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Professional Residency Program

What is the Professional Residency Program? A Unique Work-Study Program The Professional Residency Program is an intense, ten-month period during which the 5th-year IMC students work in select companies. They are integrated into the business units within the organization and perform as full members of the teams to which they are assigned. Student residents are assigned to specific projects to gain the best possible exposure in various areas of brand communications-planning, research, strategic thinking, and development of creative concepts and their execution. During the residency program, they also take a few more courses in the university to complement their work experience and help them integrate theory and practice. IMC students go through the rigorous IMC academic program at UA&P, and only those who have above average to excellent academic performance qualify for the 5th year Professional Residency Program.

Expectations from Host Companies

Hosting student residents  

 

The residency period lasts ten months, from June of the current year to March of the next year. Host companies provide a fixed monthly income allowance for each resident (the amount will be agreed upon with the School of Communication of UA&P). The company is not obliged to extend other benefits during the residency period. Host companies should monitor the learning process of each resident closely through constant mentoring by the resident’s immediate supervisor. There should be a special focus on addressing opportunities for growth and improvement.

Relationship with UA&P  The host company will appoint a coordinator for all the residents. This person will serve as the liaison between the company and the university.  The immediate supervisors will evaluate the residents twice during the residency program, in October and March, using an evaluation form provided by UA&P.  Faculty representatives will make an onsite visit at least once during the residency period.

Post Residency   

The host companies are not under any obligation to hire their student residents, although many end up doing so. Residents who have been hired for employment usually do not need to go through a training period. They are typically offered above-entry level positions and compensation packages above-entry level rates, and some go through shorter probationary periods or are hired immediately as permanent employees.

Expectations from Student Residents

Student residents should maintain the highest standards of professionalism in their assigned tasks. During the residency program, they are expected to accomplish the following: a. Improve their knowledge and grasp of the business and brands assigned to them; b. Display leadership qualities, e.g., suggest initiatives, participate actively in brainstorming sessions, propose workable and creative solutions to problems, show responsibility and thoroughness in doing assigned tasks; c. Become effective team members by earning the respect of and building good relationships with team members and clients; d. Demonstrate the ability to think and plan strategically, e.g., identify prospects and new business opportunities, maintain profitability in managing brands, nurture relationships with various publics.

They should abide by the regulations of the host company (punctuality in coming to work and in meeting deadlines, observing internal work procedures, etc.). Residents will continue working during the semestral break.

They are required to submit a written report to the School of Communication at the end of each month and a final paper at the end of the program.

They should observe strictly the professional standards of confidentiality by not disclosing confidential information regarding brands or accounts they handle, either orally or in writing, during class discussions and activities, or at any time.

Why Sponsor an IMC Resident? It’s mutually beneficial. While the residents gain an opportunity to have realworld experience, the company also benefits from helpful insights and solutions because of the residents’ solid grounding in the fundamentals of marketing and brand communication. The IMC program is specifically designed to inculcate one strong bias: the passion to be consumer or audience foucsed in all aspects of marketing communications planning. They also have a deep understanding and appreciation for the effective use of multiple media channels and for evaluating results of marketing communications programs.

IMC Professional Residency

Partners Citibank DDB Group Dentsu

DM9 Jayme Syfu EON Public Relations Johnson & Johnson Mondelez International Leo Burnett Group Lowe, Inc. McCann Worldgroup

McDonald’s Philippines Nestle Philippines PSRC Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation Publicis JimenezBasic Publicis Manila Saatchi & Saatchi Starcom Mediavest Group Unilever Philippines

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IMC Professional Residency Program  
IMC Professional Residency Program