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Author : Joel Sartore Pages : 240 pages Publisher : National Geographic Society Language : ISBN-10 : 1426218982 ISBN-13 : 9781426218 989

Birds of the Photo Ark For avi an ent hus iast s, fro m arm cha ir obs erv ers to ded icat ed

lifelist ers, this brill iant boo k fro m accl aim ed Nat ion al Geo gra phi c pho tog rap her Joel Sar tor e cele bra tes the bea uty of all bird s, gre at and sm

all. Thi s ele gan tly pac kag ed cele bra tion of bird s fro m aro und the wor ld unit es incr edi ble ani mal por trai ts fro m Joel Sar tor e's dist ing uis hed

Nat ion al Geo gra phi c Pho to Ark proj ect wit h ins piri ng text by upand co min g bird er Noa h Str yck er. It incl ude s hun dre ds of spe cies

, fro m tiny finc hes to cha ris mat ic eag les; brill iant tou can s, intr icat e bird s of par adi se, and per enn ial fav orit es suc h as par rots , hu mm ing

bird s, and owl s als o ma ke col orf ul app ear anc es. Eve ryo ne wh o car es abo ut bird s-fro m the fam ily wit ha bird fee der out sid e the kitc

hen win do w to the seri ous bird er wit ha life list of tho usa nds -will floc k to this dist inct ive and upli ftin g boo k. Birds of the Photo Ark

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Birds of the Photo Ark  

Birds of the Photo Ark