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Bernhard Eder

Post Breakup Coffee

Snow Fields

The Fields are full of snow It’s christmas time… but I don’t want to turn a light on My girl has flown away She’s unsure so she said « I don’t feel like I could celebrate with you now I have to think of our love » Grey in grey. And I am sitting, wasting time Waiting for…something If you want to figure it out Watching clouds flying by

Just come right back into my arms

like the thoughts inside…

You’ll find what you’ve been looking for

Did you make up your mind?

I’m faithful of you coming back to me So, take your time to find out why the spirit has gone, out of your mind I know you’re confused what you’re going through It’s so easy to love but not easy to leave things behind

Sunday Primetime Soap-Opera I am crying against the wall

There’s no key to press recall 

Face in hand, I lost it all

Deep inside I hope that all

Now I’m sitting lonesome

finds a happy end like

in this empty room

on the tv-screen

I’ve been working all the time

But I do not believe in that

Busy, so I’ve missed your signs

Cause we’re not living in a movie

Cause I always thought that

and that’s the difference between

this was unbreakable

our lives and a sunday primetime soap-opera

But destiny was not my friend I’ve tried my best, but in the end

Dear sunshine, where have you been?

You’ve packed your things and I

All those weeks‚ cause I haven’t seen

found myself again

you for a long time, and I have to

broken-hearted, full of pain

tell you that I’ve been missing you

Post Breakup Coffee

Got a call

There you are…the one that I love

That you want to pick

and the one I miss

up some personal things

With every word I follow the lips

from our flat

that I’d like to kiss

Then you’re standing

I see the sun shining

at my door

on the skin of your neck

My heart’s pounding

I see your breasts

but I try to ignore

moving in your tight shirt

« Take a seat

I want to feel your breath and

at your old place »

I want to smell your scent

It seems so comfortable

I want to kiss your cheeks and

but that home is gone

I want to hold your hand

I want you to stay longer Let’s spend some more time Let’s have another coffee or a glas of wine


Paralysed…can’t escape In my veins…there’s too much hate It’s so new to me to have that feeling inside Like John Lennon sang « I’m just a jealous guy » Lost in thoughts, for too long Afraid that this could go on It is hard being disappointed Oh, and I wasn’t able to escape the pain so far

Words Can’t Tell (What I’m Feeling)

So you’ve made up your mind.

I do regret that I did forget

A decision, in the end

to fill the hole someone’s been missing

you want to break up now Does it feel insane You don’t know if you’re right

to love another man

but our future seems less bright

while I’m still full of hope?

That is all you know And do you like the role Words can’t tell what I’m feeling

retaining less control in your life

I thought this love might last forever

on his side?

After a seven year romance

Words can’t tell what I’m feeling

no time for a second chance?

I can’t believe that this has happened

It was a short goodbye

to me

You told me I was wrong

I woke up last night

but did you think of your own

Lying sleepless at your side

mistakes that much?

But then…the dream was gone

Leaving Berlin Get up this morning like always

This is the city I’m leaving

Catching a view through the pane

Everyone’s place but not mine

Inside the room’s getting colder

There is another life waiting

Outside the snow’s getting more

and maybe…another love?

Winter in Berlin is always

Had a great time

cloudy and foggy as hell

But it’s not mine

But when the sun’s coming out of

I need to get out of

the hole, I need to go…

Berlin…goodbye, goodbye

Out on the streets

I miss you

There are lots of sweet

I miss you

Memories of the best time

I miss you

I’ve had in my life

Long Way to Run

With a careful whisper Like brother and sister We kiss goodbye now The ribbon’s loose Minds so close, though parted Broken dreams get started On the way home hope is gone And it’s a long, long way to run until all the pain is gone Facing one another But it feels much farther when there’s no one there to hold God, it’s a long, long way to run to get along, all on your own

Ode to my Friends

Everything’s said, everything’s gone

All my thoughts and fears

I found myself left on my own

Maybe drinking to much beer

I broke the rules, I faked the news

Talking all night long

Told everyone that everything is fine

until the pain had gone away

I lost so much weight

I thank you, my dear

The colour of my face

For lending me your ear

Found no sleep at night

For patience and for help

Been hiding from the light

You know I won’t forget

Shocked by the news

What you’ve done for me

I’ve been falling down

It’s so good to see

Lying on the floor

The worst parts in our lives

No one was around

are not that bad with friends on our side

So I cried for help

Friends: So, come on my friend

Picked up the phone

You are welcome, and

«Please my old friend

we’ve always told you that

don’t leave me alone »

this is not the end

And in the darkest hour

It’s good seeing you again

of my life so far

Enjoying life and when

I was lucky as well

you need someone to talk

cause I had friends to tell

Feel free to let us know again

Minor Score Part I & II A cold december night the city’s sleeping, there’s no light also inside me there is none ’cause you are gone « The greatest love of all » as someone said, is closed to fall it’s what I’ve been living for now minor is my score

Creeks Don’t Flow

The age of darkness comes along Somebody’s broken of being alone I didn’t notice like I wasn’t there I beg your pardon – but should I Let you know my mind is open Please don’t go, there are still options It might be wrong that I have never cared about

Another morning, another chance for change

Creeks don’t flow

But am I strong enough to arrange?

Creeks don’t flow

Feel like my body turns into grey (there is nothing left to say) But I believe this is not the end I let you know, my mind is open Still full of hope, cause there are options Creeks don’t flow if we’re not tearing down the walls

Lisbon Revisited I’m crossing the bridge Down to the ocean But the water has gone No emotions I called for some life But nobody’s out there I’m longing for love But you don’t care at all A desperate cry out in the cold night I just wanna be back on your side A call for love…but no reply Is this your way of saying goodbye? Do you need a break? Is your love strong enough? Of course I’ve made mistakes But I want you, so come back again All that I want is to wake up tomorrow And find a red hair on my pillow Don’t wanna fall and lose it all Don’t wanna be left alone Because I need you more Than anything in the world Won’t you take my hand? and we sail on our boat again

« And the melancholy darkness gently weeps in rainy tears » Coates Kinney

All Songs written by Bernhard Eder, except « Long Way to Run » written by Bernhard Eder/Markus Nussbaumer Recorded at listencareful Audioproduction, Vienna and some other different places. Produced, arranged and mixed by Bernhard Eder. Mastered by Werner Zettinig. Artwork by Elvira Stein. Illustrations by David Lipp and Elvira Stein. Photos: «Snow Fields» and «Minor Score» by Peter Piek, «Paralysed» by Tina Terras & Michael Walter from, «Leaving Berlin», «Bloom» and «Lisbon Revisited» by Bernhard Eder, « Long Way » by Daniel Ehrl Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha Electone, Trumpet, Harmophon, Ukulele, Glockenspiel, Bass on Track 3 & 4 and additional Drums on Track 1 and 8 by Bernhard Eder. Bass by Marlene Lacherstorfer. Drums by Markus Perner. Friends Choir: Thomas Binder-Reisinger, Hannes Dullinger, Michael Eder, Daniel Ehrl, Ian Fisher, Simone Helminski, Esther Hoffmann, Dirk Homuth, Stefan Kastner, David Lipp, Lasse Matthiessen, Peter Piek, Andreas Raab, Bernhard Schlager, Elvira Stein

The Lost Ones:

Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Yamaha Electon by Bernhard Eder. Doublebass on «Minor Score» by Simon Bauer. Violin on «Minor Score» by Vera Fleischanderl. Pedal Steel on «Lisbon Revisited» by Oliver Samland

Thank you: Kirsten from Solaris Empire, Marlene Lacherstorfer, Markus Perner, Simon Bauer, Vera Fleischanderl, Oliver Samland, Ian Fisher, Elvira Stein, Alexander Lausch, David Lipp, Gammon, Thomas Binder-Reisinger, Stefan Kastner, Peter Piek, Lasse Matthiessen, Hannes Dullinger, Dirk Homuth, Esther Hoffmann, Michael Eder, Simone Helminski, Daniel Ehrl, Bernhard Schlager, Andreas Raab, Markus Nussbaumer, Werner Zettinig, Tina Terras & Michael Walter, Land OÖ, Hoanzl and Broken Silence Special thanks to David Lipp and Elvira Stein

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