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Where is Hollywood? -Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of L.A, California. -Hollywood was a small community and became a municipality in 1903. Hollywood started being famous in 1980.

Where is it ? Hollywood is in Los Angeles.

It’s close to important places like Malibu and Beverly Hills ‌


Hollywood was founded in 1857, although his name was chosen in 1880. In 1903 Hollywood officially became a municipality and seven years later its councilors voted in favor of the integration of the population in Los Angeles province. Curiosities: In addition to being a neighborhood of Los Angeles, the term Hollywood also defines, generically, the film and television industry rooted in Southern California. In the early 1900s, movie production companies in New York and New Jersey began moving to California due to the monopoly established by Edison in the USA and also for his many days of sunshine during the year as the days were also longer .

POPULATION IN HOLLYWOOD Hollywood is a great city that has 158,322 population in 2018.

What is important about HOLLYWOOD? In Hollywood a lot of movies are made, and also a lot of series, for exemple (Victorious).

What does it mean? Holly:grèvol (acebo) Wood:bosc/fusta (bosque/madera).

It is the city of stars like: Cameron Diaz

Amanda Seyfried

Famous People Leonardo DiCaprio

Charlize Theron

Matt Damon

Celebrities living in Hollywood Katy Perry

Jennifer Aniston

George Clooney

More celebrities... Brad Pitt

Emma Stone

A lot of celebrities live in there...

Iggy Azalea

THE BEST ACTORS IN HOLLYWOOD 1: ROBERT DOWNEY: he won 69,3 millions of dollars for the iron man movie. 2: DWAYNE JOHNSON: he won 48 millions of dollars with the fast and furious movie.

3:LEONARDO DICAPRIO: he won 36 millions with the films The Wolf of Wall Street and The Great Gatsby.

Hollywood has been very successful in film around the world since the beginning of the 20th Century. The Hollywood poster in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, often considered as a symbol of the American movie company.

In Hollywood we can see The Walk Of Fame, Hollywood Universal Studios, Chinese Theater TCL, Universal City Walk, Runyon Canyon Park, Capitol Record Building, Haunted tours through Hollywood, Griffith Observatory and The Sunset Strip.

Hollywood Walk of Fame The Hollywood Walk of Fame comprises more than 2,600 stars. The stars are permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry, bearing the names of a mix of actors, musicians, directors‌

walk of fame: Curiosity: Donald Trump’s star has been surrounded with a wall:

Hollywood Museum The Hollywood Museum is a museum in Hollywood, California that houses a collection of memorabilia from the history of American motion pictures and television. Contains over 10,000 items including costumes, props, photograph, scripts and other artifacts

CHINESE THEATER GRAUMAN Since 1927, the Chinese Theater Grauman always makes the premieres of Hollywood movies. You can make a really interesting tour to know more about the theater.

Universal Studios Park Universal Studios is an amusement park where there are many things related to movies and series. As for example: The Simpsons, King Kong, Transformers and many more.

More places to visit The sign of Hollywood is one of the most visited places in Hollywood. Everyone wants to take a photo there.

Capitol records building is a Hollywood Boulevard Commercial and Entretainment District building

The Dolby Theather is a very famous theatre. The Oscars awards Ceremony is celebrated there.

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6th grade guide: Welcome to Hollywood!!!  
6th grade guide: Welcome to Hollywood!!!