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in the previous phase will be refined and a similar

United Kingdom

curriculum development process will be launched in

International Fatherhood Summit

new communities. Capacity building for 

Fathers Direct ()

personnel, preschool teachers and community leaders

For a week-long Summit in 2002 with about 50 leading

in child development, leadership and cultural

researchers, policy makers, thinkers and practitioners on

knowledge will be developed; while multi-media

fatherhood, from a wide range of countries. The

learning materials will be produced for children and

delegates will be from varied backgrounds, and will have

parents. Project staff, preschool teachers and people

power and influence in their sphere of operation. They

from the localities will network nationally and

will share experiences and knowledge to develop core

internationally; and two workshops with academics,

strategic alliances between leading actors in the field of

s, government agencies and social groups will

fatherhood worldwide. Most will be from universities,

develop common strategies in supporting tribal

government and non-profit organisations; with a

children. An information system will be developed to

substantial number from Majority World countries to

plan and evaluate the project, and a national workshop

provide the Summit with a range of perspectives.

on preschool education for hill tribe children will be held.

Fathers Direct Fathers Direct ()

Trinidad and Tobago

For supporting fathers in developing close and positive

Choices, Phase II

relationships with their children. Fathers Direct works

Child Welfare League

through practice-based organisations in the field,

The project will build on initial experiments with

targeting parents, family service providers and policy

community-based adolescent care centres (Choices

makers through public awareness campaigns; direct

Centres) and pursue a more diversified approach to

information provision; public policy influence; and

issues of young motherhood, family life education and

stimulating access to family services. Messages aim to

teen parenting. The Choices Centres will be sustained

change perceptions of fatherhood, highlight the

and the outreach model will be further developed,

importance of men’s involvement in childcare, and

while preparing for a phase of expansion to other

foster an environment where fatherhood is considered


as positively as is motherhood. In addition, Fathers Direct undertakes normative studies and disseminates


the resultant knowledge.

Geçekondu Children, Phase III Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work ()

Fathers Plus, Phase II

For improving the conditions of poor women and

Children North East ()

young children through flexible, participatory and

For continuing to develop effective tools and models of

innovative support programmes in areas of child

parent support for fathers.  uniquely targets Sure

development, and education and capacity building

Start Partnership Boards (local agencies that support

programmes.  has initiated parent-run and

families) to develop adaptable approaches for working

community-based childcare centres, and – in equal

with fathers in different contexts (teenage fathers,

partnership with community women and local

ethnic minorities, separated fathers). The project will

governments – has established model parent-run

experiment with a range of strategies to increase the

childcare centres in low income districts in Istanbul. It

uptake of parent support opportunities by ‘hard to

has also developed alternative models to expand

reach’ groups, in target areas selected by the

childcare services linked to empowerment activities for

government as facing ‘greater deprivation’. Dad’s

mothers, emphasising the mobilisation of local

Groups, parenting courses for fathers, and activities for

resources and active participation of parents and the

children and fathers will be set up.

community. Project staff will continue to support groups of empowered women, helping them to

Play Train

organise around children’s issues, network with peer

Play Train

groups, and advocate and lobby for recognition at

For developing, launching, promoting and establishing

local level.

an extension of an existing national scheme through which cultural, educational, health, leisure, play, arts

Bernard van Leer Foundation


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Annual Report 2001  

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