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Heat: What Causes iGrow to Work Being bald can already be considered as a hairstyle today. There are men who purposely shave their head. This is to keep their scalp cool and eliminates the nuisance to constantly fix their hair. Considering the kind of heat that is being experienced all over the world, it is likely that most men would be doing it. However, for those who were not used to seeing themselves bald, the slight sign of thinning hair worries them. Apira Science, Inc. saw this becoming a big market in the future, and so, they spent years brainstorming the best product that can be released in the market. It has proven to be one difficult task especially with the various preventive products out in the market already. iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenating System is the product that came out of hours put in during the brainstorm. It uses a recycled technology called low level laser technology, also known as LLLT. It may have been recycled, but iGrow is the first to optimize its use. On the other hand, Low Level Laser Technology was not only used in iGrow nor was it used only for hair treatment. There are other uses for the LLLT which were the first uses to have been tried. One of the very first applications of low level laser technology is to speed up the process of wound healing. This can be considered as the application from which the thought of iGrow laser was made from. The process of wound healing stems from the rushing of blood and blood products to the site of the wound. These are necessary components to form a clot which will eventually lead to the wound healing. The blood fast rush of the blood to the area can only be done when there is pressure applied, which causes heat. That is why heat is the one mainly responsible for the increase in the blood supply to the area. In addition, the same technology used by iGrow laser has also been used in relieving pain. The same concept as the rush of blood can also be applied. Natural pain killers are transmitted by the brain which is carried to the site via the bloodstream. Overall, the low level laser technology relies on heat to make sure that its effects work. The advantage of this source of heat is its concentration. It is focused in one area that it helps heighten its effects.

The New iGrow Laser for thinning hair  

The igrow laser is a completely hands-free treatment option for fighting baldness for women and men.

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