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The Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook are two of the best eBook Readers on the market. Here, these two great eReaders are compared. There was no guarantee that eBook readers would stand the test of time when modern eReaders made their grand appearance on the marketplace a few years ago. After some initial kicking and screaming, many traditional readers managed to embrace the technology enough to allow for an average of 140 eBooks being sold for every 100 hardback books last year. It's been around three years now since the launch of the big players in the eBook Reader market and three years is lifetime for electronic devices. EBook readers have gained a toehold that seems to be growing to the extent that the prices of the devices are coming down, their capabilities continue to expand and more manufacturers are competing for market share. In order to provide assistance to anyone considering an e-reader purchase, here is a brief look at the specifications and features of a couple of the big players in the eReader market: The Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook. The Kindle The Amazon Kindle is small and light in weight. Dimensions are 7.5" x 4.8" x 0.335" and weight is 8 ½ ounces. It can access content from the Internet either by being connected via USB cable to a computer, Wi-Fi, or for slightly more money a 3G model is available. With the Wi-Fi feature turned off the Kindle supplies a remarkable one-month of battery life. It features an E-Ink display that is easy on the eyes and visible in all light conditions, even bright sunlight. The Kindle has a full QWERTY keyboard and comes with 4 GB of memory. It also includes a dictionary and a web browser. Kindle advocates claim it is the best eReader for reading purchased books and newspapers. They rave about the E-Ink and the long battery life. They also comment that its thinness and light weight make it easy to hold for long periods of time. Kindle detractors point out that library books are not compatible. There is no color; everything is black and white. Memory cannot be expanded. The biggest fault they list is that Amazon is the only source for Kindle content. The Nook The Barnes and Noble Nook is slightly larger than the Kindle, but only about 3 ounces heavier. Content can be added with a USB cable connected to a computer and Wi-Fi and 3G are available in a similar way that there are Wi-Fi and 3G models available for the Kindle.

Battery life with Wi-Fi disabled is up to 10 days of average reading. Like the Kindle, it also has an E-Ink display and a web browser. Unlike the Kindle, however, the Nook features a touch screen instead of a keyboard making navigation easier depending on how versatile you are with touch screens. The standard memory capacity is 2 GB but there is a slot that can accommodate a 16 GB SD card. Unlike the Kindle, there is also a color model available for a higher price. However, the color model of the Nook (the NookColor) sacrifices the battery life and also doesn't have E-ink technology. This lack of E-ink technology means that it can cause more eye strain over constant use - something that doesn't happen with the Kindle. Positive comments about the Nook include high marks for the color version, the easier ability to share books with other Nook owners (although only for a set period), free Wi-Fi access in Barnes & Noble stores, and the ability to read any book in the Barnes & Noble e-library free for one hour in order to simulate 'browsing' of the book. Negative remarks are that for the high price for having a color display, there is no ability to watch video, and the Nook does not sync with a computer or cellular phone, so it's not possible to mark your place and continue reading on a different devices or your computer as you can do with the Amazon Kindle. Another major drawback with the Barnes and Noble Nook is the fact that they can only be purchased in the US, whereas the Amazon Kindle can be bought locally in many countries and can also be shipped to many countries worldwide.

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