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The IT Challenge for the top management

The Current Challenges  Cost pressures  Processes need to be increasingly automated.

 Transparency  The customer always has a better market transparency.

 Speed  Everything must go faster and faster.

 Publicity  Very little remains hidden by the Internet.

The market will continue to change rapidly! – We bring Business and IT together

The Situation Today  Technicalization  Hardly a business process is now possible without IT.

 Networks  Many people are using more and more social media.

 Internet  The Internet always permeates more aspects of life.

 Globalization  The world is just a click away.

IT increasingly dominated the whole life! – We bring Business and IT together

What does this mean for Companies?  Competitiveness  Is increasingly dominated by services around products.

 Social Media  Social media is for a company's reputation and the brand more important.

 Dependency  Dependence on IT is stronger than ever.

 Time to Market  The big ones eat the little ones no longer – now, the fast ones eats the slow ones.

Without IT - No Business! – We bring Business and IT together

Conclusion  Change  The previous cost factor IT has become a competitive factor.

 Success  IT systems today have a decisive role in the economic success of a company.

 ​Speed  Without optimal IT systems, the requirements of the market are not met.

Without IT - no entrepreneurial success! – We bring Business and IT together

The Reality  IT= Technology  IT is often still the primary technology supplier.

 IT=Software  Business decisions are often made without the IT.

 IT=Costs  IT is identified primarily with cost.

 IT≠Businesspartner  The CIO is often still subordinate to the CFO.

Poor positioning of IT = competitive disadvantages! – We bring Business and IT together

The Challenge  The Corporate IT provides many opportunities for new services and products, f. e.:       

… to save costs. … to strengthen the brand. … to act globally. … to make fans from customers. … to retain employees. … to inspire talents for the company. ... etc.

Use of existing potential of IT! – We bring Business and IT together

Questions for the Top- Management  Positioning  IT is crucial for the company set up correctly?

 Businessorientierung  Thinks IT in the categories of Business?

 Management  Is the Head of IT Business Partner at eye level?

 Integration  Is IT an integral part of corporate strategy?

Optimal positioning of IT and IT management! – We bring Business and IT together

The Chance  If you use not full the potential of your IT, it is possible:      

… to reduce the cost. … to increase the speed. … to offer new services and products. … to retain employees and to get new. … to excite customers. … etc.

Greater economic success! – We bring Business and IT together

CIOConsultingTeam IT-Know How  Management Skills  Emotional Intelligence

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The IT - challenge for the top management  

IT is an integral part of the business. But, IT has unfortunately not in all companies the necessary role. This presentation provides answer...