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n HOLIDAY BAKING / Perfect foodie gifts

Delicious treats make perfect holiday gifts BY ZACH MONIZ Manager, Lindo’s Group of Companies

As any Bermudian knows, Christmas is the most special time of year. Bermuda is a tight-knit community of family and friends, which can sometimes make finding the perfect holiday gift a bit challenging. In the Lindo family, we’ve always encouraged homemade gifts that are truly from the heart. The beauty of homemade gifts is that they are fun to make, allow you to run with your creativity and the whole family can get involved. They are also unique and personal. Homemade food items are great gifts and one of the hot trends right now is giving food making kits. Think of a food item your friend or family member particularly enjoys and build a kit containing all the ingredients needed to make it. For instance, choose some colourful cupcake baking cups, an assortment of sprinkles, a small recipe book, a container of icing and a frosting spatula. Arrange all the items on red or green crinkle paper stuffing in a vintage metal lunch box and voilà! You have a cupcake baking kit. Another idea for someone who enjoys sweets is an ice cream sundae kit. Include a variety of cones, jars of caramel and chocolate

sauce, as well as tiny bags of chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles and anything else that would be fun on a sundae. Package the items among layers of fanned tissue paper in a fancy ice bucket. Do you have a griller in your life? Then why not create a homemade seasonings kit? Make your favourite meat rubs and package them in little tins with homemade labels and tie them together with a red and white bow.

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Are you renowned for your pasta sauce? Then share it with your friends and family in a pasta making kit. Dress up the jar of sauce and present it with various shapes and colours of gourmet pasta. Throw in a bottle of Italian wine and biscotti, and strategically place it all together in a brand new silver colander. We love our hot cocoa by the fire during the winter in Bermuda. To turn it into a creative holiday gift, take a vintage mason jar filled halfway with hot cocoa mix and top it with fluffy white marshmallows. Decorate the jar with festive stickers and wrap the lid with holidaycoloured twine. Pair with homemade chocolatedipped peppermint sticks which serve as the perfect stirring tool while adding holiday flavour to the


COOKIE JAR: Giving homemade goodies in fun packaging can be made festive with bows and ribbons. drink. Bundle the peppermint sticks in a decorated wax paper bag and use a hole punch to create a way to tie the bag to the jar. For adult cocoa, you can even include a small bottle of Irish cream that can be attached to the jar with the twine. One of the most important aspects of the homemade food gift is the packaging. This is where you can be really creative and have fun. Ingenious packaging is probably right under your nose –– snazzy ribbons, unusual bottles

and jars, boxes, and stylish papers and tags. Even a plain brown paper bag can be transformed into chic wrapping. Those who are really crafty may even create a gift container that’s so special it remains a treasured keepsake long after the treat inside is devoured. Also, think about ways you can reuse everyday containers to create unique packaging for all your holiday goodies. For example, a typical potato chip canister makes the perfect container for

home-baked cookies, chocolate covered pretzels or peanut brittle chunks. Simply cover the can with your choice of paper, adhere a homemade label and decorate with ribbon along the top and bottom edges of the can. You can reuse pasta sauce jars or other glass jars of all sizes for packaging homemade candy whether it be chocolate covered peanuts, peppermint bark or fudge. Using silver or gold thin wire, adorn the jar with small bundles of holiday

greenery and mistletoe. You can even get your children involved to make tiny paper snowflakes that you can glue to the jar. Another fun way you can use a glass jar is to create a cake in a jar. Start with baking your favourite cupcakes. Once cooled, cut them in half lengthwise and layer them in the jar between icing. Use a pastry bag so you can make the perfect frosting swirl on top. For an added touch, tie an elegant silver spoon to the jar with a thick red velvet ribbon. Distinctive bottles also make the perfect gift containers for homemade infused cooking oils, barbecue sauce or a variety of wines and liqueurs. Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to put on your crafting hat and create homemade gifts this holiday season. Not only are they fun to make but also they have the potential to be loved and cherished far longer than any store-bought present. n

AS GRANDSON to Lindo’s Group of Companies founders Harry and Marion Lindo, Zach Moniz has been with the company for more than 35 years. Zach serves as the IT Manager and assists with marketing and promotion for both store locations. For more information, visit www.


HOT CHOCOLATE: Package up fun kits for friends and family like this hot chocolate kit.

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