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Fall 2012

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Bravo Ukrainian Golf Classic


Bitaemo – Board of Directors

Patriarch Sviatoslav’s visit to HFH left a spiritual impression on everyone who attended

CSB Payroll Savings

United Way Teamwork

Life Insurance Plan

It’s Flu Season

All Star Success

Heritage Highlights

On September 5, Holy Family Home was blessed with the presence of His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Major Archbishop of the worldwide Ukrainian Catholic Church. Patriarch Sviatoslav was in Winnipeg presiding over the Ukrainian Synod of Bishops (the first time this international assembly has been held in Canada and only the third time the Bishops have met outside Ukraine) and his gracious visit left a spiritual impression on everyone who attended the service at HFH and the blessing of the Lubov SSMI Foundation building. Upon his arrival, resident Mrs. Mary Lukie, CEO Jean R. Piché, Provincial Superior Pat Lacey and Sr. Darleane Pelechaty greeted Patriarch Sviatoslav and Metropolitan Lawrence at the front doors of HFH. In the auditorium, Patriarch Sviatoslav received

Holy Family Home 165 Aberdeen Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 1T9 Phone: (204) 589-7381


a traditional Ukrainian greeting of bread and salt from residents Roman and Maria Halkewycz. The auditorium was filled to capacity with resident priests, Sisters, residents, family, staff, Board members and volunteers. On behalf of everyone in attendance, Jean R. Piché welcomed Patriarch Sviatoslav to Holy Family Home. “This is indeed a momentous occasion for Holy Family and our residents, one that we will cherish and remember for many years to come,” Mr. Piché said. “We are very proud of our Home, which was established by the Sisters in 1957. Fifty-five years later, the Sisters’ presence and Mission remain fully alive and the Sisters continue to serve as our guiding light and our inspiration in meeting CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Bravo to Organizers of the Ukrainian Golf Classic THIS YEAR, HOLY FAMILY HOME is very fortunate to be the designated beneficiary of the 29th annual Ukrainian Golf Classic. Held on August 24 at the Selkirk Golf and Country Club, the tournament attracted 147 golfers and raised $8,500.00, an amount that was generously donated to HFH. We’re extremely thankful to the people who make up the Golf Classic’s organizing committee, which is chaired by Basil Galarnyk. The success of the tournament is evident in its ability to raise substantial funds in support of various charitable Ukrainian community organiza-

Thanks to the Ukrainian Golf Classic. L-R: Julian Burdeniuk, Chris Konopelny, Jean R. Piché, Bill Shklanka, Sr. Darleane Pelechaty, Basil Galarnyk, Gerry May

BBQ Fun! Although the weather was a bit cool for the HFH Staff BBQ, the spirit was warm and engaging. During the afternoon of September 12, staff enjoyed the last days of summer under the gazebo, enjoying great tasting food (featuring pulled pork), the annual grocery scramble and lots of chances to win one of many prizes. Sr. Darleane said grace and Jean R. Piché greeted staff members with words of gratitude for all their hard work and commitment to the residents of HFH. A big THANKS is extended to our Staff Wellness Team – Oksana Bondarchuk, Shirley Picklyk, Kelly Kingston, Angela Peeler, Sr. Darleane, Darren Luellman and Andrea Grozli for organizing the event. Special thanks as well to Dr. Taras Babick for donating the wine prizes.

Shirley Picklyk (L) and Josie Zajic (R) admire all the prizes at the annual HFH Staff BBQ

Priscilla Ramos (L) & Nettie Villaverde (R) smile as they display their winnings after the grocery scramble


tions. In 2002, HFH was also the recipient of $4,500.00 raised at the Golf Classic. We’re truly blessed to have the support of the Ukrainian Golf Classic and we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to the organizers and participants of this most worthy event.

Bitaemo – Holy Family Home’s Board of Directors The Provincial Council of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate (SSMI) is pleased to announce the 2012 / 2013 Board of Directors for Holy Family Home, Inc. Officers Walter Kulyk, Chairperson Roman Zubach, Vice-Chair Vera Chernecki, Secretary Walter Dlugosh, Treasurer Directors Sr. Pat Besko Sr. Janice Soluk Sr. Jean Zemliak Bill Balan Don Cilinsky Mary Hull Dr. Patricia Kmet Anna-Marie Konopelny Andrew Kulyk Mike Kuzyk Dr. Brian Lukie Walter Saranchuk Dan Torbiak Peter Washchyshyn Dr. Peter Connelly, Medical Director Ex-officio Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Winnipeg Sr. Patricia Lacey, Provincial Superior, SSMI Honourary Members of the Corporation Nick Diakiw Honourable Ted Glowacki Peter Grant Honourable Ben Hewak Joanne Huzel Jack Kisil Bill Markusa Myron Musick Peter Swerhone Ron White

From the Desk of Jean R. Piché It takes vision to build a successful organization and it takes action to move it forward. In 2010, the Sisters, Board of Directors and management expressed their vision for the future of HFH in an action plan that included revitalizing our facility, enhancing the quality of our care and seeking fresh ways to generate revenues. Two years ago, no one knew where we’d be today. Between our strategy sessions and now, we’ve managed to take some big steps toward fulfilling our goals, among them instituting a clinical program approach, enhancing resident-centred care, and working to build a new 160-bed facility. Such is the wisdom of trusting your grand vision and acting on your good intentions. All of our success is a testament not only to the political acumen, advocacy and ability of the Sisters and the Board, but also to the hard work of our staff members who have helped build a reputation of excellence here at HFH. Now, thanks to the Sisters’ visionary initiative to establish the Lubov SSMI Foundation, HFH is entering the next stage of its journey to what we believe will be a position of financial strength. The Foundation, in undertaking a proactive approach to generating revenues and resources, is ensuring that HFH and the SSMI’s other vital ministries will be sustained well into the future. Just over a year ago, Manitoba’s Health Minister Theresa Oswald announced the redevelopment of HFH. Since then, the functional program and a site analysis have been completed with the support of architects and engineers. We’ve engaged a project management firm, which will be working closely with us over the next four to five years ensuring that the Sisters’ and HFH’s interests are promoted and protected through every development phase. As well, in the next couple of months, we’ll be retaining an architectural firm to begin the design process. Stay tuned for more information.

Jean R. Piché Chief Executive Officer 3


the needs of the residents in our care.” The Honourable Dave Chomiak, Minister of Innovation, Energy and Mines, brought greetings from the Provincial Government and Sr. Pat Lacey greeted the Patriarch on behalf of the SSMI. In his response, Patriarch Sviatoslav expressed his deep appreciation and said he was honoured to have had the experience of visiting HFH. The Patriarch’s visit was actually the second visit to HFH by a Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. In 2003, Cardinal Lubomyr Husar was in attendance to bless the icon of the resurrection in HFH’s chapel. Patriarch Sviatoslav was taken on a brief tour of Holy Family Home before joining the procession of people who strolled over to the nearby Lubov SSMI Foundation building to hear and see His Beatitude bless the new building.




3 2



3 1. His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk and Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak are greeted by Sr. Patricia Lacey, SSMI Provincial Superior; Jean R. Piché, HFH CEO; Sr. Darleane Pelechaty, SSMI; residents, family members and staff 2. Residents, Roman and Maria Halkewycz, present His Beatitude Sviatoslav with a traditional Ukrainian greeting of bread and salt 3. The Honourable Dave Chomiak, Minister of Innovation, Energy and Mines, brought greetings from the Provincial Government. 4. His Beatitude Sviatoslav gives homily to residents and guests, accompanied by Metropolitan Lawrence 5. Procession of clergy, sisters and guests walk to the official opening of the Lubov SSMI Foundation


4 1. Procession participants in deep discussion 2. Immaculate Heart of Mary School student, Melania Shpurko, welcomes His Beatitude Sviatoslav 3. Sr. Patricia Lacey greets His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Metropolitan Lawrence and guests, just prior to the blessing of the new Foundation 4. His Beatitude Sviatoslav and Metropolitan Lawrence bless the new home of the Lubov SSMI Foundation

Canada Savings Bonds Payroll Savings Program

Lubov Foundation Opening The official opening of the Lubov SSMI Foundation was held on September 5 at the newly renovated building at 1085 Main Street. Guests from Holy Family Home and Immaculate Heart of Mary School waited in anticipation as the Sisters and clergy led a procession of approximately 30 individuals from HFH to the grounds of the Foundation. Two students from Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Melania and Nykola Shpurko, greeted the cavalcade with bread and salt. Everyone was welcomed by the Foundation’s CEO, Lesia Sianchuk. The ribbon cutting was officiated by His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Sr. Patricia Lacey, Sr. Janice Soluk, Nykola Shpurko, (Grade 7 Immaculate Heart of Mary School student) and Mrs. Anne Wowk (HFH resident). Once everyone had entered the building, His Beatitude Sviatoslav and Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak blessed the facility and expressed best wishes to the SSMI for their tremendous work in the community and continued success in their endeavours.

The annual campaign enabling HFH employees to participate in the CSB Payroll Savings Program began Monday, October 1 and closes Thursday, November 1 at 7 p.m. CST. Deductions start with the first pay in December and withdrawals are deposited to your bank account within three business days. The program’s website – – will be available 24/7. Our organization ID #14337 will identify you as an employee of Holy Family Home. If this is your first time registering, you will receive a client ID and you will be asked to enter a password. Both of these should be written down as you will be required to use them in all future visits to the website. Once a transaction is completed, you should also make a copy of the transaction for your records. Paper applications are no longer available. Please access the website. If you require assistance there is a how-to guide available at HFH’s reception, or you can see Corrie Farmer in payroll for assistance. WEBSITE: ORGANIZATION ID #14337

Introducing the Lubov SSMI Foundation

United Way Teamwork

The Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate (SSMI) are pleased to announce the launch of the Lubov SSMI Foundation, a new community-focused initiative that will undertake the challenges of raising funds to enhance and ensure the ongoing success of the Sisters’ missions. “The Lubov Foundation’s fundraising efforts will further the mission and values of the SSMI,” explains Lesia Sianchuk, the organization’s CEO. “We’ll be focusing on supporting Holy Family Home and its residents, and Immaculate Heart of Mary School, which offers classes from kindergarten to Grade 8 in an environment that promotes a Christian education and Ukrainian culture.” The Foundation will help provide the resources needed to implement the capital campaigns to serve these well-deserving entities, both of which have similar goals and shared Christian values. It will also apply its fund development capacity to support and enhance other ministries of the SSMI.

This fall, HFH will once again support the efforts of the United Way. The organization has had a tremendous impact on the Winnipeg community and it’s only fitting that we continue to help them achieve their goal. Our kickoff will begin on November 5 with a week-long book and jewelry sale. We’ll also have Mom’s Pantry products available to give you a head start on your Christmas baking. Back by popular demand are our team competitions. Your United Way committee is hard at work coming up with challenging contests (Minute-to-Win-It, Wii, etc.) to bring out your competitive spirit. Events will be held from November 7 to 14. There’ll be more information for you in the near future, but we ask that you start forming your team of four members now. Please note, don’t worry if you don’t have a full complement; there will be individuals who will need to be placed on teams. 5

Department Profile Clinical Program Over the years, nursing and resident care needs at Holy Family Home have grown to be more complex. As a result, it became increasingly necessary to establish a program that effectively provides clinical expertise, support and supervision. In 2010, HFH initiated the Clinical Program with enhanced funding from Manitoba Health. A number of new positions were created to strengthen the delivery of care to our residents: • Clinical Resource Nurses (CRN) provide clinical leadership and support to the unit care teams, including monitoring ongoing education of HFH policies and MB Health Standards. The CRNs work collaboratively with the Interdisciplinary Team and the Resident Care Team, ensuring optimal holistic care outcomes for the residents at HFH. • Clinical Support Nurses (CSN) ensure timely and appropriate completion of resident care plans, audit assignments, write reports to CIHI, ensure that deadlines and required documentation are met (as per MB Health Standards), ensure annual mandatory recertification of staff and provide in-service opportuni-

ties to all HFH staff. They also assist with HCA training and collaborate with the CRNs and the Resident Care Team. • The Clinical Program Support Nurse (CPS) assists with our Infection Control Program, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Program and required audits for HFH/ Resident Care Team, WRHA and MB Health Standards. • As well, an evening LPN float position was created to provide support in dealing with increasing clinical complexities. We are confident HFH’s clinical program team will provide ongoing excellence in clinical care, as well as staff education and meeting the Manitoba Health Standards and Regional Accreditation ROPs.

Providing clinical expertise, support and supervision. L-R: Sandra Hoebee, RN, GNC; Allyson Van Dinther RN, BN; Phyllis Jahns RN; Andrea Grozli RN, BN; Lisa Hamonic RN; Oksana Sawczuk RN, BN; Missing: Darren Luellman RN, BN; Kerry Martens RN, BN; Tammy Bartley LPN


Life Insurance Plan Enhancements & One Time Open Enrolment Period HEB Manitoba has announced enhancements to the Life Insurance Plan, effective April 1, 2013, with a one-time open enrolment period this fall. The upcoming changes are a result of a global review and comparison of the Plan against other similar Plans and reflect a commitment to competitive Life Insurance benefits that meet the needs of members and their families. From October 1 to November 30, 2012, HEB Manitoba will hold a one-time open enrolment period for the enhanced plan. The 60-day open enrolment period will provide all active, eligible members with a one-time opportunity to make new Life Insurance benefit elections based on upcoming benefit enhancements that become effective April 1, 2013. All eligible employees should have received an enrolment form in the mail. Employees must complete the form and return it to HEB by November 30, 2012. Employees who do not re-enrol during the open enrolment period will have only one, employer-paid, basic unit of Life Insurance coverage on April 1, 2013 and the beneficiary will be the empolyee’s estate.

It’s Flu Season

News from the Ladies’ Auxiliary

Limit the spread of influenza by: • covering your cough or sneeze • washing your hands often • limiting touching your eyes, nose and mouth • staying home if you experience flu-like symptoms • having your yearly influenza vaccination

The Holy Family Home Ladies’ Auxiliary is a volunteer group of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of the residents of Holy Family Home. We organize special events over the course of a year, including monthly bingos, St. Nicholas Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, monthly birthday parties, community singing and a fall social. We also work hard raising money through such events as our annual dinner, bake sales and teas. We hold monthly meetings, on the third Wednesday of each month, except for December, July and August. New Members are Always Welcome. The following are the Executive and Standing Committees for the 2012 / 2013 year:

Influenza-like illness is defined as: • cough • and one or more symptoms of: fever over 38 degrees centigrade, sore throat, coryza (runny nose), arthralgia (bone aches), myalgia (muscle aches) and extreme fatigue

EXECUTIVE Patricia Loustel, Past President Mary Hull, President Laura Heuring, Vice President Cathy Lentz, Recording Secretary Steffie Wawrykow, Corresponding Secretary Diane Snidal, Treasurer Adele Melnyk, Volunteer Liaison

Immunization Clinics at Holy Family Home Staff, family, visitors and volunteers are welcome. Main Floor – Auditorium November 6, 2012 | 11:00 - 16:00 November 7, 2012 | 13:00 - 18:00 Remember, bring your Manitoba Health card.

UPCOMING EVENTS Bingo: September 28th, 2012 6:15pm Birthday Party: October 9th, 2012 October Meeting and Liturgy: October 17th, 2012 Barn Dance: October 23rd, 2012 Fundraising Dinner: February 1, 2013

STANDING COMMITTEES Archives Millie Ogaranko-Wilkie Irene Zapisocki Bingo Anna-Marie Konopelny Rose Fegus Martha Tycholiz Kathy Monaster Marie Kostiuk Cathy Lentz Birthday Parties Olga Boychuk Evelyn Zaboroski Canteen Irene Zapisocki Christmas Trees Irene Zapisocki Fall Social Pat Huzel Wendy Pongoski

Fundraising Dinner Lydia Kandia Laura Heuring Irene Osinchuk Diane Snidal Newsletter Laura Heuring Cathy Lentz Margaret Saray Steffie Kupskay Programs Patricia Loustel Steffie Kupskay Recognition Board Karen Riesterer Telephone Patricia Loustel Welcome Baskets Diane Snidal

All Star Success!

On June 14th, the HFH All Stars walked away with the Extra Mile Award

Congrats to the Holy Family Home All Stars who participated in the 20th annual Alzheimer Society of Manitoba’s Memory Walk and walked away with the Extra Mile Community Team Award for raising the most funds – $9,424.25. THANKS to Dulce Santos for organizing our 46-member All Stars, which included HFH staff, friends, families, members of the Ladies’ Auxiliary and our Sisters. 7

Our Culture of Compassion

Fulfilling the Sisters’ Mission Through Relationship-Based Care COMPASSION is at the heart of our life’s work at Holy Family Home. It is revealed in the Sisters’ charism and manifested in their motto, To Serve is to Love. Compassion is also at the core of our quest to establish and nurture a culture of care around the belief that the needs of our residents come first. In fulfilling the Sisters’ Mission, we recognize the power that personal relationships have in helping us deliver quality care. These relationships – with residents and their families, with colleagues and with our self – can offer comfort, lift spirits and foster deep respect. In her introduction to the book Relationship-Based Care Delivery: A Model for Transforming Practice, author and editor Mary Koloroutis writes that, “We experience the essence of care in the moment when one human being connects to another. When compassion and care are conveyed through touch, a kind act, through competent clinical interventions, or though listening and seeking to understand the other’s experience, a healing

relationship is created.” If this is the essence of relationshipbased care, then we are all committed to ensuring that compassion is inherent in our programs because our very foundation is built on the vision and values of the Sisters. Their mission to serve with love is our mission to care lovingly. At HFH, we acknowledge that we can achieve excellence through supportive relationships in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance. We also know that our culture of compassion has created a respectful and caring personal care home, a place where the families and friends of our residents know that their loved ones are in the best hands.

Heritage Highlights Our Mission Emanating from the charism of the SSMI, Holy Family Home ministers holistic personal care services to seniors with compassion and the love of Christ.

Sr. Onysima serving communion to a resident of HFH, circa 1970s – an example of the ongoing presence and loving support of the SSMI in caring for our residents.


Care Can Be Transformative • The meaning and essence of care are experienced in the moment when one human being connects with another. • Feeling connected to one another creates harmony and healing; feeling isolated destroys spirit. Each and every member of an organization, in all disciplines and departments, has a valuable contribution to make. • Care providers’ knowledge of self and self-care are fundamental requirements for quality care and healthy interpersonal relationships. • Transformational change happens one relationship at a time. From the foreword by Jean Watson in Relationship-Based Care: A Model for Transforming Practice, written, coordinated and published by consultants of Creative Health Care Management.


Holy Family Home (HFH) is a personal care home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. HFH required an improved newsletter to communicate its message to staf...

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