing my daughter while away at training. I only get to talk to my daughter and husband through Skype calls, messages, or letters. It is really hard and I cry a lot, but I know I am doing what is best for my daughter’s future. That is the only thing that keeps me going. I will do anything for my family. I will be a hard worker, great wife, and an amazing mother. In my fantasy, it could be true. I know it. And in my realistic description, I know this will be true. It is actually my plan. I plan to join the service. My wish is to be a doctor and I will slowly get there. I want to make a better life for my daughter and that is what I will do.

Page 51

“EPILOGUE” The creator of this book has so much feeling. She feels everything with her whole heart. This book is an autobiography, yet, her world and life, and basically herself, is all about her daughter. Which is also the title of her book. She titled her book after her daughter, Arhya- Rose. Almost every page I have read, has her daughter a part of it in some way. She lives and breathes for her daughter and she wants to better herself and better her life to better her daughter’s life. The writer or author is really passionate with her world. She fills these pages with so much feeling and fully expresses how she feels. She has so much love, friendship, and so much more to share with anyone and everyone, but her main reason for it all is her daughter. I am pretty sure she is the way she is now because she wants her daughter to grow up and be raised by someone wonderful. She wants her daughter to see her as the perfect role model and I believe this woman is. She seems really nice, kind-hearted, understanding, and confident with her life and plans and I do believe she will succeed in the end.

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