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GOOGLE ADSENSE WORDPRESS THEME Why is it important to have an optimized Adsense WordPress theme? The answers simple, a wellbuilt theme can drastically increase the click through rate of your website, which means more income from Google Adsense. However, the effectiveness of your site depends on a the topic it is about and of course the quantity and the quality of the traffic it gets. Though, if you use a Adsense optimized theme from less traffic you can get more clicks. It is not hard to find a theme that offers high CTR, although most of them are rather out of date if you check the layout of them. The one I would like to show – called CTR theme – is the combination of the modern, clean style the options that will surely help to have extreme high click through rate. You can check out the sites built with this theme here

Some Tips to Get Higher Click Through Rate But before telling more about this Adsense theme, let’s see some tricks that are suggested to use to get more clicks on ads. The first thing is the position of the ads, fortunately Google gives detailed information about that on their official support website. Here you can find a great heatmap. The other factor is the color of the ads. Beginners think the more different the color from the website, the better since visitors see it easier. It is just the opposite. You ads should be integrated into the layout of your site as if they were not ads. So the colors must be the same as your site’s.that is the same with the sizes, I mean, choose the site that matches the best with your site. The other factor is the quality of content and the keywords you optimized them for. You whole content must be optimized for one specific topic, and offer valuable content for the visitors (this is also good for SEO), and you will get highly relevant Adsense ads which means also better CTR. Finding high paying keywords is another topic, but you can find good ones on this site. The last, thing I have to mention is using the image or text ads. Personally, I only use text ads as I have more clicks on them. Images I think not so effective, once because they usually have lower PPC, plus people are rather banner blind nowadays.


The Adsense WordPress theme I will show have been optimized for the mentioned factors and offers great possibilities to tweak your site.

Why this Adsense WordPress Theme CTR theme has been built on the recommendation of Google and the best practices that are used by the most successful bloggers and those website owners who make thousands of dollars per a month with Adsense. The developer himself is also one of those. After using the theme the admin dashboard I really like. Here we can add the codes simply, tweak the colors, chose from many display settings and other really useful options. All these setting help us to get more clicks on the ads. Another thing that I like about this Adsense WordPress theme is that it comes with a really search engine optimized code and clear style which is also good for SEO. This way, we can get better rankings. In my point, of view it is an all in one solution, even for building a website. You can test the dashboard and check demos here

Advantages of this Adsense WordPress Theme    

Ad Randomization – This tool help to avoid “ad blindness”. Whenever a visitor land on a new page, the ads are displayed differently. This can be switched on or off. Super Fast Load Times – It is also important for SEO. Multiply Optimized Themes – it comes with three effective designs that highlight your ad placements for maximum click-through rates. Free eBook that will teach you how to build money making Adsense websites.

Overall, if you have a website and you want to make more money from it, or you directly want build money making websites, you should a give try for this Adsense WordPress theme.



How You Can Make More Money With Google Adsense  

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