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Memories of WWII Voyage

Step into World War II history on this special voyage aboard Azamara Journey. Embarking from Lisbon, Portugal, the ship will spend three days in northern France – in Cherbourg and Honfleur -- during the 70th anniversary commemorations of the Normandy landings, the largest military operation ever undertaken. The Allied forces began their assault on occupied France on the beaches here on June 6, 1944, and the fight to liberate Western Europe and to defeat Nazi Germany would prove to be long and hard, lasting almost a year. In addition to Normandy, Azamara Journey will call on St. Peter Port, Channel Islands, Boulogne-surMer, France, Dover, England, and Amsterdam before the voyage concludes in Hamburg, Germany. As we pay special tribute to those who fought -- and the many who died -- for freedom, let us also remember the ordinary men, women and children who experienced the devastation and suffering of the war years. And as we explore these shores, let us also celebrate the peace that they have enjoyed for nearly seven decades.


The German Occupation of Guernsey Duration: 3 hours Cost: $99 adult / $79 child The Germans held the Channel Islands from 1940 to 1945. Explore this difficult chapter in Guernsey’s history on a guided visit of La Valette German Military Museum, which exhibits weaponry, communications equipment and newspaper propaganda in a converted war-era underground complex. The tour also includes a scenic drive around the island to see a German observation tower, a battery and Fort Hommet, whose early 19th century base was expanded under Queen Victoria and the Germans.

Guernsey Potato Peel Pie Society Duration: 3 hours Cost: $119 adult / $99 child Visit the sights and scenes featured in “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,� a U.S. and U.K. bestseller whose American authors set the novel during the German occupation. Travel aboard a vintage coach with a specialist guide who will bring to life the turmoil and danger experienced by the fictional characters. At the same time, this local expert will inspire with true stories of wartime heroism, triumph over adversity and determination shown by the people of Guernsey.

Scenic Drive & Little Chapel Duration: 3 hours Cost: $52 adult / $34 child Discover the beautiful, rugged seascapes and lushly bucolic landscapes of Guernesey on a panoramic island tour. Journey inland along winding country lanes and through woodlands to the Little Chapel, a replica of the grotto at Lourdes built in 1914 and uniquely decorated with shells, pebbles and colorful bits of china. Other sights include the wild cliffs at Pleinmont Point, the broad sandy bays of the west coast and German fortifications.

South Coast Cruise Duration: 1.25 hours Cost: $78 adult / $62 child Enjoy Guernsey’s famously beautiful coastline from the sea on a commentated cruise around the island. As you take in the views, your guide will share local history and lore, including tales of the island’s smugglers. Historic sights include a German fuel bunker and the 11th century Castle Cornet, which played a pivotal role in the final stages of England’s Civil War and was used by the Germans in the 1940s. The boat features indoor and outdoor seating.

HONFLEUR, FRANCE Saturday, June 7, and Sunday, June 8, 2014

D-Day Landing Beaches Duration: 9.5 hours Cost: $299 adult / $239 child

Travel through the now-peaceful countryside of Normandy for a moving tour of the places where the Allied assault began. In Arromanches, see the remnants of the prefabricated artificial harbor and visit the Landing Museum. After lunch, continue to St. Laurent and the nearby American Cemetery, where 9,387 military dead are interred on a site overlooking Omaha Beach, where some of the most intense fighting took place. Pointe du Hoc offers sobering perspective on the rugged terrain where soldiers came ashore.

Caen Memorial Duration: 7 hours Cost: $179 adult / $149 child

Explore this Norman city’s powerful and moving MÊmorial pour la Paix (Memorial for Peace), which charts the course and significance of World War II, including the events surrounding the D-Day invasion. Multi-media, interactive exhibits allow visitors to participate in history. Known for its historical buildings built during the reign of William the Conqueror, who is buried here, Caen was key to the Germans’ defensive strategy, located less than 10 miles (15 kilometers) from the English Channel. Much of the city was destroyed in the battle to liberate it.

Landing Beaches & Bayeux Duration: 7.5 hours Cost: $169 adult / $119 child Combine a visit to historic Omaha Beach with time in a charming Norman town. A commentated drive through the now-peaceful pastures and farms brings you to the site of the assault and to the final resting place of more than 9,000 servicemen who lost their lives there. In Bayeux, enjoy free time to explore at your own pace and have lunch on your own. The city’s sights include the 11th century Norman-RomanesqueGothic cathedral and the famous Bayeux tapestry, which commemorates the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

BOULOGNE-SUR-MER, FRANCE Monday, June 9, 2014

The North of France - WWII Experience Duration: 8 hours Cost: $229 adult / $199 child Given its strategic location, northeastern France has been fought over for centuries. On this tour, visit historic battlefields and other places of significance in both world wars. Mark the 100th anniversary of the start of Europe’s Great War at the French national cemetery of Notre-Dame de Lorette, at whose center is a 1926 basilica to honor the dead of World War II. But more than 40,000 soldiers from both world wars as well as the ashes of concentration camp victims, many unknown, are buried here. Explore the link between war and science at “La Coupole,” the World War II complex built by the Germans in Helfaut to launch V2 rockets against England. The museum here also chronicles life in occupied France, with a memorial to 8,000 men from the region who were deported, and a 3D planetarium.

DOVER, ENGLAND Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WWII Forts & Kentish Flats by RIB Duration: 4 hours Cost: $369 adult / $359 child Explore key sights in Britain’s fight against Nazi Germany and a modern wind farm on this tour. During the Battle of France in May 1940, British troops and French soldiers retreated to Dunkirk. Hundreds of small vessels answered Churchill’s call to aid the evacuation, including the motor yacht Sundowner, which is among the boats moored in Ramsgate Royal Harbor. Further up the coast, two sea forts remain of the four that were quickly built to protect this stretch of England from enemy fire. See green energy in action at the Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm where giant turbines produce enough power for more than 61,000 U.K. households.

The Battle of Britain Duration: TBD Cost: TBD The role of pilots and aviators during World War II is the focus of the tour. “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few,” Sir Winston Churchill said of the men who fought for supremacy of southeast England’s skies in the 1940 Battle of Britain in 1940. The Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum is dedicated to the pilots and aircrew and showcases some of the few surviving planes that saw combat. Across the way is the RAF Manston History Museum used by many squadrons as a forward Air Base during the Battle of Britain and as a departure point for airborne forces in Operation Market Garden. High up on Dover’s famous White Cliffs at Capel-leFerne stands the National Memorial to the Few.

WWII London Duration: 8.75 hours Cost: $199 adult / $189 child Tour the underground rooms from which Prime Minister Winston Churchill directed the British war effort and a 9-deck warship deployed in the second world war and beyond. The War Rooms were engineered as a bunker with a steel-reinforced roof to protect against expected air raids. The centerpiece is the Cabinet Room, where Churchill convened his war cabinet. The Map Room is nearby, seemingly frozen in time with the original maps still on the walls and telephones lining the desks. After a traditional pub lunch, head to the River Thames to explore HMS Belfast, which is permanently berthed by Tower Bridge. The tour goes from the Engine Room deep in the bowels of the ship to the Operations Room and Compass Platform, where the captain rules. Venture into the interactive Operations Room, and immerse yourself in the midst of a battle in the Gun Turret Experience.

Spitfires & Hurricanes Duration: 4.5 hours Cost: $269 adult / $259 child Aviation and history enthusiasts should not miss this special opening of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar. Based at the RAF aerodrome, the hangar is dedicated to the continued operation of several magnificent Supermarine Spitfire fighters as well as other period aircraft. Meet and chat with a pilot or one of the engineers in charge of maintaining and refurbishing these iconic planes. Full-scale replicas of a Hurricane and Spitfire welcome you to Saint George’s Royal Air Force Chapel of Remembrance, Biggin Hill. The chapel marks the RAF’s 75-year tenure here and the 454 Allied aircrew killed in the war.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS Wednesday, June 11, and Thursday, June 12, 2014

Amsterdam, Anne Frank House & Canal Cruise Duration: 4 hours Cost: $129 adult / $99 child Combine a visit to the house where a young Jewish girl chronicled more than two years of hiding during World War II with classic sightseeing by land and water in this beautiful Dutch city. Explore the Anne Frank House and museum at your own pace on a self-guided tour. The secret annex that was a refuge for Anne and seven others remains in its original condition. Then relax aboard a glass-topped boat for the commentated one-hour cruise along the city’s canals, followed by a drive through central Amsterdam to see such landmarks as the Baroque Royal Palace and the 15th century neo-Gothic Niewe Kerk (New Church).

The Battle of Arnhem Duration: 8 hours Cost: $259 adult / $239 child Trace the long and difficult road to end World War II in the Dutch city that has historically been the center of conflicts given its strategic location on the banks of the Rhine River. The National Liberation Museum, in the nearby town of Groesbeek, details the pre-war period, occupation, liberation and rebuilding of the Netherlands and of Europe. The Airborne Museum allows you to follow in the footsteps of British parachutists as they made their way to Arnhem in September 1944 during Operation Market Garden, as depicted in the famous film, “A Bridge too Far.� This tour includes a three-course restaurant lunch.

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