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Jhong Dizon | CC BY 2.0

Looking at tattoos today, names are among the most common: loved ones living and lost. Artistic scenes across the arms and legs record memorable life experiences and moments that defined the individual. Iconography from books and travels connect the tattooed to other worlds. Ink marks poor choices and decisions, hopes and dreams, life-changing moments, and the sense of life. The skin can tell a story if well examined. But should people openly show their life stories or be a spectacle to the world, often unavoidable to the open eye? Are tattoos any different than the style of clothing worn to a special event, job, or school? Imposing a code of dress limits where people can display their ink. Ink is permanent, a body modification meant to be cared for long after application. To have it and not show it off seems pointless, especially in a modern globalized society which continues to shun the art. This is the story of...

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