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Brian Joseph Etiwanda Talks about Career Prospects in Online Learning

Brian Joseph Etiwanda has been working in the education industry for many years. He is presently serving as the online faculty member at the University of Phoenix. There, he provides theory and practice education through learner-centered institution that will enable graduates to fulfill their career objectives. He fosters and encourages an online culture of learning that values mutual responsibility, life-long learning, diversity, and ethics as well as personal and professional development.

He instructs and facilitates a meaningful leaning experience of the course competencies in the curriculum and proactively supports all facets of LTU online learning environment. An educationist, Brian Joseph Etiwanda says that the creation and proliferation of online high school is an alternative means of education, and is an indictment on the current, traditional educational paradigm that exists in the American High School. The 21st century high school classrooms have not successfully adapted to the needs of all students.

While high school teachers may utilize varied instructional strategies, their instruction might not be as varied as they think. They may differentiate their instructional tasks but they fail to differentiate their instruction sufficiently enough to support the academic needs of their students. Today, many online high schools have largely been created to offer an option to traditional high school teaching, curriculum, and instruction, thereby meeting the needs of students who for a variety of reasons had not been successful in the traditional environment.

Brian Joseph Etiwanda says that online high schools are not a fleeting trend and are here to stay. They allow students to complete their studies at their own pace and convenience. They also support the students who are socially awkward and apprehensive about interacting in the traditional classroom. They offer a flexible means to complete studies for those who are bored with the rigor and pace of their current curriculum.

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Brian joseph etiwanda talks about career prospects in online learning