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rights framework for the socialisation of children,

also develop and implement a new feedback model,

social transformation and justice. The project will

using the resulting child quality criteria to improve

work to develop a critical understanding of the impact

education and welfare services for children.

of institutional racism, sexism and adult attitudes and behaviours on children’s behaviour, attitudes and self-

Parents and Diversity

esteem. It will use participatory methods to assist the

Bureau Mutant

various stakeholders involved in child development.

For work to develop a project that adapts the specific

Through participatory analysis processes, children

objectives of the ‘Education without Prejudices’

themselves will relate to their own historic, social and

programme to a parents’ perspective. Work will include

economic situations and learn to articulate across

a literature search and inventory about parents and

interest groups. The project will encourage adults and

diversity; making partnership agreements; exploring the

children to develop into conscious, participatory,

scientific monitoring and forming an advisory group.

active and responsible people, families and communities. Total Child Associations (s) will

Samenspel, Phase IV

establish and support family visitor programmes to

Stichting Samenspel Op Maat

promote community involvement in , early

For continuing to stimulate the development of young

childhood socialisation, community and family

children; encourage families to take their children to


playgroups; and offer educational support to parents. Samenspel is a method and a practice to reach both

The Netherlands

preschool aged children and their parents. In small

Circus Kiekeboe

weekly groups, parents (mostly mothers) and young

Nederlandse Programme Stichting () 

children engage in play activities under experienced

For the production of ‘Circus Kiekeboe’, a television

guidance. At the same time, parents are offered

programme that targets children in the Netherlands,

educational support and information. Samenspel will

aged two to five, who experience language difficulties

also pursue its dissemination strategy, part of which is

due to social and cultural reasons. The programme will

the Ambassadors club: a regional practice network of

be co-produced by   – a formal Dutch  channel

enthusiastic experienced playgroup leaders who spread

that is well-known for its high quality children’s

the message to other organisations by receiving

programmes such as ‘Sesamstraat’ (Sesame Street),

interested visitors or giving presentations. Samenspel

‘Klokhuis’ (Applecore) and Children’s News – and

Op Maat will also be pursuing its sustainability; and

Fatusch Productions , a multicultural video

strengthening its organisational structure and its

production organisation.

leadership and management capacity, while retaining the benefits of teamwork.

Listening to Young Children Wetenschappelijke Edukatieve en Sociaal-Kulturele

Taking the war out of children

Projecten ()

War Trauma Foundation

For training teachers and providing them with better

For a psycho-social needs assessment among primary

tools to communicate with children and parents; and for

school teachers in East Timor; and to prepare these

improving the quality and coordination of education

teachers to support children and their families affected

and welfare services for children by taking into account

by violence. The War Trauma Foundation works to

their views and opinions.  will continue to apply its

back up local organisations that are trying to reverse the

expertise to selected primary schools in disadvantaged

psychological and social damage of war and systematic

areas. Children will benefit directly from the project

violence. This backup takes the form of raising financial

through increased competence and feelings of well-

resources, making professional training available to

being, increased trust in teachers, lessened socio-

local cadres, and maintaining a pool of expertise and

emotional problems, improved learning, and continuity

experience that can be drawn upon in crisis situations

in support between teachers and social workers. The

anywhere in the world. Relevant technical support will

need of parents to participate more in the education of

be received from the International Rehabilitation

their children will also be addressed. The project will

Council for Torture Victims ().  relates to

develop an appropriate quality measurement tool, taking

other international agencies active in protecting and

into account the views of children and parents. It will

counselling children.

Bernard van Leer Foundation


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Annual Report 2001  

The Bernard van Leer Foundation's Annual Report for 2001. With reports on the Effectiveness Initiative, Tracer Studies, the Oscar van Leer A...

Annual Report 2001  

The Bernard van Leer Foundation's Annual Report for 2001. With reports on the Effectiveness Initiative, Tracer Studies, the Oscar van Leer A...