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==== ==== Hello go read more info about, Fatloss secrets ==== ==== ID: 1349304 Author: Kezia Johnson Date Published: Jul 22, 2008 Title: Combat Your Food Cravings Summary: In order to change an unhealthy craving or habit, one needs to develop a bit of will power, which can be easier sai... Body: In order to change an unhealthy craving or habit, one needs to develop a bit of will power, which can be easier said than done. We are all only human and no one can be expected to turn into a robot to combat our cravings so we must get down to the root cause of these cravings. Individually we need to find out how much does our psychology influence our desired cravings, if it does at all. Most people seem to feel less than empowered when dealing with the subject of cravings because they feel like they just can't overcome them. What we need to do is to look for solutions rather than focusing on the obstacles. We must first believe that we can successfully overcome our food cravings. Once we have this belief firmly in mind, then we are ready to put a few tips into action. First would be to start taking a muti-vitamin, if you aren't already. Many cravings are thought to be a sign of a nutrient deficiency from the foods we eat. You don't need a mega dose pack because a little goes a long way. When we have the right amount of nutrients in our systems, then the body and mind can work as they should, reducing the trigger for cravings. Adding more fruits and vegetables to our diets can also add the needed nutrients that our bodies need to feel fuller longer. Thus reducing the cravings to begin with.If you aren't someone who enjoys eating veggies, I urge you to start. When I was a kid I hated brussel sprouts, now as an adult, I love them. They really do taste like baby cabbage. Now if you don't like cabbage, well it just means you've got some work to do in the produce section. Start by experimenting with one new vegetable a week. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised.This may sound strange but you need to also add fats to your diet, but the good kind. Some of these oils include olive oil, canola oil,flax oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, fish oil, and many types of raw nuts and seeds. If your diet is lacking you can add these fats by either cooking with them or supplementing them into a protein shake or a salad dressing. There are some things to avoid like limiting processed foods and getting 80 percent or more of our nutrients from natural foods. Information just like this will help you learn the fastest way to lose fat and, you can find more great weightloss tips here!

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