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The LG BD670, along with the LG-BD650, the BD640, and the BD630 were displayed at this year's impressive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The BD670 is one of the most exciting releases by this manufacturer for the 2011 year; it is jam packed with remarkable features and offers a superb array of entertainment options. This device comes with the ability to convert standard definition media to high definition media, and it is 3D enabled. It has USB playback options and superior sound. Of course, this is only the beginning of what this product can offer. The LG BD670 remains true to the theme that all of the newer LG blu-ray players maintain; it is symmetrical, thin, slim, and black. This gadget measures 202 mm deep by 49 mm high by 430 mm wide or 7.9 inches deep by 1.9 inches high by 16.9 inches wide. It has a tabletop style with a flat top. All functions are on the front and rear of the device. The front panel of the BD670, like the BD650, sports a slide out disc tray on the left corner of the front panel. The 3D logo is centered on the front of the device. On the right corner are touch sensitive controls, a digital playback timer, and a remote sensor. A single USB port is also on the front of this gadget. On the backside of this device one will find a component video out, a 2CH audio out, a video out, a digital audio out, an HDMI port, and a LAN port. As mentioned earlier, the LG BD670 sports some fantastic highlights. This gadget is Wi-Fi® enabled, and users get access to Smart TV, a Launch Bar, a dashboard for searching for content, access to premium content, and this device upscale standard definition DVDs to high definition 1080p output. This device is DNLA compliant, and it has Dolby® Digital sound technologies inside. The design of this device is trim, and it has an Ethernet port. This device also has MusicID features, a fast loading tray, BD Live® access, and Bonus View features. The LG BD670 is simply spectacular. This device offers users access to GraceNotes®, MusicID®, and thousands of videos, movies, and outstanding, customizable applications. The user can access a powerful interface via the SmartTV® inclusion so that they can make the most of every entertainment viewing experience. The compatible app that turns an iPhone or Android mobile device into a remote control is also a superb convenience. The app gives the user access to a traditional, QWERTY keyboard layout so they can search for content by inputting text. This device is Digital Living Network Alliance compliant too so it makes it easy to connect PCs and additional peripherals. If the consumer is searching for a blu-ray disc player that can bring together all forms of entertainment and make them accessible through a single unit, such a gadget can be found in the LG BD670. Users can connect digital cameras, PCs, televisions, and other hardware to this device to create an outstanding hub of entertainment. This device will improve presentations, it offers super sound, and its price is spectacular.

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==== ==== Get This Product with Special Price at : ==== ====

LG BD670