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You probably have asked yourself several times, ‘Why is Life Unpredictable?’ There are many reasons on why we live an unpredictable life. One reason is that you make a lot of different choices in your life. Some of these choices are the good ones but others are not so good. Sometimes, you live to regret most of the decisions you made. If you wish life to go well, you should make sound choices for yourself and this should start when you are young. You have to think of what you want out of life. You should think of where you want to be in life at a certain age. While it may sound scary, the unpredictability of life makes life worth living. If you know everything life will make in advance, there is no point in staying in the game. Sometimes, a life that is full of surprises can bring you a lot of pain but it can also carry great joy. The inconsistency of life provokes the will to try and it urges encouragement and motivation to try even harder. Without its indecisiveness, there will be no need for attempts and without the need for this, it would make sense there will be no need for us. If all things are inevitable, there is no point of existing. The unpredictability of life is also a source of hope. It can bring with it some things to look forward to and causes the fear of facing them and it interferes with both. What may seem like the worst thing that could happen, will sometimes turn out to be the best. And what looks like the best thing that could happen may sometimes turn out to be the worst. One of the best gifts given to us by God was, not knowing for sure.


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If uncertainty does not exist, you will never experience the feeling of optimism despite the gloom and doom. We won’t take unnecessary risks and we surely won’t take any chances since without the unpredictable life, there will be no chances or risks to be had. If we all know the outcome of every event, there won’t be no Olympics or other sports events. If life was predictable, we won’t experience excitement and anticipation for something good to happen. Life will simply become boring. Life and unpredictability go hand in hand. If life was predictable, you can’t really call it life. If you knew what will happen every day, would you really be living? The unpredictability of life is what makes us alive. Without it, you would be life puppets that are following predictable path. Without it, understanding and growth won’t exist. When trying to make life predictable, you cut off some of the most important and interesting experiences in life. You cut the opportunities of real growth. Human beings seek new experiences, try new things and the reason for this is precisely because they are something unpredictable. Change and growth are laws of life. Without change there will be no growth.

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Why Your Unpredictable Life Something Won’t Be Restored  

There are many reasons on why we live an unpredictable life. One reason is that you make a lot of different choices in your life. Some of th...

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